No Stones for Sorcerers

In the first part of the inevitable Harry Potter remake, Harry must defy Dumbledore and take charge of his own destiny. He chooses the path of wisdom by going into Ravenclaw and with a set of new friends, he faces down a wizarding world that expects him to play the hero.


3. Chapter 3

We’ve seen how the Evanses and the Dursleys reacted when Agnes, Nick, Jonathan, and Adrian came. Now comes the story about Robbie Evans and how Harry’s life was drastically improved even while he was surrounded by insane relatives.

A few years passed since Harry, Agnes, Jonathan, Adrian, and Nicholas were sent to live with the Dursleys. While Harry lived a decent life (more decent than in canon), Agnes and Nick suffered the indignities of being an orphan. Jonathan and Adrian also had to deal with the senseless teasing of the other children. Vernon and Petunia tried to protect them as often as they could, which wasn't enough since they couldn't always be there for the children.

Speaking of which, Agnes gained some strange powers before her fifth birthday. Those powers appeared to help her avoid cruel children and adults who would otherwise take advantage of an orphan girl. Yet she knew nothing of those powers until many years later, when she discovered her role in Harry Potter's story.

For instance, when Agnes was six years old, a man tried to lure her into his car as she went to the playground to play with Harry and Dudley. A few minutes later, the car was set on fire with the man trapped inside. Within six months of that incident, she met a boy who lived with his abusive parents; the parents were taken to jail after Agnes introduced her new friend to Petunia. Almost no one at school would dare speak to her unless an adult was present; most kids were shocked if she spoke to them at all.

Speaking of Nicholas, he never left the house and confined himself to the cupboard under the stairs. He spent most of his time observing the Dursley family and the people they interacted with. He was content to be alone, as very few people spoke to him; he had never attended school or spoke to any other children. Yet he was a close confidante of Harry Potter, which spoke volumes about who Harry really was.

Speaking of Jonathan and Adrian, their grandmother, Constance Cavanaugh, was upset when she found out her grandsons were placed in a foster home instead of being sent to her. She sought to have custody of the boys. With her history of mental health problems, social services decided to place Johnny and Adrian with the Dursleys instead of sending them to her. Constance swore she would get her grandsons back no matter what; she would make social services pay for taking the children of her favorite (and only) son away from her.

Meanwhile, Carlyle and Mary Evans became the parents of Robert Carlyle (born 1982), Marie Louise (born 1984), and twins Felix and David (born 1988). Ginger and Twila Mobley (also born 1982) stayed with the Evanses, for they had no family willing to take them in. Though Lee and Mary treated the Mobley twins well, their own children weren't allowed to watch TV, play with toys, or to go to school. When Harry came to visit on the weekends, he wasn’t allowed to play with his cousins. The Evans children were forbidden to see their cousin Dudley Dursley, nor were they allowed to visit their uncle and aunt. Lee made sure his children would never know what magic was, lest they take an interest in magic as their Aunt Lily had.

As for Jonathan and Adrian, Constance’s stepdaughter, Lola Burke, was upset they were placed with the Dursleys. She decided to take the boys to her home in Bagdale. Constance found out and angrily demanded that Lola give the boys back to her. This would later lead to a bitter fight between Constance and Lola. Lola’s brother Bruce Burke also claimed Constance had abused him and Lola and spoiled her only child, Saul.

But the judge stepped in and decided that Vernon and Petunia would take care of the boys, as neither Constance or her stepchildren were deemed suitable to raise the boys. Bruce was accused of abandoning his own family and chasing after his children's American-born nanny, and Lola was in a lesbian relationship, which also made her an unsuitable guardian for the boys. They were also stripped of visitation rights. Both siblings vowed to get Jonathan and Adrian back at any cost.

Well, we haven’t seen the last of Constance yet, as she was angry that Bruce and Lola made up lies about her abusing them and they also lied about her mental illness. She also swore to make the Dursleys pay for keeping her grandsons away from her. But that won't be until much later in the story, when the boys are older and they wouldn't need a guardian anymore.

We have now seen (and heard) the last of Will’s abusive brothers. When Will was 8 years old, her older brothers Ares, Raphael, Martin, and Simon came to Hogwarts. Ares, the oldest, snapped, “Where is Willamaerha?” Dozens of students gasped as he reached out and snatched Will from her seat. “Willamaerha Lyra Thristal, you're coming home right now and you're NEVER coming back here! You're NOT going to school at all.”

“But Ares, I have to go to school,” said Will with tears in her eyes. “Minerva says I have to.”

"Minerva is a liar," said Martin as he glared at Will. "You lost all going to school privileges when mom died."

"But i didn't do it!" Will cried out. "I would never hurt mom!"

"Shut up, you liar!" Raphael snarled.

"Why don't you?" Will snapped at him angrily. "You don't even like me, so why should you care if I'm in school or not?"

“Willamaerha, you're nothing but a worthless brat!” Ares yelled as he slapped Will. “You’re going home and…”

“What are you doing here?” Minerva McGonagall said as she came towards Will. She then slapped Ares across his face. “I heard what you said to Miss Willamaerha and I knew she was being abused, but now I see she wasn’t lying at all. Get out of my school.” Ares refused to leave; instead, he slapped Will repeatedly, calling her a worthless brat and saying horrible things no child should have to hear.

Amber soon arrived and upon seeing Ares, she stuck him in the back of his head with an iron poker. In anger, Ares threw a pot of boiling water at Amber and Will. The pot hit Professor Snape (who overheard the confrontation and went to the classroom to intervene) and he fell down; he was badly injured.

As Snape was taken to the hospital wing, McGonagall and several other teachers quickly subdued Ares, Raphael, Martin, and Simon. As aurors carted them away, Ares shouted to Will, “You're going to regret this, Willamaerha! I hope you're happy, as you have destroyed this family!”

After all was said and done, Will began sobbing. She knew she had done nothing wrong and yet Ares blamed her for their mother’s death. McGonagall came to her and said, “Now don’t you worry, Willamaerha. You will live here at Hogwarts and we’ll be your family.”

"But why do they hate me?" Will cried out. "What have I done to make them hate me and want to hurt me?"

"I don't know," said McGonagall, "but it's nothing for you to worry about. They're going away for good and you'll never have to worry about seeing them again."

"But what about dad?" said Will as she was being taken back to her dorm. "What's he going to say when he finds out that I've destroyed the family?"

"If anything, he'll understand why you've been removed from the family," said Dumbledore as he showed up at Will's dorm. "Now don't worry about your father; let us handle him. You just need to rest and recover from your harrowing ordeal; I'll send Amber to keep you company." To McGonagall, he said, "Now let's make sure that Willamaerha has no further contact with the Thristal family, shall we?'

As Will watched the old wizards leave the dorm, she had no idea her troubles weren’t over yet. In fact, they were just beginning…

* * * * *

Meanwhile back at the Dursleys, 10-year-old Harry was hunched away in a corner, trying to get away from Dudley, Jonathan, and Adrian. The three boys were as thick as thieves from the time Jonathan and Adrian arrived; they loved to torment Harry. He needed ten hands to count how many times they tortured him and the times he went and hit them back.

One day, Harry was hiding in the kitchen, trying to stay away from the three naughty boys. Nicholas saw him while preparing lunch for the boys and said to him, "Your uncle is insane!"

"That's something I haven't heard before," Harry said sarcastically.

"No, I mean it," said Nicholas as he glared at Harry. "Lee Evans is the dumbest father in the world!"

"Why do you say that?" Harry was indignant at what Nicholas was saying about his uncle.

Nicholas continued, "He drinks too much, lounges around the house, he won't let his kids go to school, and he won't let them come here!"

"I’m sure he has his reasons for doing the things that he does," said Harry.

"They’re not good reasons, whatever they are," Nicholas chimed in. "In my opinion, which no one cares to hear about, he should be arrested for being a terrible man!"

"Oh, what do you know about terrible men?" Harry said as he stood up and walked away. Normally, he would seek out Agnes whenever he and Nicholas fought, but she was at a friend's house. There would be no negotiating this situation, as she often did in the past.

Nicholas sighed as he went back to preparing the boys' lunches. There was just no talking to that kid.

Harry left the house and went next door. There, he saw Lee and Robbie hunched over a book, the twins happily playing on a rug, and Mary and Louise in the kitchen preparing lunch.

Robbie whined, “Why are we even reading this?”

Lee said to him, “Little Women is an American classic; your Aunt Petunia used to love this book when she was a girl.”

“That book’s for girls,” Robbie snapped. “Why isn’t Louise reading it?”

“Because your mother's convinced that Louise isn’t conforming to the roles of being a female,” said Lee. "She doesn’t like it when your sister plays with you and the twins and instead of sitting quietly in a corner sewing with Ginger and Twila." He sighed as he continued, "I don’t see what her problem is with Louise. I don’t mind her playing with you boys, as long as she does her chores and does what she's told.”

“But Ginger and Twila are so boring, and Dudley’s so much fun,” Robbie complained. “ I'd rather hang out with him instead of the girls.”

“What about me?” said Harry as soon as they looked up and saw him. “I’m your cousin too.”

“You’re just as boring as Ginger and Twila,” said Robbie. “In fact, you’d rather read than watch cartoons with us.”

“Cartoons are boring,” said Harry. Robbie glared at him, remembering a trip to the movie theaters last year, when they saw “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland". Harry accidentally blew up the screen in the middle of the movie. Louise (who was 5 years old at that time) burst into tears, as did many of the other children in the theater. Robbie and Ginger were also upset about the screen blowing up, but they kept their cool. Twila, however, whacked Harry over the head for blowing up the screen and begged Lee and Mary to exclude him when the Evans family went to the movies.

The movie wasn’t the only thing Harry had ruined for the Evans children. He ruined various birthday parties, sleepovers, and holidays. It wasn’t his fault, but Mary blamed him and her own children for the disasters that occurred in the Evans house. Not only that, Petunia blamed Lee for Harry’s magical abilities and began limiting his time spent with his cousins. She began to file police reports claiming that Lee and Mary were abusing their children and not sending them to school. But when the police came to investigate those claims, the claims turned up empty. But Petunia vowed to do whatever it took to save her niece and nephews and get her brother away from his wife, as she was rumored to control the Evans family.

As Harry wandered around the living room, he found himself staring at a plate of cookies that Mary had baked earlier; she was now showing Louise how to make soup. Harry reached out and touched the cookies, which caused the entire plate to explode.

Everyone gasped as they ducked under couch pillows as the remains of the cookies rained down upon them. The twins laughed happily and ran around the living room, gobbling up the bigger pieces of the cookies. Lee shook his head, knowing that the boys would now not eat their lunch. Robbie and Twila quickly plugged up the vacuum cleaner and sucked away the tiny crumbs the twins missed. Ginger buried her face in her book, clearly ignoring everything going on around her.

Harry stood in the middle of the living room, not knowing what was going on. He had no idea of what had happened and he appeared to be in a daze. He didn't see his aunt Mary rushing toward him, grabbing him by his hair, yelling at him for ruining the cookies, which would have been given to the children for behaving themselves, and banning him from having contact with his cousins.

Lee was left behind to restore order and to help clean up the mess. Robbie was angry; he looked forward to eating the cookies and starting a food fight with Ginger and Twila. Louise turned back to the stove to finish making the soup. Robbie said, “I can’t believe him!”

“I know,” said Twila. “Harry ruins everything for us! I hope I never become like him.”

“Same here,” said Robbie. “Let’s hope the twins don’t find this cool.”

Mary returned to the house after shooing Harry out the door, saying, “And this is why magic is bad; it’s because of your cousin Harry Potter!”

“Whatever did he ever do to you, mom?” said Louise, who still faced the stove.

“It's not him, but his aunt happened to us,” said Mary. “If Lee wasn't Petunia’s brother, we wouldn’t have bothered with the boy. However, Petunia insisted that we’d help take care of him because “he’s our only living relative”. He is an orphan, and all orphans are troublemakers! How and why that woman manages to live in a house full of them is something I don’t understand.”

“Not to mention her fat and ugly husband and their pig of a son,” said Lee. “I don’t understand how my sister could have married a man like him. Plus, I feel sorry for that little girl they have; she needs help and perhaps a permanent vacation from them.”

Harry trudged home; he had been kicked out of the Evans house for the cookie on a plate incident. Worst of all, he was not allowed to go near his cousins ever again due to him using magic.

Nicholas saw him walking into the house and shook his head. He knew Harry spending time with the Evans family was not good and he needed to stay away from them. Yet. he didn’t say anything to him as he came into the house and went to his room. Dudley, Jonathan, and Adrian were eating lunch and ignored him.

Harry sat on his bed, wondering what's going on with me? I never do anything “magical” around the Dursleys, so why is it that I have to do magic around the Evanses? Am I really that troublesome? What's going on here?

Little did he know that things would get worse for him the next year…

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