Broken Angel

He wasn't like any other guy. Louis Tomlinson had something in him that made him different, not something that any person had ,but something magical? Extraordinary. He was an angel, he had a purpose to be brought down to earth ,but me? Im just Molly Gomez. I was just an ordinary girl trying to get a fresh start. Little did I know, I was getting into more trouble than I was trying to run away from.


6. Louis

Chapter 6: Louis

I disappeared ,but she didn't know it was me. My heart kept beating to the speed of light as I thought about Molly. I shouldn't have left her there with Collins, I should've brought her with me after I began my plan of helping her.

''I tried helping her ,but she probably heard me talking to you when you asked where she was. Now she's probably in love with Collins because I kissed her! I shouldn't have used my shape shifting to rescue her!'' I complained as I talked to Niall Horan.

Niall was also an angel like me ,but he didn't have a shape shifting power, he had speed. He was also my best friend who knew everything about how I fell in love with Molly.

''Louis, calm down! Just go talk to her, Collins won't be back until tomorrow. You still have time and I'll help if you need me too,'' Niall said patting my back.

''What if she hates me for what I did?'' I asked Niall disappointed in myself.

''Louis Tomlinson! She will forgive you, everyone makes mistakes and you're trying to fix things,'' Niall reassured me.

I sighed and watched Niall walk out of my room. I closed my blue eyes and watched the memories replay in my head. I didn't mean to hurt Molly.

I walked up to Pricilla, Molly's best friend, and saw her talking to Niall. Niall went to school too, he was part of the plan to stop Collins. I tapped her shoulder and she instantly turned around.

''Hey Louis, what's up?'' She asked seeing that I looked impatient.

''Have you seen Molly? I haven't seen her all day,'' I said feeling fear traveling inside me.

''She was with Ethan,'' she continued seeing that I was confused, ''The football player, the guy she had a crush on.''

My eyes immediately turned red as I thought about her with Ethan, he was a jerk and probably using her to get more girls. Niall noticed that I was mad and grabbed my arm then walked me towards a more private area. He sighed with disappointment and confusion appeared on my face.

''What are you doing Louis?'' Niall asked.

''What do you mean?'' I answered calming down.

''Do you like her?'' Niall asked as his face showed fear.

''What? She's a friend,'' I said knowing that I couldn't like a human.

''Lou, you know it's against the rules to like a human! How could you let yourself do that? Oh no, you told her didn't you!'' Niall exclaimed.

''Niall shut up! I didn't tell her ,but Collins tried to get her last night, I kinda teleported to beat his ass. I don't think she saw me though,'' I said truthfully.

''Okay, we have to find her and figure out what she knows,'' Niall said as we started walking towards the football field.

As we approached the football field, a girl with bright green eyes and blonde hair approached us. She smiled at us and stopped us from walking. I looked over her and saw Molly talking to Ethan and the rest of the football team.

''Hey, you're Louis Tomlinson right?'' She asked looking up at me.

''Yeah,'' I answered.

''And you're Niall Horan?'' She asked.

''Yeah why?'' Asked Niall suspiciously.

''My name is Chloe and I'm having a Party tonight, you guys should come,'' she said handing us the invitation,'' Louis can I talk to you?''

''Sure,'' I said walking away from Niall.

''So, you're really cute,'' she said walking closer to me,'' and I just thought you could go with me to the party.''

Our lips were inches apart ,but her body was pressed against mine. I smiled at her knowing that maybe I could make Molly jealous. I wrapped my arms around the girl's, whose name I forgot, waist. She smiled and I saw Molly approach us.

''Louis?'' She asked, I pulled away from the girl and looked at Molly.

''Yes?'' I asked back.

''Umm, you and Chloe are a thing?'' She asked as I thought I heard her voice crack.

''Yes!'' Chloe answered as she instantly smashed her lips on mine.

I pushed the girl away and saw Molly walked away with a tear running down her cheek. My heart sunk as I saw her walk away. I loved Molly ,but I couldn't, it was against the rules.

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