Today, Tomorrow, Forever

The birds chirp outside my window and wake me up from my beautiful dream. As I was dreaming I dreamt of a strange figure in a hood that seemed to be my fiancée. You see this afternoon I will marry a man that I don’t know. I don’t want to marry him but my mother gave me no choice. Last year I was ready to marry my lover Daniel, Mother found out and crushed his heart in front of me. I will never forgive her ever.
The birds chirp as my get me ready for the family breakfast, more commonly known as the royal breakfast. My favorite maid, Esme braids my hair and pins it in place with a silver comb as Megan shows me an array of dresses. My other maid Kate, whom I don’t like, polishes my shoes and Kaila makes my bed and cleans my room. I have four maids to do my bidding and a castle full of servants. These fours maids will be moving with me and I will bid all the others goodbye.


5. Carriage Chat and Wedding Feast

 Robin helps me into the carriage and climbs in after me. We have a couple of minutes to talk while we ride back to the palace for dinner. I look out the window and try to guess what time it is.

“It’s about seven, don’t you think?”

“Probably, we should leave around midnight. I have a location picked out for the first trip of our honeymoon. Do you have a trunk packed for the vacation?”

“No all my dresses were sent this morning.”

“That’s fine we can stop by the palace and go. Do you have the dresses you wore from today?”

“Yes all packed up and cleaned.”

“You can wear those till we get to Enova.”

“Were they again? You would let me?”
“Regina, Enova isn’t anything like The Enchanted Forrest.”

“Tell me about Enova and we can exchange things.”

“Enova is a small island in the middle of the Merovingian Sea. It’s about 200 miles off the coast. We are about 200 miles from the coast.”

“My kingdom stretches 1,000 miles. Our castles are all 50 miles within each other. My sister married into Geneva a few years ago. I know about a total of seven nations.”

“What are they?”

“Enova, Enchanted Forrest, Geneva, Genovia, Faerie Kingdom, Fey Kingdom, Deutschland, Matali, Panem, and Dor. Okay I know ten. Tell me more about Enova.”

“Enova is a small island nation in the middle of the Merovingian Sea. It’s about 400 miles away and takes 10 days to get there. Along the way we will stop at various locations. Enova’s motto is ‘Be who you are.’ We Enovians pride ourselves in being ourselves. We have many fruit orchards but our main crop are apples. My stables are full of horses and we have horse races every other weekend. We don’t really have money but our land is free of crime and ruling is simple. You have to be kind and just. Most Enovians have never heard of you so you don’t have to worry about them knowing the Evil Princess or the Evil Queen as you decided to be know as.”

“It sounds wonderful. Our motto is ‘the impossible can be possible.’ My ancestors chose that motto because every creature ever written about lives here. The historians say that our ancestors could see the future and wrote fairytales. They predicted me becoming Snow’s stepmother. I didn’t but I did become Evil.”

“The books call me a thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor. They called me Rob in Hood or Robin Hood. I was a thief then I found out I was a prince. I still help poor. Our kingdom is equal. You won’t have many fancy dresses. But we do have all invite balls.”

“I have at least a hundred dresses. I don’t need anymore.”

‘All your evil dresses?’
“Yes I do have those and some of the Queen of Hearts. My sister still has all her wicked witch dresses.”

            Robin stands up in the carriage and sits next to me. I lean over and give him another kiss. Our future was secure and our fates were intertwined. We would talk to each other forever I hope.

“How many children do you want Robin?”
“How many do you want?”

“I want four.”

“That’s how many I want. Two girls and two boys.”

“That’s what I want.”

“Isn’t life so coincidental?”

“No Robin, not coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.”

            I look out the window and the turrets of my castle. It wasn’t my castle anymore though. The carriage comes to a stop and Robin climbs out. He crosses over to my side and lifts me out. My dress billows in the wind. Together arm in arm we walk up the steps of the palace. Servants greet us at the door and take Robin’s coat. I ask when dinner will be served to see if I have any time to change. If I don’t my husband will just get to witness my magic first hand. He had only ever heard of it.

“Marian, what time is the feast?”

“At eight your highness.”

“Thank you, what time is it now?”
“ Seven twenty five!”
            I kiss Robin and run up the stairs. I run to my room and slam the door behind me. Esme, Arana, Kaila, Kate, Stella and Della already are waiting for me with brushes, make up, open trunks and I realize everything had already been packed that wasn’t needed for today. Esme says without me asking.

“You have a few days worth of clothes packed for your trip. Arana decided to pack you a trunk. Everything else has been sent on already.”

“Thank you Arana, ladies hurry.”

            Arana takes my wedding dress off and puts it into the trunk, Arana then puts my silver and sapphire dress over my head. Esme does my hair; Arana fixes the dress and ties the corset. Della does my makeup and Stella does my shoes. I think the girls are backwards but who cares. Silver shoes are slipped onto my feet. My hairstyle is only fixed and the jewelry put back in place. I run out the door to find Robin standing waiting for me and then I realize.

“One moment please dear?”
            I run back into my chambers and clap for the girls to get into a line. I wave my hand and they all wear a dress made with their favorite color, matching shoes to match the dress. Their hair is up with flowers in place. I smile as my ladies follow me down to the ball. I take my husband’s arm and we walk down the hall and into the dining hall. I take my seat and Robin sits beside me. Papa stands up and claps his hands.

“Let the wedding feast begin!”

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