Today, Tomorrow, Forever

The birds chirp outside my window and wake me up from my beautiful dream. As I was dreaming I dreamt of a strange figure in a hood that seemed to be my fiancée. You see this afternoon I will marry a man that I don’t know. I don’t want to marry him but my mother gave me no choice. Last year I was ready to marry my lover Daniel, Mother found out and crushed his heart in front of me. I will never forgive her ever.
The birds chirp as my get me ready for the family breakfast, more commonly known as the royal breakfast. My favorite maid, Esme braids my hair and pins it in place with a silver comb as Megan shows me an array of dresses. My other maid Kate, whom I don’t like, polishes my shoes and Kaila makes my bed and cleans my room. I have four maids to do my bidding and a castle full of servants. These fours maids will be moving with me and I will bid all the others goodbye.


7. Epilogue

Regina and Robin arrive in Enova a ten days later. After a six months in Enova Regina discovers her fertility has returned and bears Robin three children. Emma Christine, Rebecca Leigh and Elizabeth Marie. The three daughters are triplets and share their mother's looks with their father's eyes. Regina and Robin raise their three daughters to fight, ride and shoot with presteen accuracy. I guess true love really does make anything possible.


Zelena gets married and her husband King Florian loves Charles as his own. Zelena gives Florian a daughter whom they name Flora. Flora grows up and I think you know her as one of the faeries that cares for Aurora when she's a baby. Flora meets Fauna and Merriwether whom are orphans when she's only four. Zelena and Florian decide to raise their daughter's friends as their own. Love deserves a second chance.


Cora and Henry get along enough to rule a kingdom but soon move into opposite ends of the palace. On Cora's birthday Henry gives her something that she had once told him she liked long ago. The two make up in the palace gardens where their daughter's once played. Henry moves in with Cora and their marriage is resurfaced. As an anniversary present Gold gives them a rejuvenation potion and I won't get started on what they use that for. 

Anything is possible, wake up, get up, dress up and go. Remember you are where you need to be so just take a deep breath. 

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