Poison (M.C)

His lips were like poison. His kiss intoxicating. I could never get enough.


1. 1

   I sat on the corner of the sidewalk with my face to the ground and my hair in front of my face. My hair was very blonde. It was the kind of blonde that made it look like I had dyed it, although I never had. I stared down at my burgundy converse and began to click my heels together. It was a warm day, one of the warmest of the year, and I, being the insecure person I am, was in jeans and a sweater. I had started sweating and got up to go inside when out of the corner I saw a boy walking down the street. From afar he looked tall. Much taller than I was for sure. As he got closer I could make out red hair that was most definitely dyed and his flannel and black jeans. I giggled to myself seeing as I was not the only one that was still wearing longer clothing. Once he spotted me he introduced himself. He said his name was Michael and he had just moved here.

"Why are you out here?" I asked him.

"My mother said I was playing to many video games. I giggled and he laughed to himself. His laugh was surprisingly cute. I heard my mother call my name in the distance.

"I guess I have to go see you around, Michael" I said with a smile and headed towards my house. Michael was unmistakably good looking. He was tall, but not too tall, he had the most beautiful green eyes. Ones that you could stare into and get lost in. I sighed as I headed into my house thinking of when I would see him again. I had just met him why was I already thinking about him? It was like he was poisoning my brain.


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