Raise your Daughter

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  • Published: 17 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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I stood in the rain under an umbrella wearing my sister’s favorite red dress. When we were younger we had promised each other one thing. If she died first I would wear her red dress. If I died first she would wear my favorite green dress. Today my sister is lying in a coffin wearing my green dress. I didn’t expect her to die so soon. My red hair hangs down my shoulders in dreads, my black boots are muddy but I don’t care. My sister was dead; a part of me lay buried with her today.


6. Arianna's Nursery

Arianna’s nursery was simply breathtaking. The nursery was baby blue and bright pink, little animals played on the wallpaper and the room smelt of freshly picked flowers. There was a silver cradle with white sheets covered with golden feathers. Multiple stuffed elephants, pandas, puppies and kitties filled the cradle. The silver cradle also had white tassels.

            I put Ari’s carrier down on the floor and examined the ornate rocking chair. I opened drawers and found Robin’s baby rattle. Robin’s crib was probably downstairs in the living room. In the drawers were socks, little shoes. Diapers, onesies, little shirts with sassy saying, tutus, little pants but soon I would need to buy her new clothes because she was growing fast. I could probably just alter them to grow with her unless my sister already did.

            I opened Ari’s closet and found Regina’s wedding dress, my wedding dress, and a beautiful diamond tiara on the top shelf. Arianna had three different dresses in three different colors. She had a pink, purple, blue, green, silver, gold, white and red, black and purple, and green and black. She also owned a cream-christening gown. I placed an enchantment over everything and came to the conclusion that everything would grow and change with Arianna’s growing body. I would never have to buy clothes or redecorate rooms. I wouldn’t need to buy furniture or repaint walls. All magic comes with a price and this magic came with my sister’s death.

            I left Arianna in her cradle and walked downstairs. The kitchen was fully stocked and apple casserole was on the stove all done and still fresh and warm. I took a bite and realized it was freshly made. I only knew one person who cooked with apples. My sister had to have been here. She wasn’t dead. I ran upstairs and into the master bedroom. Everything was in place. Everything was clean and a green dress, my green dress was lying on the bed. Regina had been buried in that dress. I ran through the house shouting.

“Regina! Regina! Regina!”

            I opened the laundry room door and found the housekeeper cleaning everything up. I sighed and just turned around but the housekeeper placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Madame Zelena, I made you a new dress and your sister’s apple casserole. I will be cleaning the house everyday while you are out and if need be I will be in my quarters in the dungeons.”

“Thank you…”

“My name is Emerald.”

“Can I call you Esme?”

“As you wish, madam.”

            I turned around and headed back up the stairs. Arianna was crying and I had a daughter to raise. She wasn’t going to raise herself. 

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