Moonlight Beast

"Werewolves?" she gasped in a whisper, "Impossible!"
Aspen is a young detective living in the small woodland town of Foniaulf. Her life is equally as quiet as the town, population 2000, until a series of killings send her into a spiral of fantasies she'd previously related to fairy tales and folk stories. She begins to discover the towns deep roots with mystic and werewolves. Completely under the mercy of a boy who howls to the moon in his spare time, Aspen must learn to cope or the consequences are fatal for both of them.


3. Trust My Ass!



I quickly pulled on my spare joggers from the oak which I'd hidden them in, not wanting to make a bad first impression. Well, technically it wasn't a bad first impression because I'd already met her two times before. Yet, of course, I'd never introduced myself properly.

Back in my human form, I emerged from the trees and swaggered up to her. Now I remembered why I chose this child in the first place; she was beautiful. Her sapphire eyes which were wide with fear were laced with a twinkle as the yellow sun reflected off her corneas.

She had a perfect nose except for the cute little-upturned pinch on the end. And she had the most striking, crimson hair which I could've sworn was natural. It lay uncombed and in wavy little knots which were probably formed by her constant habit of twiddling strands around pale fingers.

However perverted it sounds, I couldn't wait to be sucking the blood from this beautiful girl. Just as long as I didn't lose control...

"Werewolf," she breathed, looking petrified. I didn't want her to be scared but I guess it was inevitable. If you weren't scared after finding out werewolves exist and you come face to face with the wolf who gave you nightmares as a child, you would either be mad or stupid. This girl didn't look stupid - at all.

"I won't hurt you, you're different." I attempted to reassure her. "I don't believe that for a second." I could hear her thinking.
"I'm won't hurt you for god's sake!" I say, gruffly. "But he will, don't trust him, Aspen, goddammit!" She thought to herself, still staying silent.

Aspen... I like it.

"Aspen..." I tasted the word, saying it to no one in particular. She frowned in disgust.

"How the hell do you know my name!?" Aspen demanded.

"You can trust me, Aspen," I sighed, getting impatient.

"Trust, my ass." She hissed.

Why did I find that so sexy? She was human, I wasn't supposed to think like that. Oh, and, my blood bank - ugh I hated to use that word - was definitely out of bounds. Even so, I chuckled to myself. "What?" She snapped, sounding angry yet her eyes were wide with fear and... Curiosity? Well, it figures. Ever since I'd first seen her it showed. The way she looked at things with a thirst to know. She wouldn't be a police without that natural inquisitiveness.

"You should really work on looking angry, I can't take you seriously," I was howling by now. I don't even know why it wasn't even that funny. Frustrated, she narrowed her bright blue eyes at me but I could tell she was still scared and not ready to proceed in arguing back. God was she naive. It's not like I could hurt her. I relied on her to live as much as she relied on me.

Her fierce expressing began to quiver. "He's going to kill me, isn't he?" She whimpered in her thoughts. I stopped laughing, this was annoying me.

"Stop it with the negative thoughts!" I cried, getting increasingly annoyed.

"How the hell can you read my mind?" she gasped. Oh god, this would take some explaining. 

"You're my bloody pet, that's how. We're linked by blood," And that.

"What the fudge cakes are you talking about?" She cried. Fudge cakes? Women perplexed me.

"This guy seems crazy. Pet? Linked by blood?" she thought, perplexed. Crap, I did sound crazy.

Everything I said was scaring her shitless but I couldn't really blame her. I mean, I should probably have introduced myself before scaring her like this. 'Too right you should have,' Arnold uttered in my head. 'Get out of my head, dick,' I replied, practically able to hear him snigger. I quickly blocked off mind link with him, not wanting to be distracted.

"Oh Jesus Christ, this will take a while to explain," I growled. "And the name's Jace, so stop referring to me as 'green eyes' in your head."

Her cheeks turned bright red, then her face formed into a scowl, then she fell into deep thought.

"Jace," she muttered, saying my name slowly and slurring spit around her mouth as if trying to get a taste of it.

"Nice but I prefer Jake," she announced. My expression turned confused. "Oh, Jake is my fiancée," Suddenly wolf instincts kicked in and I snarled, getting over-protective.

"Aw, is doggy getting jealous?" she teased, reaching up to ruffle my hair and laugh. I snarled again, this time more viciously. This only startled her briefly before she burst into giggles, finding my antics somewhat hilarious.

"You are my pet!" I roared. "So do what I say and stop it, now!" My wolf instincts took over and anger pursued me. I hated to be teased. I knew deep down I'd overreacted yet with my wolf quickly filling my mind, that's not what I was thinking: at all.

She looked momentarily overwhelmed but that shock quickly transferred to anger. "Stop saying I'm your pet, I don't even know what the hell that means!" she hissed. "I don't know who the heck you are and to be frank I'm bloody confused. I mean, werewolves, really? Seriously, in my world, you mongrels are the pets,"

"Don't you think I know? I lived like a human for my first 5 years." I puffed, exasperated.
"Who would've thought, you heartless son of a bitch, literally," she laughed. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Son of a bitch, get it?" she chuckled like she'd made the funniest joke ever. Personally, I thought it wasn't funny at all and wanted to rip her head off.

I pounced on her and pinned her to the ground, shaking. I was so, so close to changing. She immediately stopped laughing, the colour draining from her already pale face. Our faces were centimetres apart and my hot breath heavily brushing against her skin. Her eyes went glossy and she begged me to get off with words barely audible. I growled lowly then pulled her to her feet where she stood, inanimate. Resisting the burning urge to seriously injure my life line, I took a deep breath and grabbed her wrist, leading her to my pack's main home.

She squirmed and protested but I held a tight grip which she couldn't escape. Eventually, she gave up, pouting and dragging her feet.  Soon I got sick of going so slowly and heaved her onto my back. She squealed as I sprinted through the forest her. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder, gripping on for dear life. It was getting weird how close we currently were and I could sense how uncomfortable we both felt. Such a huge contrast from where we were 5 minutes ago... Arguing.

And unlike those cliché love stories, we didn't become happy and fall in love the longer we ran. It was more like it became more normal and less awkward but still just as awful. Continuously, Aspen kicked my side, humming a tune to the beat of the kicks. I growled which made her erupt into giggles then immediately continue, this time harder and louder. She had such nerve! Didn't she remember when I had her pinned down just minutes before?

Relief filled me as we neared where Jaz and Sam had agreed to meet me. She yelped as I roughly dropped her to the ground, landing with a literal thud on the frigid, leaf-blanketed floor. Pointing forwards, I grunted, a signal for her to follow then I advanced forward. Of course, she would follow, what other choice did she have? Huffing, she heaved herself up and brushed herself off.

"I'll get you back for that," she panted, struggling to keep up with me as I powered on, unfazed by anything the forest could throw at me. I laughed. There was no way in hell that she would be able to take on a werewolf.

"It's not like you werewolves have superhuman strength. I mean, that has to be fiction," she puffed, hacking her way through a thick bush and nearly tripping over. I frowned, annoyed by her statement.

"When I pinned you down, was that not a display of strength?" I spat, gruffly. Remembering, she stared down at her bruised wrists which were turning a shade of purple. Her face dropped, I hadn't meant to do that. After a few seconds, however, her face lit up at a thought.
"Wait, does that mean you're like Jacob." She giggled.

"Don't you dare link me to that sin of a book," I hissed. Twilight was the single most terrible thing I'd come across in my life. I mean, werewolves and vampires do get on, they don't argue over god damn humans, we aren't mostly male, quite the opposite, actually. Oh, and, the hair - oh my gosh - the hair makes me want to cry.

She laughed, flipping her hair, almost adorably. Oh god, Jace. This girl is not adorable, you don't like her so, please, shut the hell up.

'Aw, little Jacey has a crush. Oh, and he's talking to himself in his head,' Arnold sniggered through mind link. 
'How did you get back in my head without permission?' I snarled.
'I may or may not have been in contact with Ella,' 
'I'm going to kill you,'
'Ok, bye.' He was laughing.

"So, what is fiction about Twilight," she asked, now at a steady pace. I sighed. I hated talking about my heritage and life to people who didn't understand.
"What is true- We run fast, are strong, we're sexy..."
"You're not sexy," she chuckled. Yet I could swear her cheeks flushed pink when she glanced at me.
"You're just saying that because you don't like me," I wasn't meaning to be cocky but werewolves are naturally attractive, she had to be allured - it was natural.
"Dude, I'm engaged," she said, flipping her hair - again.

I sighed. "So, anyway, long story short, we're not 100% the good guys," She frowned, asking how.

"Well, we are good friends with vampires. To be honest, the only conflict is really amongst rival packs, but-" I bit my lip, mentally kicking myself for going too far.

"But what?" she asked, curious. Jaz and Sam were thankfully closer, my nose told me. Great, I had an excuse not to talk about it.

"I don't want to talk about it!" I growled. She opened her mouth to object but quickly clamped it shut when she saw that I was adamant. "Jaz and Sam are nearby." She asked me about them and I sighed in relief, thankful for a change of subject.

"Jaz is the Luna and official leader of the Blood Rose pack. Her case is extremely strange because she no longer leads with her mate, the alpha. 14 years ago, he died. Usually losing your mate would kill you but somehow Jaz pulled through. Presumably, so she could be there for the pack and her two children, Samantha and Declan. Normally, if an alpha dies his son replaces him but Declan was only a baby, too young - obviously. He is still only 15 but when he turns 16 he can become alpha if he has a mate and Jaz allows him to. Jaz is the strongest leader we've had in thousands of years so the chances are she will stick around for much longer. Samantha, who everyone calls Sam, welcomes people like you. Don't ask me any more questions because she'll answer anything." I explain.

Aspen nodded then shut up for the rest of the journey. She walked it, taking more confident steps by the second. Finally, we emerged into a clearing where they were.

"Hello, Jason." Jaz stood high, nodding towards me. She looked towards where Aspen stood timidly. Her head was bowed, the Alpha vibe Jaz radiated must've been intimidating her.

"So, you must be Aspen!"

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