Today, Tomorrow, Forever

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  • Published: 17 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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The birds chirp outside my window and wake me up from my beautiful dream. As I was dreaming I dreamt of a strange figure in a hood that seemed to be my fiancée. You see this afternoon I will marry a man that I don’t know. I don’t want to marry him but my mother gave me no choice. Last year I was ready to marry my lover Daniel, Mother found out and crushed his heart in front of me. I will never forgive her ever.
The birds chirp as my get me ready for the family breakfast, more commonly known as the royal breakfast. My favorite maid, Esme braids my hair and pins it in place with a silver comb as Megan shows me an array of dresses. My other maid Kate, whom I don’t like, polishes my shoes and Kaila makes my bed and cleans my room. I have four maids to do my bidding and a castle full of servants. These fours maids will be moving with me and I will bid all the others goodbye.


4. The Ceremony

My time before I marry is short. I have only a few hours left to go and I can’t bear another minute. Tea had been served, Zelena had left to get ready and Mother gifted me with two more maids to held me prepare and to move with me.  I stand on a platform in a beautiful silk wedding dress. The dress has cap sleeves and a square neckline. The dress is covered with lace and tiny charms for good luck. Esme puts my hair into curls and arranges it with expertise. She places the silver tiara in place and I smile.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

“Well princess your dress is new, your tiara was your grandmother’s, your earrings are your sister’s and your shoes are blue.”

            I examine the sapphire blue shoes on my feet and gaze at myself in the mirror. I turn around and address my four ladies. I address my six maids and know that when I marry Robin I will have eight maids like my mother would soon have again and eight ladies in waiting. I had no intent to have sixteen ladies but maybe today I should gift my sister with more maids. She seems to be a more of a social butterfly and some of my maids are married or soon to be married.

“Kaila, Kate, Esme, and Arana meet Della and Stella. They will be taking over two of your spots. Kaila and Kate are to be married in a few months so I decided that today I would give them six years off and six years of wages.”

            Yesterday I had asked Mother if I could sell one of my less precious diamonds and give the money to release two ladies. I would be down to four servants and then have four or six ladies at court. I would be queen and I would be happy.

“Della, your duty is to get me shoes. Stella you will clean the rooms. Arana and Esme are my hairdressers and my wardrobe functions.”

“Princess Regina, I will miss you dearly.”

“Kaila, your daughter and husband need you.”

“I know, how do you know I carry a daughter?”
“It’s a feeling.”

“Princess Regina, I apologize for anything I’ve done to you.”

“Kate you were meant to become a queen. Your king will be lucky to have you. How did you manage to go from maid to a queen?”
            I address each lady after two of them leave. They would stick around for the wedding and go off in different directions after bidding me farewell. They leave and I address my remaining maids.

“Esme and Arana, you shall keep your duties but you are now my ladies in waiting. Della and Stella you will train my two new maids when they arrive after the wedding. Esme and Arana you will train my two new ladies and if they ever talk down to you. You will tell me and I will ask them to leave.”

"Yes your highness. We shall"


            I see Robin at the end of the aisle as I hold a bouquet of roses. My sister is already down the aisle waiting for me to walk. I take one step and another. One step after the other till I finish the meticulous walk to my fiancée and Robin looks so magnificent standing there and waiting for his bride. The cathedral is full of visitors who probably won’t stick around for the feast. Or maybe they would I don’t know.

            I finish my walk and Papa gives me away. I take Robin’s hand and wait for the priest to begin speaking. He drones on and on and on and my mind slips away. I am brought back to earth with a simple statement.

“Today no titles matter. Today we celebrate the union of two people who are joining together in holy matrimony. If the holy one on high doesn’t approve of this union then the silver cup full of water will turn black. If the union is approved we will have wine of a pure red.

‘Do you Regina take Robin to be your husband and king?”

“I do take Robin to by my husband and king.”

“Do you Robin take Regina to be your wife and queen?”
“I do take Regina to by my wife and queen.”

“Then by the power invested in me by God, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

            Robin leans over and plants his soft lips on mine. I feel a surge of energy through my body and I melt into his arms. He breaks the kiss and I pull him back in. I hear the guests begin to clap and I imagine my mother’s sneer of disapproval but I don’t care, I’m a married woman. I take my husband’s arm and together we walk back up the aisle, people begin to leave their seats and follow us back to the carriage.

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