Broken Angel

He wasn't like any other guy. Louis Tomlinson had something in him that made him different, not something that any person had ,but something magical? Extraordinary. He was an angel, he had a purpose to be brought down to earth ,but me? Im just Molly Gomez. I was just an ordinary girl trying to get a fresh start. Little did I know, I was getting into more trouble than I was trying to run away from.


5. Angel

Chapter 5: Angel

Everything was so quiet and I didn't know how many days had passed. Collins would come in and bring me food ,but my hunger was still here. There was so sign of Louis anywhere and I was becoming weaker by the second. My skin was slightly becoming pale as my ribs were beginning to show a little. I was about to stand up when Collins immediately ran inside.

''How many days have I been here?'' I asked as I began to drink water.

''About 2 month.'' He answered.

I sighed as he helped me up, ''Where are we going?''

''Louis is almost here ,so I have to take you to the spot my plan begins at.''

He lifted me up and carried me towards the spot as he noticed that I was becoming weak. As we began to approach another room, I could smell food around us. My stomach began to growl as the scent got stronger. Collins then placed me on the ground and I saw every kind of food around me.

''You could eat whatever you want,'' he said with a smile.

''Is it poisoned?'' I asked as I grabbed an apple.

''Why would I poison a beautiful girl like you?'' Collins asked.

''Don't even flirt with me, I'm too hungry to listen to that,'' I said as I began to stuff my mouth with delicious food.

He continued to look at me as he began to eat too, a smile formed in my face knowing that he wasn't as bad as I thought. When I finished eating, I drank my water and Collins led me towards the bathroom. I smiled knowing that I'd finally be able to take a shower.

''Do I really smell that bad?'' I asked sticking my tongue out at him.

''A little,'' he answered with a laugh, ''nah you don't ,but you told me you wanted to shower.''

''Umm... no i didn't, I've been thinking that all week ,but I didn't tell you,'' I said in confusion.

''Well an angel knows what you want,'' he said as he handed me a bag of clothing.

''You bought me clothes?'' I asked.

''Yeah, just go shower i have to do something.''

As he left, I couldn't help but wonder, ''Why is he acting so nice?''

''Well, a lovely girl like you deserves to be treated right,'' he answered as I laughed.

''Well obviously you can read minds, what are you?'' I ask as I stood still.

''I already told you, an angel, like Louis,'' he answered.

I furry my eyebrows and just hop into the shower. I didn't let that bother me, I knew he wasn't an angel, angels aren't suppose to keep people hostage. I began to wash my body as I hear someone talking.

''Where is she?'' A low voice said.

''Taking a shower,'' Collins answered.

''Why are you doing this?'' The guy asked.

''Doing what?'' Collins asked with confusion in his voice.

''Being nice to her?''

''I-,'' Collins paused as he thought,'' I think I'm in love with her.''

My eyes widen with shock as I thought back to what he said. The conversation then faded away with my thoughts of Collins. He wasn't a bad guy, it was Louis. Louis was the guy that ruined my happiness, he was like a drug, at first it made me happy ,but later on, it was an addiction that was slowly taking your life away. I finished taking a shower and wrapped myself in a towel as I began to choose what to wear. I found a beautiful burgundy skirt and a white shirt ,so I decided to wear that with some white slip ons that Collins had bought. I then found hair supplies in the bag and I began to do my hair. I blow dried it and began to curl it. I then waited patiently for Collins to walk back inside. It was like he read my mind because someone knocked.

''You can come in,'' I said as I stood up.

''You look even more beautiful if that's even possible,'' Collins says with a smile as he walked in.

''Thank you,'' I say as a blush began to creek onto my face.

''Well, I bought you some make up. I don't think you need it ,but you know girls. I asked Dai- Lilian, my sister, to help me pick them out for you, I- i umm... yeah,'' he says, I smile knowing he was nervous.

''Thank you,'' I say as I hug him, he immediately hugs me back, ''sorry,'' I say as I face down and pull away.

''Don't apologize,'' he says as he placed his finger on my chin causing me to look up at him.

Our eyes immediately lock, my heart then skipped a beat as it began to beat faster. I began to notice details in his eyes like were bright green and round, they had a blue ring around them and they were full of happiness. His eyes hypnotized me, I couldn't look away.

Collins' POV:

Our eyes were locked together, this girl had an effect on me. My chest was beating faster than usual when I saw her. She had beautiful emerald green eyes that smiled brightly. Her smile was like pearls, beautiful and you could never have enough of it. She was short and had an amazing body, all my thoughts about how I met her began to appear. I shook those memories out of my head and continued to admire Molly's beauty. She had no idea who I was or why I was here ,but I was in love with this girl.

Molly's POV:

Collins began to lean in, i didn't know if it was the right thing to do ,but I stood still. He then began to wrap his arms around my waist as he looked down to my lips. I then wrapped my arms around his neck as I closed my eyes. Then, i felt his soft lips touch mine, my heart stopped ,but he didn't kiss me. We stood there for a couple of seconds as he pulled away. I opened my eyes and looked at him with a confused facial expression.

''Finish getting ready,'' he said as he walked towards the door, not acknowledging that he almost kissed me.

''Where are you going?'' I ask walking towards him.

''Molly! Just go!'' He screamed as my heart broke a little.

''What's your problem!?'' I scream as my voice cracked, ''You act all nice towards me then you almost kiss me and now you scream at me? What are you trying to do? Break my heart more than Louis-''

He pressed his lips on mine and began to kiss me, just cutting off how mad I was at him. I kissed him back as he wrapped my legs around his waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. My anger rushed away once his lips touched mine. I then felt my back touch the wall as he continued to kiss me. His kisses slowly trailed down to my neck as I started to catch my breath. He quickly began to kiss me again and I kissed him back. He slowly pulled away and placed me down. He looked down at the floor and he placed his hand on his head as a side smile began to form in his lips. I couldn't help ,but smile too.

''Wow,'' he says as he looks up at me from the ground.

I just continued to smile as he moved closer to me. He slowly gives me a peck on the lips and I kiss him back.

''Are you falling in love with me?'' I ask before I could stop myself.

''I- i have to go,'' he says as he disappears before my eyes.

I wasn't surprised when he vanished in front of me, I was surprised that he left after I asked a question like that. A tear formed in my eyes as I remember the day Louis had vanished in front of me.

Hey guys! So much drama is happening here! Do you guys think Louis is actually the bad guy? Or is it Collins? Do you think Louis will come back for Molly? Keep reading to find out!

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