Our Time Is Running Out

Scarlet Clark has a past. A dark past that no one knows about, not even her. She's bipolar, and it can get ugly at any moment. She thinks of herself as ordinary. She keeps to herself, and doesn't talk to her classmates much. So when Ander Price comes to town and demands to be her friend, she's shocked and taken back.

A very bad description, but I promise it's good.


2. Chapter 1


(A/N: A bit of a warning, I wrote this when I was 13/14 so it might be cringy.)



    My hand came down on the snooze button, and caused the very loud beeping to stop. I turned over only to have eyes looking straight at me. I screamed, and tried to get up out of bed. I ended up on the floor. I looked up to see that it was just my cat Remus. What? Yes I name my animals after Harry Potter. Anyway I got up, stretched, and walked to the bathroom. I started the water, and plugged in my flat iron and hair dryer. I walked back to my room to grab the clothes I laid out on my desk the night before. This time when I walked back to the bathroom the cat followed me. I pressed the on button to my CD player, and put in Head Automatica. They always wake me up in the morning.


   When I was done in the shower, I blow dried my hair then straightened it. I put on my clothes on, and walked down stairs. I turned on my T.V to the episode of Once Upon A Time from the night before. I went into the kitchen to get my daily morning cup of coffee. I walked into the kitchen to see coffee already made with a sticky note on the pot.


"Good morning baby! They called me in for the early shift this morning, but I'll be home for dinner.  Have a good day today!  Love, mom"


   I sighed and shook my head. I loved my mornings with my mother. She's my best friend. I know what you're thinking, "Who's mother is their best friend?" Well she's all I've got. I don't have any friends. I'm okay with that tho. I like being by myself. It gives me time to think.


   Now, if you're thinking that I'm being bullied, I'm not. Kids just never wanted to hang out with me. Whenever I got paired with someone for an assignment in school I just politely asked to work by myself. They ignore me, and I ignore them. That's how it's always been, and I like it that way.


   I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch with my coffee in my hand. After about thirty minutes of watching I heard McGonagall run down the stares (McGonagall is my husky, I asked my mom for a wolf, but I got her instead). She ran over to me and jumped on my lap. She started liking my face off, so I had to set my coffee down and push her off of me. I soon got her calmed down, and checked the time. 7:38.


   I got up off the couch and walked up to my room. I grabbed my school bag, and put on my Black Veil Brides beanie. I looked into my full body mirror on the back of my door, and saw what I was wearing today. Leather jacket, Ichigo Kurosaki T-shirt, black skinny jeans, combat boots, and my Black Butler messenger bag. I looked okay, but even if I didn't It wouldn't matter. No one cared to notice what I looked like anyway. I ignore them, and they ignore me.


   I walked down stairs, and out the front door. I grabbed my bike, and started the ride to school. After about five minutes I was at school. I locked my bike up, walked up the steps, and pushed the doors open. I walked to my locker and pulled out my english notes, and put them in my bag. I took out my french homework, and put it in my locker. I closed my locker and walked to my english class. Mr.Phillips was already there, so I took my seat in the front.


"Good morning Ms.Clark."


"Good morning Sir."


   I pulled out my ideas book and my english notes with my writing pen and pencil. I opened my ideas book and continued on my summery for my book The Song Is Sung Again. It's about how the earth's natural elements have guardians, and how they all find love. I wouldn't call myself a great writer, but I do have some talent. Soon the bell rang and I put my book away. Students came through the door and sat in their seats talking. I stayed silent and looked over my notes from Friday.


   "All right Good morning everyone!" Mr.Phillips said, and there were a few groans, "Yes I know it's Monday, but we all have to be here." There was a kid standing next to him. "Now students today we have a new classmate, why don't you introduce yourself."


   "Hey," he said but no one was paying any attention, " My name is Ander Price, and I moved here from Ohio. Also your shirt is awesome, I didn't know that anyone watched Bleach." He smiled at me.


"Thanks." I said a little caught off guard. I didn’t know anyone watched Bleach either.


"Now Mr. Price since you're new, I would like you in the front. You can sit next to Ms.Clark."


Wait what?


   The kid sat in the empty desk next to me, he gave me another smile, and I gave an awkward one back. We sat through the lesson about Romeo and Juliet, and I took detailed notes like I always do. When the double period ended, it was break. I packed up everything and headed to my locker. I opened it and put away my stuff for English. I pulled out my stuff for Math and put it into my bag along with my notes for History. As I was closing my locker I felt a tap on my shoulder. I flinched and turned around. It was the new guy.


"Can I help you?" I asked turning back to my locker forgetting about my chapstick.


"Hey um, well you know me but i never got a chance to get your name." he said leaning against the lockers next to mine.


"It's Scarlet, now you better get away or else you'll ruin any chance of you having friends here." I said closing my locker again and walking away.


" Why?" he asked following me.


I turned to him again, "Because the people here ignore me and I ignore them. If you stick with me then they'll ignore you too." I said. He smiled.


"Maybe I'm okay with that." he said smirking.


"Maybe I'm not." I stated.


"Then I guess it sucks for you."

"Excuse me?" I said stopping in my tracks. I didn’t even know this kid.

"I said It sucks for you then. Cause I'm going to be your friend." he stated with a big smile on his face. God he must be stubborn.

"Why? What's so special about me?" I asked walking again.

"Well, you like Bleach and Black Veil Brides. So far you and me have two things in common, and because maybe I just want to. Did you think about that?"

No I hadn’t thought of that dumbass. I've never been used to other people my age talking to me so this was all new, “No, I didn't, now if you'll excuse me I need to get to third period." I said walking away. I thought I got rid of him, but no...

"Wait!" He shouted and ran in front of me.

"What?" I said getting annoyed.

"Can I at least see if I have any classes with you?" he asked desperately.

"Fine." I huffed and held out my hand. He placed his schedule in my hand and I looked over it. No! Really!? Why? Why me? I frowned and handed him back the paper.

"What?" he asked.

"I have every class with you." I pouted and he smirked.

"I guess now you can be my tour guide." he said placing his arm around my shoulder.

"Fine, but this does not mean we're friends." I said putting his arm back.

He laughed and said, "Okay."

I lead him to math with Mrs.Springfield. The class was boring as always, but I still kept notes. Mrs.Springfield, like Mr.Phillips, had Ander sit next to me. As the class was going on I could see him falling asleep, so I hit him.

"Ow!" He whisper yelled, "What was that for?"

"You were falling asleep so I woke you up." I said and went back to my notes.

When the bell rang, we both went to history. History is the worst and hardest. It's mostly because of our teacher Ms. Jensen. I hate her with every bone in my body. She forces us to do everything exactly as she says. That means I can't do my own style of notes. It kills me so much. She, unlike the previous teachers, made Ander sit on the opposite side of the room. Thank God! When the lesson was done, I quickly headed back to my locker. I put away everything, and grabbed my French and Science notes. Ander followed me asking why we were going so fast. I quickly told him everything I knew about Mrs.Simmons.

"She's a bitch. You talk, once you go to the principal. You get a question wrong, you need to explain to the class why. She gives the most homework, and she gives the hardest tests ever. She's the only class I have a B in."

"What are your other grades?"


" Yay, I got a nerd!"

"Shut up. Also if you're late, you get sent to the principal and an extra two assignments for homework."

Luckily, we made it in time, but she told him to sit anywhere he wanted. So of course he sits right next to me. She yelled at a student for not having her homework and made her cry. She tried to explain, but she only got yelled at more. The poor girl kept her head down the rest of the period. After hell was done we had science with Mr. Estrada. Estrada was the most awesome teacher at Valley Academy . I explained to Ander how awesome he was. He just laughed at me. Estrada had Ander join me at the back table, and it was actually fun. We were doing an experiment and he kept on wanting to touch stuff but pouted when I swatted his hand away and handed him the pen.

After that it was lunch and he followed me outside. I sat under my normal tree and pulled out my phone. I put on Deftones and laid back in the shade.

"Aren't you gonna eat?"

"No. I never eat lunch. I just pig out at work." He laughed and pulled out a huge bag of cool ranch doritos. I sat up really fast and got light headed. I held my head and whimpered. He laughed again and held the bag out to me.

"Yes you can have some." He laughed again as I took the bag from him, "Sure, help yourself."

"Thank you." I stuffed my face as we talked about music and books. Soon the bell rang, and I headed out to P.E I stood on number 48 as he went up to Contreras. He ended up being number 10. Thank God it was a free day today, and we just went into the gym and sat on the bleachers. Contreras took Ander from me and gave him is lock and shit. Soon he came back and sat with me.

"So, will you finally admit that we're friends?" he asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Never. Why do you want to be friends with me so much?" I asked.

"Cause you're cool and funny, and have the same amount of love for Andy that I do." I just laughed at how over dramatic he was being, "You even stole all of my doritos!" I just laughed harder, "So will you admit it?" he asked again.


"Fine, but we are." he argued

"Keep telling yourself that." I said flipping threw my book

"I'm serious!" he said taking away my book.

"Whatever helps you sleep tonight. Now give me back my book." I pouted and he laughed at me.

Eventually P.E was over, and we went to music. Mr.Howard let us have a free day, so I went to the piano and started playing Lost It All.

"I ruled the world with these hands I shook the heavens to the ground. I laid the gods, to rest. I held the key to the kingdom lions guarding castle walls. Hail the king, of death. Then i lost it all. Dead and broken my backs against the wall cut me open. I'm just trying to breath just trying to figure it out because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down I said, then I lost it all. Who can save me now?"

"You're good. Like really really good! You can play other stuff right?" I nodded my head and played Bella's lullaby. After that I was trying to teach him Welcome To The Black Parade, but he sucks at the piano. The bell rang for the end of the day and we both picked up our bags and were the last to leave. We walked to the front doors and walked to my bike.

"Hey, you wanna hang out? I mean, you don't have to if you don't to but-"

"Okay I'll take that as code for you have nothing to do and you're gonna go home to an empty house?" I interrupted.

"How'd you know?" he asked cocking his head to the side.

"Magic. But sure you wanna come to mine?" he nodded, and I started walking the familiar root to my house. As we walked it was only my music playing. I was playing Enamel then Monochrome no kiss, candy, then sa-ma-la-va.

“Really? K-pop?” he asked.

I nearly slapped him. How dare he, “Excuse me ma'am but it is J-pop. Learn your countries.” I said with a huff.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Do forgive my lack of knowledge.” he replied sarcastically.

I finally reached my house. I put my bike on the grass, and walked inside.

"Sit anywhere, and I hope you like dogs." I said walking into the kitchen.


"Just wait......3.....2......1" I heard McGonagall running down the stairs. She attacked him. It was very funny. She was liking his face and he was trying to get her off, but he was failing really badly. I guess it is fun to have a friend around.


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