Raise your Daughter

I stood in the rain under an umbrella wearing my sister’s favorite red dress. When we were younger we had promised each other one thing. If she died first I would wear her red dress. If I died first she would wear my favorite green dress. Today my sister is lying in a coffin wearing my green dress. I didn’t expect her to die so soon. My red hair hangs down my shoulders in dreads, my black boots are muddy but I don’t care. My sister was dead; a part of me lay buried with her today.


8. An Eye for an Eye

Gold was behind the counter when I entered his shop carrying a crying little girl. I took Arianna out of her carrier and carried her on my hip. Gold looked up from his work and smiled before asking very quietly.

“Zelena, it’s nice to see you. What can I do for you today?”

“We need to talk. Alone, please?”

“Belle I need your assistance.”

            Belle came from the other room with Chip or Charles on her hip and Gideon by her side. Gideon gripped a stuffed animal and sucked his thumb. I bent down and smiled at him he looked at me and then I stood up.

“Rumple what is Zelena doing here?”
“We have some business to take care of. Will you take Arianna into the other room so I can talk to her?”

“Yes of course.”

            Belle took Ari out of my arms and began talking to my little girl. I took the four bottles of potions out of my bag and took the page of the resurrection potion out of my wallet. Gold picked each bottle up individually, opened the bottles, sniffed the potions inside, placed the caps back on and finally examined the spell on the page. He looked at me and then down at the page. He walked over to his cabinet of ingredients and quickly took a few bottles and boxes off his shelves. He threw everything into a cauldron and emerged with a single bottle of brown liquid.

            He added drops of each of my bottles and then shook the brown potion. The potion swirled with the colors of the rainbow for a moment and then it turned a dark blue. A dead flower stood in a pot on the counter and Gold placed a single drop on the flower and the flower sprung to life. He handed me my potions and I placed them in my purse. He handed me the page with the spell and held the bottle out to me. I reached for it but he pulled it back and said.

“All magic comes with a price, Dearie. You should know that more than anyone.”

“What do you want Gold?”
“I’m going to tell my ex-wife that I’m leaving for a few days.”

            Gold placed the newly made potion in his pocket and vanished behind the curtain. I heard Arianna cry and then hushed whispers. I glanced around the shop and stopped at the jewelry case. In a box covered in beautiful stones was something I hadn’t seen in years. It was a set of Regina’s dolls from when we were younger. One looked like me and the other looked like her. She had given me hers years ago and I gave her my doll. I hadn’t seen them since the curse.

            Gold came out and held out the potion for me, he saw me looking at the dolls and said.

“Let’s make a deal dearie. Belle agreed this potion brings the dead to life. The price is for you to bring life into this world.”

“You want me to get pregnant. Who would do that other than Robin?”
“Me, you have my baby and you get the potion.”

“No, I can raise Arianna on my own.”

“I’ll throw in your precious dolls.”

            I stood and watched Gold. If I carried his child and got the potion to get my sister then I received the dolls. I would have every thing I wanted. If I carried twins then I would get one and Gold would get the other. I would have two children to care for and to love. I would have my niece and my sister. Sure I wouldn’t have a husband but I would have my daughter and another child. Both children would be full of magic.

“You want me to have a baby with you?”

“Do you want the potion?”

“Yes, what if its twins?”
“I only want one. You can keep the other.”

“Deal hurry up, I don’t have all day.”

            I snatched for the potion but Gold pulled it away and said.

“Not until you’re pregnant and I have a baby in my arms.”

“You have gotten me in the most vile way possible.”

“If I can remember Dearie, your sister once said that to you.”

“So Belle would raise our child as hers?”
“Yes. We would have Gideon, Charles and baby.”

            Rumple took my wrist and we vanished into a thick cloud of red smoke. We reappeared in a beautiful house in Hawaii. He pushed me towards the direction of the bed and began forcing me down. I forced him away and said.
‘I can’t do this you’re married.”

“I thought you wanted this Zelena. You did long ago.”

“That was a long time ago. I will always be your last choice. You fell in love with Milah, then Cora, you fell for Regina, then Belle and never for me.”
“So you don’t want the potion then Dearie?”

“Oh I want it but the price is to much to pay.”

“I’ve only broken one deal in my life dearie and this isn’t going to be it.”

“What deal did you break? The one with my mother?”

“No a deal I made with Baelfire long ago.”

            I sat on the bed in total shock. Essentially what Gold had just said was something that Regina had found out long ago. Regina was Gold’s son and a few years ago the Evil Queen had done a dirty deed with her father. The Good Queen wasn’t to please when she heard about this. Gold had more than a few children now. He had Baelfire, Regina, Gideon and Charles. He would soon have more children if I allowed him to do this thing.

“You’re my sister’s father.”

“The one and only. Why do you think I was so shocked when I found that you were her firstborn? Cora, promised me my child and I got her.”

“You won’t save your own daughter?”
“Dead is dead, you want the potion you can have the potion. You want the dolls take the dolls. All magic comes with a price.”

            Gold left the room and I was sure he was probably going to go swimming on the beach or go off somewhere. I soon realized that we would have to take a plane home because Hawaii didn’t have any magic. I sat on the bed and contemplated my decision. I should do what I promised, I made a deal and I knew not to break a deal. I grabbed my bag and went off to find Rumplestiltskin. 

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