Today, Tomorrow, Forever

The birds chirp outside my window and wake me up from my beautiful dream. As I was dreaming I dreamt of a strange figure in a hood that seemed to be my fiancée. You see this afternoon I will marry a man that I don’t know. I don’t want to marry him but my mother gave me no choice. Last year I was ready to marry my lover Daniel, Mother found out and crushed his heart in front of me. I will never forgive her ever.
The birds chirp as my get me ready for the family breakfast, more commonly known as the royal breakfast. My favorite maid, Esme braids my hair and pins it in place with a silver comb as Megan shows me an array of dresses. My other maid Kate, whom I don’t like, polishes my shoes and Kaila makes my bed and cleans my room. I have four maids to do my bidding and a castle full of servants. These fours maids will be moving with me and I will bid all the others goodbye.


3. Lunch and a Chance Meeting

After lunch I walk upstairs with my sister for us to do our needlepoint. I really want to change into something more comfortable but I can’t. I would sit and sew until time to get ready for the wedding. Tea would be served in my chambers at four. At five I would begin preparing and the ceremony would start at six. Zelena had a marvelous idea of sneaking a peek at the dress but I didn’t want to see it before the wedding.

            I climb the stairs, walk down the hall to my chambers and run into King Robin. I back away, curtsey and smile.

“Your majesty, my apologies.”

“No your highness, it’s my fault. We shouldn’t have been up here anyway.”

“Why not?”
“The groom isn’t supposed to see the bride until the ceremony.”

“The groom, you mean he’s up here?”

“Yes your fiancée is my twin brother.”

“What’s his name?”
“I’ve said too much already. Au revoir.”

“Tell your brother that if he is anything like you, I already love him.”

            Robin turns around and bows before walking down the steps. He utters a phrase from the stairs and I listen with intent.

“He already loves you too!”

            Robin doesn’t have a twin brother, Robin’s my fiancée and I’m already in love with me. I can’t wait till the wedding begins and my life with Robin begins either. 


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