Ultimate Spider-Man

Peter Parker is at the age to where he's not in shape or standing a chance against Superhuman villains, so he now enjoys life with his wife Gwen Stacy. AJ Kain is a freshman at Queens High School. One day while having after school study he gets bit by his science teacher's pet Spider that she was secretly experimenting on, giving him Arachnid superhuman powers. Can he live up to the legacy Peter left behind? Or will he fail?


1. New Life



   "AJ! Get up! Your school bus comes here in forty-five minutes!" I could hear my mom yelling from downstairs. I slowly open my eyes and sit up in bed. I brush my hair out of my eyes with my hand.

   "I'm up mom! Thanks!" I yell back. I move my legs to the side of the bed and stretch. I yawn and soon stand up. I look in the mirror seeing the same reflection. My black hair, and my black tank top make me look like a creepy Gothic guy. I shake my head and walk downstairs. My mom is cooking breakfast. 

   "Bubba!" I turn around to see my little sister throw her entire body into me. 

   "Looks like Kylie don't want you to go to school AJ." My mother said. She smiles at Kylie. Kylie is only four years old. Next year she'll be going to Kindergarten. She is smart for her age though. She can read chapter books already. She's read them to me, so I know for sure. I walk to the table. My dad works night-shift so he'll be home soon. Mom puts our plates down on the table and she sits down with us. "AJ don't forget your lunch money on the counter when you leave." Mom said. I already stared digging into the food. I nod. Kylie eats cereal in the morning. She doesn't like eggs, bacon, and grits. She's probably too young to know what the good stuff is. I finish eating and I walk upstairs to my room. I shut the door and get dressed for school. I have on a navy blue shirt, and dark jeans. I finish packing my supplies in my bag and head out my door. I grab the lunch money from the counter and head out the door. I waited for the bus. I turn my head to the left and see a girl around my age walk up to the bus stop. She has dark brown hair with clear blue eyes. Her top is black with a Spider-man logo on it, with tightly fitted jeans. She stood beside me. I looked ahead. 

   "Gosh the summer ended so fast!" She said. 

   "Yeah it did." I said back. She nudged me. 

   "You don't sound too happy. You sad it ended?" She said. 

   "Yeah, but I don't like this heat." I said. She giggled. 

   "I thought boys liked the heat." She said. 

   "Not this guy. I hate getting sweaty. Its gross." I said. 

   "You do have a point prep." She said. I knew she stood out with word "prep." 

   "What's your name?" I asked. 

   "Mercedes." She said. I smirked. 

   "Don't tell me your last name is Benz?" I said. She giggled. 

   "Yeah it is. The newest one you cannot afford. Its actually Lambert." Mercedes said. The bus comes along and we get on. I sit in the back where its quiet and she sits with her friends. I look out the window and wondered what this day could bring me.


   Science class, the class I hate. But not the class I hate more than math. Our teacher walks into the room and I just sat down. I happen to catch a glimpse at Mercedes. She waved at me. I casually waved back. 

   "Alright students, I'm Mr. Callahan. I'll be your first semester teacher. This class will continue until Winter Break. After Winter Break starts your next semester." Mr. Callahan said. I lay back in my chair and I tune her out. I look away from the teacher and toward the window. I ponder on why Spider-man said what he had said. That he wasn't going to save the city anymore, that he was getting too old for it. If that's the case then who's gonna save our half of the city? Wolverine is getting old, Hulk destroys almost everything, no one hears from Tony Stark, and Captain American is away from the country. I hear a snap and I look up at the teacher who is standing in front of me. "Mr. Kain stay with us. What does Biology mean?" He looked at me as if I don't know the answer. 

   "The study of living things." I said. He seemed surprised. 

   "Correct, Mr. Kain, but see me after class." Mr. Callahan said. I could hear snickers all around and I bet my money Mercedes was one of them. I lay my head down and listen to the lesson. I didn't understand half of what the lesson was about, but I paid attention. I waited after class like the teacher wanted me to. He comes back into the room. "There is a job I want you to do. Everyday after class I want you to feed the class pet Bubbles." Mr. Callahan said. He points to a class container. I noticed the huge spider crawling on the glass. 

   "Is that a Tarantula?" I asked in shock. He shakes his head. 

   "Its a Hairy Legged Jumping Spider. Watch out when you feed him. He has a venom strike that will harm you." Mr. Callahan said. 

   "So why are you asking me to do this?" I asked. 

   "I have meetings everyday after school and I don't get the chance to feed Bubbles." Mr. Callahan said. I nod. He gives me instructions to properly feed him without getting harmed. He walks out of the room. I pull the top off. As I look down Bubbles jumps onto my hand. I moved my hand back and then he bit me. I brush Bubbles off and look at my hand. It didn't look bad as I thought it would. I grab a paper and push him into the container and I quickly dump the food of insects in. I close the container and wrap my hand in some bandages. I wait for Mr. Callahan to return. The door opens as he enters the room. "You can go now Mr. Kain." He said. I grab my bag from my seat and walk out of his class. 


   I got home a few hours late. Mom was cooking and dad was most likely sleeping. 

   "Dinner will be ready in an hour." Mom said. 

   "Okay." I said. I didn't feel like eating. I walked up to my room and closed my door. I dropped my bag onto my bed and then took off my shirt and laid on the bed. I shut my eyes. I woke up and it was still sunshine. I got up feeling well rested. I looked in the mirror and notice how muscular my body was. It wasn't that muscular, but it seemed pretty muscular. I posed in the mirror and saw how much muscle I grew. I smiled at myself then I put on a shirt and walked downstairs and out the house. I picked up the basketball laying on the ground and I tried to throw it but it didn't come off my hand. I looked at my hand and the basketball was still on it. I was confused. I held the basketball toward the ground and it didn't come off. "This is some fucked up shit." I said. I shook my hand. The ball seemed to not come off. "What the hell?" I looked at the ball and kept trying to get it off. I finally comes off. I looked at my hand. I could see tiny little things on my hands. I was concerned so I put my hand on the wall of out house. My hand seemed to be secured. I crawled up the house wall and onto the roof. I started to freak out but this seemed fun. I ran from our roof to the next. It finally hit on me. If I can crawl on walls, can I do anything else? I took a leap and it ascended me high into the air. "Woooohooooo!" I yelled. I never had this much fun in my life. This was really fun! I then held out my hand, but two fingers came down and a silky substance came out. I got confused that I missed the jump and faceplanted in the ally. It hurt. My face throbbed. I got up and I saw a man holding a woman to the wall. I didn't want to interfere so I began to walk away. 

   "Help!" A female screamed. I looked back and the man was holding the female's mouth. 

   "Shut up woman or I'll kill you and then take your money!" The man said. I walked toward them. 

   "Leave the girl alone." I said. He looked at me and chuckled. 

   "What are you gonna do about it peep squeak?" The man asked. 

   "Kick your ass." I said. He laughs and pulls out a knife. 

   "Your death wish son!" The man comes at me with the knife and a buzzing sound in my head suddenly triggered. I immediately dodged the attack and I backed up. He got angry that he missed the attack. He struck again and the buzzing sound once again happened. I dodged again and this time punched his stomach. He coughed and he got angrier. He almost hit me that time. I ducked at uppercutted him. He fell back. The woman ran up to me. 

   "Thank you! What is your price?" The woman said. 

   "You don't have to pay me." I said. She argued me that I should get paid. I convinced her I didn't need to be paid. I walked out of the ally. I still don't know what that buzzing was. I need to figure that out. I got home before dark. I ate and went to bed. I stayed up last night wondering what had happened to me. I grabbed my laptop and started surfing the internet. I searched for what does it mean if you can crawl on walls? First result that came was Spider-man. I read an article about it. Spider-man told kids that he was bitten by a spider that was altered in a way to give him these powers. He told the kids that he don't want them getting bit by spiders cause the might be venomous. I surfed some more on Spider-man. The buzzing in his head tells him when he's in danger or getting attacked. I soon figured out what had happened. I became the new Spider-man. This city was crying out for one! I am here to deliver it.     

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