Raise your Daughter

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  • Published: 17 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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I stood in the rain under an umbrella wearing my sister’s favorite red dress. When we were younger we had promised each other one thing. If she died first I would wear her red dress. If I died first she would wear my favorite green dress. Today my sister is lying in a coffin wearing my green dress. I didn’t expect her to die so soon. My red hair hangs down my shoulders in dreads, my black boots are muddy but I don’t care. My sister was dead; a part of me lay buried with her today.


9. A Hawaiian Proposal

I found him in the bar leaning against his cane and drinking vodka. I sat down beside him and ordered a Long Island ice tea. I drank and he drank. Not a word was said until about the ninth order of drinks. I was a bit tipsy and a bit worried about Arianna. She was three thousand miles away with Belle and their other children. I was as tipsy as a lord when I broke the silence between my dealmaker and me.

“ Gold I made a deal, I don’t intend to break it.”

“You know Zelena, you were right. She’s my daughter and I want to change the terms.”

“You do that’s wonderful.”

“I get you pregnant, I name the baby. You get the baby, your daughter, your sister, your sister’s husband and a house.”

“Any house in Storybrooke?”
“I own Storybrooke. Regina was just the mayor. Regina’s mansion, Emma’s mansion, my mansion, the author’s mansion or I rebuild your house.”
“The author’s mansion is quite large. I think I could raise a few children in there. I just need a couple servants. I do like one-upping my sister.”

“Let me take you to dinner. There is a fine diner on the ocean. You take a boat, ride it to the diner and enjoy dinner on the ocean. Eh, dearie.”

“That sounds wonderful darling.”
            Back at the hotel I was allowed to use the huge bathroom to get ready. Rumple ran to the nearest stores and bought me an assortment of green dresses in all styles and beautiful jewelry in all colors. If the diner was on the ocean then why did I have to dress so sharply? Then I realized Rumple probably owned the place. He probably owned a Hawaiian island for all I knew. I tiptoed to the door and peeked out. Rumple was buttoning a white silk shirt with decorated sleeves and he was putting on a red uniform that looked like the beasts’ from Beauty and the Beast.

            I closed the bathroom door and walked over to where all the magnificent dresses hung. I found an emerald green dress that looked like Belle’s yellow dress but mine was green and had tiny crystals sown on the bottom. The sleeves were thin straps covered in sequins. The hem had tiny seed pearls at the bottom. I smiled as I put my red curls into a chignon and pinned it in place with a diamond comb. There was a delicate silver necklace with a single heart shaped diamond on it. I smiled as I put it on. I put black shadow on my eyes and red lipstick on my lips. Then, I opened the bathroom door to find Rumple standing there with a red rose in his hand.

            It felt like a dream as I accepted the rose and took his hand. He threw his cane onto the bed and took my hand. He pulled me in and kissed me. He kissed my neck and I moaned just like I had all those years ago. He kissed me and pulled away.

“Zelena, I should tell you one thing. There is magic in Hawaii, we won’t have to walk.”
“Magic in Hawaii, how?”
“Hawaii’s core in made up of a red stone, shaped like a heart. Only the power of love is allowed to work. When I brought you here, I wasn’t able to use magic unless we loved each other.”
“Yet you managed to create, clothes, jewelry, a restaurant and almost everything from magic.”

“Do you want to hurry to dinner?”
“Yes, I’m famished.”

“I called Belle, Arianna is doing wonderfully.”
“Aren’t you and Belle divorced?”
“Yes, we only stay together to raise our children.”       

“That’s wonderful. Let’s go to dinner.”
            Gold took my arm and escorted me to the center of the hotel room. I gripped his arm with both arms and let him engulf us both in a cloud of red smoke. As the fog cleared, I looked around and let go of Rumple’s arm. We were in the center of a huge ballroom. The ballroom was gold and brown, and the walls were glass. As we spun around the room dancing, the music began to play and all I could see from the windows was endless blue waters.

            Rumple and I dance to a couple songs and soon he leads me to the corner where a table was set up. The table was round and it had a silver tablecloth draped over it. Two golden candlesticks were lit. Two goblets of wine, two plates of delicious steamed chicken, with broccoli and green apple turnover for dessert. Rumple pushed my seat into the table and took his seat. The orchestra played softly as we began to discuss our deal.

            “I thought you were taking me to a restaurant?”
“Do you not like this location? We can go somewhere else. Eh Dearie?”
“No Rumple it’s wonderful. I love this place. Maybe we can stay for the rest of our trip.”
“Do you want to stay here Zelena?”
“Yes, magic is truly good at making beautiful places.”
“All magic comes with a price.”

“I know the price Gold. This is wonderful.”

            I got up from my seat and walked over to sit on his lap. I kissed him and then felt him wrap his arms around me. We vanished into a cloud of red smoke and then everything went black. When I woke the next morning, I found Gold standing over me and watching me sleep. When my eyes opened I backed away from him in fright.

“No dearie, it’s alright. What if I? What if I altered the deal?”

“To what, do I still get my potion?”
“Yes and the dolls, marry me? Marry me and I’ll give you anything you could ever wish for?”

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