Going Camping

For Pretty Little Liars Writing Competition - Write a story about stalking. It can be scary, thrilling, or mysterious; you alone decide the plot and the fate of the characters. In this book, it's about a girl who's going camping with her best friend. You were very happy to spend time with your friend during their summer break. But what happen when you notice something in the wood that had glowing eyes that are red as blood, sharp claws that are sharper then tiger, and make a very load noise during night-time. But mostly eat one person every night. Is it a monster that stalk people? Read to find out will you and your friend survive! [© 2017 All rights reserved by Book Maker and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


1. ONE

     "AH!!!!" Scream Belle. "What Belle, what's wrong!" I said begin scare. The rest of the girl came to see what's wrong.

     "We got invited to camp!!!" Belle said. We laugh, we all know Belle loves camping. She been camping for 5 times! "But-" she said begin worry. 

     I was scare because when she get worried it mean a bad thing. All the girls questions Belle but she couldn't say it. But then she said it. "I only got 3 tickets, so that mean one of you got to stay" 

     "I'm not staying, I want to goo!" Said Jenny. "No Belle bring me with you!" Beg Angel. "I really want to go, but it's okay if I stay" I said. "YAY!, does that mean I can go?" Angel asked.

     "No Lisa, You can't just say you can stay! I want it to be fair!" Said Belle "Let play rock, paper scissor". "YAS!" Jenny feeling happy. We then play the game and turn out Angel lost.

     "Angel, I'm sorry you got to stay" Belle said begin sad. "I guess it's okay, beside I will be fun with my OTHER FRIENDS!!" Angel said begin mad. "We're sorry!" I said. 

     Angel then ran off crying. "Let go after her" Jenny offer. Belle and I nodded. We were about to go after Angel but Belle's mom called us. "Ladies, it time to go!!" She scream so we can hear her.

     "Wait mom!" Belle yelled back. "NOW, OR WE WILL BE LATE!" Yelled belle's mom. We then go to the car. "Hope Angel okay" Jenny wish. We then went to our house to pack our stuff. 

     "Here's the list to camp" Belle's mom gave us the paper. She then drove us to our house. We were at Jenny's house. "I wish Angel can go with us" said Jenny. "Me too" Belle said. They then smile and left.

     It was at my house. "I'm so happy for camp!" I said. "Me too, but about Angel is not happy" Belle said. I nodded "will see you tomorrow morning!" I said and wave and went to my doorstep and knock on the door.

     My dad then open the door and I went in. 

N/A: This book is in one POV! I'm sorry if you want to see all POV, but I want you guys to only see Lisa POV. THANK YOU! <3 :)

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