Today, Tomorrow, Forever

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  • Published: 17 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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The birds chirp outside my window and wake me up from my beautiful dream. As I was dreaming I dreamt of a strange figure in a hood that seemed to be my fiancée. You see this afternoon I will marry a man that I don’t know. I don’t want to marry him but my mother gave me no choice. Last year I was ready to marry my lover Daniel, Mother found out and crushed his heart in front of me. I will never forgive her ever.
The birds chirp as my get me ready for the family breakfast, more commonly known as the royal breakfast. My favorite maid, Esme braids my hair and pins it in place with a silver comb as Megan shows me an array of dresses. My other maid Kate, whom I don’t like, polishes my shoes and Kaila makes my bed and cleans my room. I have four maids to do my bidding and a castle full of servants. These fours maids will be moving with me and I will bid all the others goodbye.


6. A Bittersweet Farewell and the Start of A New Life

The feast starts with a carrot and pea soup. After that the servants bring in fresh kale salad. Soon meats and wines of all flavors start coming in. After the main course, desert is served. By now I’m full and all I want to do is dance. I eat my cake and drink my punch before standing up and start to move towards the ballroom. I run into the ballroom and collapse on my silver throne. Robin soon comes in and the music begins to play.

            Time seems to fly away as I dance in my husband’s arms. Papa ask me to dance and I dance with him for about an hour. As Papa and I dance he begins to speak.

“Regina, you look wonderful.”

“Thanks Papa.”

“I know you will be very happy.”

“Yes, were did you find him?”

"Your mother had a visit with the fairies when you were born.”
“He’s actually my soul mate?”

“That’s why Cora didn’t want you to marry Daniel or Leopold.”

“She was waiting for the right time.”

            Papa and I continue to dance, finally Robin cuts in and spins me around in his arms. We dance and time stands still as we dance. Our wedding song plays and we still dance. I didn’t want to stop dancing. We continue to dance even after all the other guests become tired. I finally stop dancing when Robin wants to stop. I turn and walk up the stairs and sit on my throne. Subjects come to bid me goodbye. I wouldn’t see some of them for years. Kaila and Kate bid me one last goodbye and return to their homes and husbands.

“Esme, Arana, Stella, Della, bring me my riding gear. It’s time to leave.”

            All four of my remaining maids run to get my clothes prepared. I stay a few more moments and say goodbye to Mother, Father and Zelena. I also want to say goodbye to Charles. I will miss my baby nephew. I run into Zelena’s arms and refuse to let go.

“I love you Zelena, I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you too Regina.”

“Goodbye Charles.”

“Bye bye.”

“Goodbye Mama.”

“Good luck Regina, I hope to have a grandchild soon.”

“Mama you know what I did years ago.”

“I know, but you’ll find a way.”

“Daddy, goodbye Daddy

“Goodbye dear.”

“I love you Daddy.”
            I take Robin’s arm and he escorts me out of the ballroom. We walk up the stairs in silence. As I come to my room, I turn around, give Robin a kiss and vanish inside. My maids have changed into their traveling uniforms. They’ll be riding in another carriage with their things. Esme pulls my hair up and fastens on the hat. Arana helps me slip my leather pants on and Stella ties on my boots whilst Della redoes my facial makeup.

            I finish and walk out the door, my maids follow and I turn back to gaze upon my room one last time. The wedding ring sparkles on my finger next to my engagement ring. I’m really married and I’m afraid. Robin takes my arm and escorts me down the stairs and to the carriage. I turn back and see Daddy’s throne move further and further away from me.

            In the carriage I stare out the window and watch the castle move further and further into the distance. Our carriage vanishes over a hill and I see my home no more.  The pain in my heart starts and tears roll down. Robin sits next to me and holds me in his arms. Being in his arms makes the pain go away. I am to be the queen of Enova and live in the Enchanted Forest no more. I should tell Robin about my curse that I laid upon myself years ago. Maybe then he won’t want me and I can go home.

“Regina, smile. You look more beautiful when you smile.”

“Robin, I have to tell you something.”

“You can tell me, you can trust me.”

“When I was the Evil Princess I put an infertility curse on myself.”

“Oh, well that’s fine. We have each other and that is all we need.”

“Really, you won’t take me home?”
“Regina we are going home. You’re my wife and I love you.”

            I lean over and share a kiss with my husband. If we weren’t in a carriage we would try things but I had to wait. He keeps kissing me and then the kiss breaks for my to breathe. I take a deep breath and relax against the pillows in the carriage. It will be a long trip and I have ten days to do whatever I please. The carriage keeps rolling endlessly and I close my eyes and sleep.

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