The battle to the sky.

May or may not have graphic and triggering scenes, have not decided yet but will add a warning if one comes up.
This is the story of my life told by 18 year old me. Please think of this story as a living organism, constantly growing and changing just like me.


4. The Boy With Brown Eyes.

The boy with brown eyes will forever haunt my soul, my heart, my dreams. He does not deserve it, the boy with brown eyes, he causes pain wherever he goes but he makes you love it, he makes you crave the pain he causes. Whenever i'm in pain i scream his name, but he will never cry out for me, he will only ever cry her name. He is my night, my day. I am his sometimes, his whenever. They boy with brown eyes shall ever be engraved into my soul. He is the mirage in the desert. I am the rain in the ocean. 

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