In Your Shadows

An orphan who is doing her college in a city falls for her friend's brother who is quite rude and arrogant. All the time they fight with each other thinking of a revenge taken on each other. But at last both are made to fall for each other. Their circumstances did that.
It shows how a billionaire falls for an orphan and keeps her in his shadows. But in the middle of the story it is revealed to him that she is suffering from the world's worst Coronary artery disease which already killed 13 million people who had a miserable death.
A situation comes that she can die in any minute in any days. The story line shows how he helps her to get out of the disease to which he gives his own gene of the heart to help her to get out of the disease. The next part shows how the fights turn to a romantic love.


2. As a spy!

 Again I woke up towards a breezy morning. But i'm sure I was angry about the girl who called me Rudy. Oh whats her no Aarthi no not this one Huh Riti right. Well its not my business to think about her. I have lot of work to do ahead of that. As I stood up I walked towards Kitchen in search of mom.

"Good morning mom" I said as I sat on plank.

"Good morning son.What was the problem with the girl ?" She said turning towards me.

"Mom....please don't start this in the morning. But how did you know about it"

"Hey i'm your mom OK. Its my responsibility to know about you"

"Oh responsibility" I said laughing at her.

"See Rudra.........You have to be always like this Smiling face. So better do a marriage"

"Ho dad what is the link between smiling face and marriage. No one will ever have a smiling face after marriage."

"Hey are you thinking to go as a sage?"

"Well i'm thinking how to do it?"

"What? marriage"

"No sage" I said laughing to which she patted my hand. Then bathed myself and wore a gazing black suit ready to leave. I've decided to drop my sister at my office. The spy informed me that she is in love with some other guy in the college. So it is my responsibility to check it, whether its true or not. As I said I dropped her in her college and walked behind her to know the truth. But suddenly I dashed at a girl making her fall. 

"Ho girl see the way and go" I said to her. I know it was my mistake. But the fact is I can't say her Sorry. I then turned to leave.

"Hey man are you blind? Can't you see me" Her words stopped me. But I replied her with turning back. Rudra won't step back. Its a fact. Universal fact.

"Hey man i'm talking to you. I hope you are deaf too" Hey wait I heard this voice before. I turned to see who it was. It was the girl I met yesterday. I took off my coolers to see if this was real.

"You" Both of us said the same word in that moment.

"Hey Rude Rudy Rudra, what are you doing in here?"

"Hey Ms. You don't have the right to ask me that"

"You know one thing you pushed me down and now I have to hear the word Sorry from you"

"I didn't push you down. I hope you are blind. You are the one who fell down"

"But I think you are the one who pushed me down"

"Hey Ms. Do you know you are talking to the world's richest man"

"Ho Are you Bill Gates? Oh Please to meet you sir. I need your autograph." How dare she insult me like this in front of all.

"If you think yourself as Bill Gates. Leave the world, I'll say you a mad" Everyone laughed at me  hearing her words.

"Hey leave it i'm just a richest man, OK"

"Okay thats not my problem. My problem is the word SORRY. Tell me"

"Then lets do one thing. Let us go to your Principal room and ask for justice" I said as I held her arms pulling her to the Principal room. The Principal stood up from his place seeing me. See the respect.

"Rudra sir. Come have a seat."

"The seat is not my problem. My problem is this girl"

"Sir Its not me. I didn't do anything" She pleaded him.

"Hey Riti don't talk anything. Don't you know who he is?"

"That is not my problem. He pushed me down. And now extending this problem like a balloon"

"Ho Principal I didn't do anything. She was expecting me to hit her, and so it happened. It was all her mistake. And I already had forgiven her"

"Ho see Riti he has such a big heart. Now go to your class" Respecting his words she turned back giving me a death glare and left the room.

 I was now quite happy insulting her.

"Sir you need anything to eat or drink"

"No I need some information about my sister"


"Hmm yes"

"She is doing her grades really very well. More than before."

"No any love or something like that"

"No sir I didn't notice anything like that. She is now learning well, I think all this because of her friend"

"Friend? Any boy friend or.........."

"No sir...........A girl friend"

"Ho who is her?"

"The girl who came with you now, Riti"

"What she?" How come? I think she snatched the friendship for money, I think. How my sister went cheap like this!

"Is she a good girl?"

"Yes sir. She is really a nice girl. Good learning, topper and she came to this college through her scholarship."

"About her parents and family background"

"She is an orphan, sir" As he said the previous day came to my mind. Especially the reaction she gave when I said 'Pity on your parents'.

"OK thank you" I said as I left the room. Oh god! what did I do? I came for asking about my sister but i'm asking about that damn girl. I went and sat on the bench, all thinking of the insult she gave me, in front of all. But suddenly a bell rang. I hope this was lunch break. I was waiting for my sister to come out. As I expected she came out, but joining hands with that damn girl. They both were shocked to see me. Especially Riti, the damn girl.

"Bro..........." Avni came running towards me.

"What? Brother?" Riti said in her shock.

"Hey do you know him?" My sister asked her.

"Yes I know. The whole world is talking about him, right. The richest man"

"I didn't come to talk to you" I stammered at her.

"OK leave where are you going Avni"

"Huh canteen"

"Why? The chef didn't cook the food for you today"

"Bro please only today"

"Ho how would I know if this was only today or all the days?...............For this reason only I'll always say don't join with the fishy girls like her" I said pointing at her.

"Hey Mr. Rude Rudy Rudra....You don't know how to talk to a sister's friend"

"You don't know how to talk to a friend's brother"

"You started all this. Yesterday night, today morning and again in the afternoon. Don't you have any other business other than arguing"

"Hey hey both of you cool down, What is happening here?" Avni interfered.

"Avni its not your business, just stay out of it" I ordered her.

"Now coming into you Ms. Riti. Just stay out of my sister's life. I know you are the one who changed my sister to house food to canteen food. So don't come in her ways, clear"

"Mr. Rude Rudy Rudra. I don't know who you are till today morning. So now, right in this sunny afternoon i'm giving you an excuse. I know you are like a stubborn baby"

"What? Stubborn baby?"

"Yes you are a stubborn baby, see how you are reacting to small small things. Like a stubborn baby. And always with a red hot head"

"Hey see you don't have the right to say who am I or how am I like"

"Yes hothead. I know I don't have the right, but you don't have any right to decide what she must do"

"How dare you would say that. You can't even imagine what can I do to you"

She opened the cap of her water bottle, showing the water bottle to me.

"I don't drink water from low class people like you"

"OK Mr. Hothead Rude Rudy Rudra I'm not saying you to drink this, i'm saying you to just chill down" She said as she poured the water in my head. How dare she would pour water on me!

"I hope now you chilled down"

"Hey Riti what did you do?" Avni asked her in surprise.

"Don't worry Avni, now you have your cool brother" She said as she closed the cap.

"Come now we can go to the CANTEEN" She said joining hands with my sister and pulling her from the place.

I stood there in desperate. And cleaned the water from my head with my hand. Now I will show her who Rudra is! She will suffer for rest of her life. I will make her think of me every day, every minute and every second like she made me to think about her. She will cry for doing all those things she did to me, right from insulting me to pouring water on me. I will make her cry and suffer for all this.

I drove my car off the place in great speed thinking of a plan to take revenge. I was waiting for the fifth day to come.

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