Broken Angel

He wasn't like any other guy. Louis Tomlinson had something in him that made him different, not something that any person had ,but something magical? Extraordinary. He was an angel, he had a purpose to be brought down to earth ,but me? Im just Molly Gomez. I was just an ordinary girl trying to get a fresh start. Little did I know, I was getting into more trouble than I was trying to run away from.


4. Reasons

Chapter 4: Reasons

My eyes slowly closed as I saw Collins exit the room. He looked so calm, like he knew that his plan would work ,but he didn't know that Louis wasn't coming. I shook my head trying to set my mind blank, I didn't want to think about Louis. I decided to let my eyes rest and just have my mind wander.

''Omg! Did you hear what she said?'' I asked as anger rushed through my eyes.

That was the first thing I said as I walked into school. It was the day that everything just flipped, the day that I wanted to run away from. The day I left to California expecting everything to be better ,but Louis changed everything.

''What?'' Asked Abby disappointed.

''She told Harry that I would sleep with anyone for money!'' I screamed trying hard not to cry, ''and obvious Harry listened! He acted like if it was true!''

''You guys have been dating for almost two year though,'' Pricilla said confused.

''I know!'' I exclaimed just rolling my eyes.

I quickly walked away from Abby, my ex best friend, and walked up to Harry. Harry Styles was my boyfriend, the most popular guy at school and I was semi popular you could say. The girl who usually talked bad about me was Ivonne, she was a cheerleader. She was not the captain ,but she wanted to act like she was better than everyone. As I approached Harry, he turned to look at me, his facial expression changing into anger.

''Hey,'' I said trying to figure out why he was angry.

''So the slut talks!'' He screamed as everyone began to approach us.

My eyes looked into his emerald green ones as everyone began to laugh. He showed no love in his eyes ,but disappointment. All the people surrounded us leaving me no escape ,so I decided to confront him. I didn't want him talking to me like that ,but it was my mistake.

''What's your problem!?'' I asked raising my voice.

''You are! You walk around being a hoe! Wanting to fuck every guy that walks your way!'' He says as I'm about to say something, he continues, ''Why don't you do me a favor and just leave! I'm pretty sure you've slept with every guy in here and I don't want to catch a disease from you.''

My eyes began to water and my mouth became dry. Every person that surrounded us began to whisper about me. Everything Harry had said was a lie, rumors that Ivonne had spread were slowly exiting everyone's mouth.

''I heard that she slept with Harry's best friend, Max, while she was dating Harry,'' a girl mumbled as another answered, ''And she also slept with Liam Payne while he was dating Monica!''

I bit my lip knowing that I had slept with Liam Payne, he was my first love ,but I never caused him to cheat on anyone. Everything I had ever done began to come out ,but most were lies.

''She slept with Abby's boyfriend, Zayn Malik, when they got into a fight! She even said it was better than sleeping with Max and Liam,'' I heard Monica scream.

My eyes immediately moved to Abby's and she stared back at me. Confusion spread through her eyes and a hot clear tear slipped down mine. Harry smiled as he felt proud of his accomplishment and I stood there unable to move not knowing whether to run and escape the nightmare of a day I had. As everyone's voice filled the room, I ran, I knew that I was about to do something stupid ,but who cares right? I ran home and grabbed the most important things, like clothes, money and my memory book. I grabbed my backpack and dumped everything in there as I began to run towards the airport.

''Ticket to where?'' The lady in the front desk asked as I approached her.

I quickly looked up towards all the flight numbers and saw that California was the faster flight.

''Umm... California,'' I answered handing her the money.

She handed me the ticket and I ran towards the door with my stuff and got onto the plane after a 5 minute process. I sat on my assigned seat next to a girl with dark green eyes and light brown hair.

''Hi,'' she greeted with a huge smile.

''Hi, I'm Molly,'' I greeted back.

''Pricilla!'' She exclaimed as we continued to talk.

That was the day I went to California and met a girl who became my best friend. I tried having a fresh start where nobody knew me, where I would find a family that actually cared. I did at first ,but everything began to collapse.

I decided to write a chapter about Molly's life before she ran to California and the reasons why she did what she did. In this chapter, Molly left her family and was sent to a foster house. She hasn't been adopted and she considers the people in there her family, like her older sister mentioned in Chapter 1. I decided to clarify just so you guys understand.

Thank you for reading and any questions I will answer!!

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