Broken Angel

He wasn't like any other guy. Louis Tomlinson had something in him that made him different, not something that any person had ,but something magical? Extraordinary. He was an angel, he had a purpose to be brought down to earth ,but me? Im just Molly Gomez. I was just an ordinary girl trying to get a fresh start. Little did I know, I was getting into more trouble than I was trying to run away from.


1. Beginning

Chapter 1: Beginning

It was indeed a rough night. My eyes were like the rose that he handed me the first time we met, red, from crying the whole night. All you could hear was the wind whispering their goodbyes to me. The trees were beginning to dance as the wind was picking up. He was the only thing on my mind and it was killing me. I could see my shadow appear as the sun began to rise. He was my drug, my addiction, my one and only ,but he had to leave me. I sat there, my body filled with goosebumps as the air touched my body. The horrible night was a blur and my head was pounding, my hands cold as the ice cream he had handed me in the fair. Since I didn't sleep all night, I slowly let my eyes drop as the darkness took over me, my mind then wandered to that night. The night I entered my senior year. A new school and a new beginning ,but little did I know it wasn't going to be what I expected.

''Molly, Wake up!'' My older sister exclaimed as she pulled the warm blue blanket off me.

My body was hit by the cold air and I was instantly covered in goosebumps. I lay there in my bed debating over to get up or not since it was my first day of senior year in a new school. I slowly reached towards my phone as I started to stand up. I walked towards my closet and just stared at all the clothes I had lying around. I rubbed my emerald colored eyes and yawned, tired from staying up all night talking to my best friend, Pricilla. We were talking about how a new start would be best after all that happened at my old school. I shook my head getting rid of all the bad memories and focused on what clothes I should wear.

On my way to school, I looked around the neighborhood and everything seemed picture perfect, all the plants were green, all the people had smiles, and the school looked beautiful. I took a deep breath and walked inside. I instantly grabbed my phone and texted Pricilla.

Me: Im in school and I'm gonna cry. I feel like a loner

P: omg! Don't worry about it! You'll make friends, just get off this phone and meet some people.

I laughed mentally at what she said. I mean she was right, i kept looking at the phone, thinking of something clever to say. As I began to type, I paused.

''Why not just talk to someone?'' I asked myself

I slowly approached a girl about my same height, she had blackish red hair and dark eyes that were glued to her phone. She was standing alone, and seemed as if she didn't acknowledge what was going on around her. I tapped her shoulder softly, and she lowered her phone down just enough to see me.

''Hey,'' I greeted quietly.

''Hi,'' she answered rapidly trying to end the conversation.

I stood there in silence just waiting for something to pull me away from this awkward conversation. I knew that obviously she had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I looked around trying to see if there was anyone that looked helpful ,but everyone looked too busy looking for their friends or enjoying their conversation.

''Umm... Do you know where the office is?'' I asked as nicely as posible.

''In the building,'' she answered in a rude tone and very vaguely.

I rolled my eyes not trying to say anything that would get me in trouble on the first day of school. I turned around and started walking towards the building in the middle even though there were like 5 other buildings. I instantly grabbed my phone knowing exactly what I would tell Pricilla.

Me: I tried, i really did. But the people here are RUDE!

P: Don't worry girl! You'll meet other people.

P: oh and if you meet a single cute guy just know I'm here and single.

I laughed at her comment. Obviously if he was cute, I would get him and ask if he's got a friend for Pricilla. As I began to type back, I instantly felt a warmth, but it came with a massive force. I felt myself being pushed back making me drop my matte black phone. Once I had reached the floor, my arm was burning. My first day of school and I am dropped by some random person.

''So much for no drama right?'' I thought to myself.

''I'm so sorry,'' I heard a smoky, husky voice say.

I looked up at the person ,but instead of meeting another pair of eyes, I saw a wine red object. It had silky, thick, red petals and a sweet and refreshing fragrance. I then noticed a tan hand trying to help me up ,so I took it. Once I was on my feet, our eyes met. His eyes were like two shimmering pools of blue, they hypnotized you as you looked deeper into them, they looked light and shinny under the school lights.

''Are you okay?'' He asked concerned with his smoky tone of voice.

''Uh. Umm.. yeah,'' I finally managed to say looking away from his beautiful eyes.

He looked down at me, I finally realized that I was way shorter than him, I am 5'1 and he looked like about 5'8. He was muscular and when he smiled at me, his teeth were shining like pearls. This boy looked perfect ,but I knew I couldn't have any distractions.

''You are really beautiful, just like this rose,'' he complemented, ''You can have it, just so you know how beautiful you look.''

I laughed at his cheesiness and rolled my eyes knowing he was probably a school player or something ,but took the delicate rose he handed me.

''Hey do you know where the office is?'' I ask changing the subject.

''I'll walk you,'' he said,'' by the way, my names Louis, Louis Tomlinson.''

''I'm Molly Gomez.''

That day had turned into the best one I ever had with just that one complement. Even though I didn't believe what he said, it instantly made me feel glad I left my past behind. If only I had known he wasn't a player ,but someone I should have never tried crossing paths with, I wouldn't have let him get into my head that day.

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