Broken Angel

He wasn't like any other guy. Louis Tomlinson had something in him that made him different, not something that any person had ,but something magical? Extraordinary. He was an angel, he had a purpose to be brought down to earth ,but me? Im just Molly Gomez. I was just an ordinary girl trying to get a fresh start. Little did I know, I was getting into more trouble than I was trying to run away from.


2. Picture

Chapter 2 : Picture

I stood up from the cold metallic floor ,but my head was spinning and pounding. I was completely lost and felt utterly broken, my arms were soar and covered in bruises. I didn't even have the slightest idea of where I was. My last memory was laying down on the freezing, lonely street around my neighborhood ,but I had no idea why I was there in first place. I stood silent, I then realized that I was in a metal box., with no way out. My eyes slowly watered until I saw my phone next to me. I quickly grabbed it and unlocked it. I noticed the picture I had in the background, it was of a boy that looked familiar and I with the biggest smile I ever had. My mind then started drifting towards the memory of him...

''So how do you like school so far?'' Louis asked trying to start a conversation.

We had been in school for almost a week now and it had been really weird. Everyone would always look at me with unreadable expressions when I passed talking to Louis. Someone people would even warn me to stay away from the heartbreaker.

''Well, its been good,'' I asked trying not to make a big deal out of what people had said.

''What did they say?'' He blurted out.

''What?'' I asked shocked.

Had he heard what I thought? Or did I just say it out loud? I thought back to what I had said and I was pretty sure that I said it was good.

''You said Someone said something bad about me,'' He stated, looking suspicious.

''Really? I didn't notice,'' I said awkwardly.

''Well what did they say?''

''Umm..,'' I hesitated for a second ,but decided to just say the truth, ''well they keep saying that you're trouble and a heartbreaker...''

His facial expressions didn't change when I said that, he looked fine with it. I stood quiet trying to get an answer ,but clearly he didn't catch on. I rolled my eyes and just continued to walk leaving him behind. He quickly sprinted up next to me.

''What?'' He asked in an angry tone.

''Nothing,'' I said trying to ignore his tone of voice,'' it's not my fault you put those labels on yourself.''

I had never seen him angry, and i didn't think he would take it so personally when I told him what they had said. For a moment I was starting to regret what I had said ,but he didn't even try to defend himself. He just stood quiet, with a huge smile plastered on his stupid cute face.

''Why are you happy!?'' I asked annoyed.

''Why are you mad?'' He asked back trying to challenge me.

''You suck,'' I said just ignoring him.

''Does it make you feel better to put others down?'' He questioned, ''You like being a bully?''

I stood quiet as he continued to walk. I felt completely confused by what he meant ,but then it hit me. I stood quiet waiting for him to say something.

''People will put labels on you ,but you shouldn't always believe what they say.''

''I'm sorry. I just, I've never had to rely on people telling me how others are ,but you don't open up,'' I tried to defend.

He quickly grabbed my phone and started running. I stood there shocked to why he would do that ,but then ran after him. He looked back to see if I was following him, as he saw me, he continued to run. Once we reached a park that was alone, he stopped. Out of breath, I started walking towards him, to my surprise, he looked like he was standing there without having to move. My heart was pumping out of my chest and I was breathing heavily, while he was just standing there completely fine.

''Why did you take my phone?'' I asked catching up to him.

''I just wanted more time with you,'' he said with a cute smile.

''All you had to do was ask!'' I exclaimed reaching out for my phone.

He laughed at my comment and started looking through my phone. I looked at him with a confused expression to what he was doing. He just looked up at me and smiled and continued to snoop through my phone. His hair was all over his face, covering his shiny blue eyes.

''Who is Pricilla?'' He asked.

''My best friend,'' I answered nervously.

I looked down knowing that if he read the messages he would see why I moved here. He looked at me curiously and left the topic alone.

''Why don't you take pictures of yourself?'' He asked concerned.

''Well, I'm not coincided like you,'' I answered playing around.

''I can't help being so handsome,'' he said laughing.

I rolled my eyes and started laughing.

''You didn't deny it,'' he answered.

''Well-'' I started.

''Smile!'' He exclaimed snapping a picture of us with huge smiles.

He slowly looked down at the picture and said, ''wow, you look beautiful. You should smile more often.''

I quickly looked down blushing, he knew how to get to me. Every little thing he said just made my heart beat faster. Every little rumor that people said started to fade away. He was a sweet guy, he knew how to pick me up when I felt down. I thought I would just ignore the labels and everything would be fine,but i was wrong. Labels were given for a reason...

I'm so sorry that this chapter was so short!! I've just been busy with school ,but just tell me what you think! Don't forget to share and leave your comment!! 💕

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