In Your Shadows

An orphan who is doing her college in a city falls for her friend's brother who is quite rude and arrogant. All the time they fight with each other thinking of a revenge taken on each other. But at last both are made to fall for each other. Their circumstances did that.
It shows how a billionaire falls for an orphan and keeps her in his shadows. But in the middle of the story it is revealed to him that she is suffering from the world's worst Coronary artery disease which already killed 13 million people who had a miserable death.
A situation comes that she can die in any minute in any days. The story line shows how he helps her to get out of the disease to which he gives his own gene of the heart to help her to get out of the disease. The next part shows how the fights turn to a romantic love.


3. Happy farewell

 I drove to my home with my grew angry face. I took out the liquor bottle and opened it in a great force and drank it. I only drink if I was in a desperate mood, and I had a desperate mood only once and this is the second time which turned me desperate. I felt to break her with this bottle. It is the first time A GIRL is talking to me like this. I fell down the bed when I was catching the second liquor bottle, all thinking of that damn girl. Then I laid down asleep. 

          Then I woke up about 4 pm. God! Its me who will drink in the afternoon. I  heard a knock in my door. I opened it to see who it was. Anvi was standing.

"Bro i'm really sorry, I should have been telling her about you before"

"What about me? I am a mad, right"

"No bro. I didn't say like that. About..........."

"Anvi leave it, I've forgotten everything about her"

"Thank you my sweet brother" She said hugging me. But the fact is I can't remain thinking about her even a second.

"Okay now go to your room" I said her and closed the door.

                  My sister returned to home-This means that girl too would have returned home. I want to take revenge on her, now. I drove to her home without even telling anyone in my mansion.

                  I got in my Audi car driving it in a great speed landing in her house. I knocked the door. She opened the door giving me a shock reaction.

"Hey Rude Rudy What are you doing here?"

"Its my house now, so I can come in any minute, any second"

"Ho You've forgotten. 5 days more"

"The first day is already over"

"So what there are four days more"

"Then did you arrange for a new home"

"My orphanage which I lived before said that they'll send the money in a courier, so i'll be able to arrange. OK now come inside"

"Its impossible that Mr. Rudra is coming inside a low class small home"

"What? Low class small home? Then I think your mother's womb was big enough like mansion for you"

"Who you are to me to talk like this? Are you my friend?"

"I have no objection to accept you as my friend"

"What? Me as your friend. You don't have the qualities even to be my enemy."

"Ho then what are you thinking about yourself Mr Rude Rudy Rudra? Do you think you are apt to be my friend. Never" She said folding her arms.

"Its a fact that I won't let that happen" I said.

"If it happens then I'll say that it will be my fate that you are my friend" How dare she talk to me like this. 

"Fate. Even God cannot change your fate, but I can do it"

"Ho Rudy..I see.........Now you are challenging the God. But I'm saying that your money is nothing in front of God"

"Ho oh God, Who have belief in that man?"

"I have it. And i'm saying that your parents will be pity to give birth to a hell man, like you"

"Hell man?How dare you to say those word to me?"

"Yes Mr. Its my fault, it will be better if I went out of the house" She said.

"Oh Really. I'm really happy to hear it. Your words are flowing like honey in my ears."

"Yes its really very better to get out than talking to a hell man like you"

"OK then Ms. Riti, now you can go out as you wish" I said happily with a smiling face. Its really a great victory of my life.

           As she said she picked up all her luggages and got out of the house giving me a glare. See the respect for my words. Its Rudra who won again. But its her anger which  made her to lose now. I immediately called my PA and told him to send a bulldozer to the place and ordered him to demolish this low class building where this damn girl lived. Then I peacefully went to my home singing a happy song of mine.

            As I entered the home mom stopped me.

"Where did you go Rudra?"

"Mom some work................."

"Ho..........What is that work that made you to drink in the morning"

"Sorry mom.............some tensions"

"Then Is the tension over now?"

"Yeah I'm very peaceful now"

"OK go to your room and freshen up"

        As I walked in the hallway I heard some noise in my room. I went to see who was that. I opened the door. But unable to believe my eyes. That damn Riti was sitting on my bed wearing my headphones and hearing songs. I immediately closed the door. Is it my dream or reality?

        To verify it I went to my mom. Ho Rudra cool, but mom don't know the problems between me and that girl. But if she knows everything it brings a problem to me that I talked this much cheap to a girl to get that building. What would I do now? Lets say her that I met her in Anvi's college.

"Mom there is a girl sitting in my room. Whose that?"

"Ho Rudra I've forgotten to tell you, She is Anvi's friend."

"When did she come?"

"Just now. She said that a mad man had thrown out of her house and also talked some cheap words. So for few days she'll be in our house."

"Ho..........mad man" Yes its me.

"Pity on that girl, she is an orphan. She joined that college through scholarship "

"Mom but its my room, then where will I.................hmm?

"OK just adjust with her"

"How can I live with her in the same room?"

"Hey Rudra I didn't say like that. I said to change your room"

"Mom know its my favorite room"

"Rudra.........I know you are short tempered. So just don't fight with her for the room. OK"

                          I turned with a sad face. But how dare she will come to my home and occupy my room. Rudra won't let this happen. In a great speed I walked towards my room. I opened the door without knocking. "Hey get up" I ordered her. But no response. Is she sleeping? I went near to touch her hand.

                       But suddenly a water jug sparkled in my eyes. I opened it and poured the water on her face. She woke up with a great shock reaction in her face.

"Hey hot head. Why you poured water on me?" She asked.

"Because this is my bed, I have the right to clean it"

"Ho new way to clean the bed............"

"Now shut up and get out of my room"

"Who are you to say to get out?"

"Because its my room"

"Ho then Is your name written somewhere here"

"Go out or else I'll throw inside the storeroom"

"How about I say everything to your mother- She will think cheap about her son right"

"Ho Do you think of blackmailing me?"

"I am not the cheapest person like you, so I can't do it"

"Now get out of my room or else i'll throw you out"

"If you can do it, I'll be able to see your strength"

             Without leaving a second I lifted her. Huh God! Not so difficult to lift this girl.

"Hey leave me. Are you thinking yourself as a hero?"

"Don't worry If i'm a hero you will not be my heroine"

"Now leave me down"

"OK as you wish" I put her down saying this. Hope her bones are broken.

"Oh I can hear a breaking bone sound" I said teasingly.

"You idiot, My hip is paining"

"Don't worry i'll not lift you hereafter, if I lift you again it will be for throwing you out of Dawan's mansion" I said as I wore my coolers in a stylish way. I went out of the room ordering her.

"If you don't go out of my room, i'll come in 5 minutes to break your 2nd bone. Clear"

          Its Rudra Dawan who won again.

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