In Your Shadows

An orphan who is doing her college in a city falls for her friend's brother who is quite rude and arrogant. All the time they fight with each other thinking of a revenge taken on each other. But at last both are made to fall for each other. Their circumstances did that.
It shows how a billionaire falls for an orphan and keeps her in his shadows. But in the middle of the story it is revealed to him that she is suffering from the world's worst Coronary artery disease which already killed 13 million people who had a miserable death.
A situation comes that she can die in any minute in any days. The story line shows how he helps her to get out of the disease to which he gives his own gene of the heart to help her to get out of the disease. The next part shows how the fights turn to a romantic love.


5. Devilish

Its the great Rudra who won again. Yes Of course its a fact that no middle class or low class people can defeat me. It won't happen. I went to kitchen in search of my mom and yes she was there cooking the food. What my mother, cooking food? I went with a force and offed the stove. "Rudra what happened? What are you doing?" she said coughing. "Mom. Did you forget that you have asthma?" "Rudra leave it......." "I can't afford to lose you mom. What if any smoke comes while cooking? You have to look after you mom. You are not a small child." "Ho my cute small child is advising me" she said teasingly. Then I called the servant who was roaming around the kitchen. "Hey you come here. Did I pay you money for serving or making my mother a servant?" "Sorry sir. I won't let this happen again" He said and left the room. I always used to take care of my mom more than she took care of me. This is our bond. "Hey Rudra.....did you fight for your room?" Mom asked catching my shoulders. "No mom. She said she'll stay in some other room" "Oh thats good then. Really very pity on the girl. I don't know how she'll manage her life. Whenever I see her, it reminds me of my life without parents" On my mother's words, the thinking stroked my mind that, my mother too was an orphan. She said she faced so many miserable miseries in her life. Then my dad was the first to fall for her. He offended his own parents i.e. my grand parents and married her and settled in this city. Then my dad found that mom was his lucky charm. All the money were brought to us by my father's work and my mother's luckiness. "But see Rudra, he left me for his business and now resides in New York. Its all my fate" She said with a deep breathe. Yes, its true that my father became a business freak after all incidents. "But mom I think dad is not so far away. I know he is in your heart. Especially." I said jokingly. "Go Rudra, always teasing me" she ran out of the kitchen in shyness. Funny mom. I said laughing. Next I went to my room to check that Riti was there. Yes She was there again in my room. How dare that girl! But this time she was sitting with my sister doing some chit chats. I went in saying a Hi to my sister. "Hi bro this is Riti...............wait wait you already know each other, right" She asked in confusion. We both shook our head giving a glare on each other. "But a question. How do you know each other? I mean like when did you meet?" "Huh thats Anvi...................thats I have to make an important call, i'll be in a second" I said as I kept the phone in my ears. Let she face my sister. But I closed the door being ready to over hear her and listen what she was saying to Anvi. "I met him in our college. We both dashed on each other and it became a big problem. But atlast he was the one who said me sorry. I had forgiven him now." Clever girl, but how dare she said like that. And when did I say that word-SORRY to her. She is again making me angry. Then my sister opened the door, came out and again closed the door. She spoke to me in a husky voice. "Bro did you really said that word to her?" she whispered. "What word?" I asked bending down to her. "That word-Sorry" What would I say to her now? If I say No, a problem will again bomb out and if I say Yes, the problem will be put out but it will become my prestige problem. But I think its better to say yes. "Yes" I said while scratching my beard. "What really? Oh god I have to say this good news to all in the home and give them sweets" She said running down. I was unable to catch her as she already ran to mom's room. I leaned on the door thinking about my prestige problem. The word Sorry is the word I never met with in my life time. But now my sister will spread this all over the world. Suddenly I felt the door opening. It was that Riti. I fell with her in the sofa with a great force. Our eyes got stuck at that moment. I felt the music playing in my ears. She was glaring at me and I too did the same. Then she cleared the throat which warned me. Ho come to the world Rudra. Then she pushed my chest against me, telling me to move. "Oh sorry" I said moving off from her. Hey wait- Did I really say that word? But I think she didn't hear it as she was busy getting up and cleaning her clothes. I stepped back and turned to leave slowly. But she stopped me. "Hey wait Rude Rudy" I didn't turn back. "Hey hello Rudy I'm speaking to you" "What?" I asked turning back. "I think I've heard that word from you" She said folding her arms. "What? What word?" "S-O-R-R-Y" she said spelling the word. "Ho I think some problem with your ear" I said while lifting my eyebrows. "But I think I have clean ears. I heard it" "I swear I didn't say it" "Swear on whom? On your mother" "OK I said that word. And now leave this problem" "Ho how sweet The Rudra said this word. In fact, Unbelievable." "But you know you've told a lie to my sister" "Oh bad thing, then it means you heard us" "Yes, now what you can do about that lie" "I think I have an black tongue, so what it turned to truth" She said laughing. "Shut up and get out of my room" I said without tolerating her words. "OK" she said going out. "Wait" I stopped her as a question twinkled my brain. "Are you a girl or a problem?" I asked her with a glare. "Idiot" she said while closing the door. How cunning she said that word! I am not idiot. Its that girl an idiotic idiot. I wished that I should not see her face again but it can't happen for a few days. Oh let me forget about that girl. I have to think about my sister Anvi too. I've totally forgotten about it, all because of this idiot girl. I called the investigator without delaying. "Hello did you get any information about him" "Yes sir i'm trying. But I swear I saw your sister with that guy more than many times" "Don't try just beat that guy up" "Yes sir his friend is in here. The men are beating him but he isn't opening his mouth" "Then beat him till he dies. Or else just torture him. I don't care what happens to him. I need the information about my sister's so called lover" I said as I hanged the phone. It is that I can't resist anyone who my sister loves or keeps as a boyfriend "How cheap you man!" A voice came from my backside. I nicely kept my phone in my pocket and turned back to see who it was.
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