In Your Shadows

An orphan who is doing her college in a city falls for her friend's brother who is quite rude and arrogant. All the time they fight with each other thinking of a revenge taken on each other. But at last both are made to fall for each other. Their circumstances did that.
It shows how a billionaire falls for an orphan and keeps her in his shadows. But in the middle of the story it is revealed to him that she is suffering from the world's worst Coronary artery disease which already killed 13 million people who had a miserable death.
A situation comes that she can die in any minute in any days. The story line shows how he helps her to get out of the disease to which he gives his own gene of the heart to help her to get out of the disease. The next part shows how the fights turn to a romantic love.


1. Meeting a devil

"This this Rudra, talking to you Mr. PA" I said with my angry eyes.

"Sir. Sorry sir. We will have your work soon completed" the voice came from the other side.

"See. If I don't have his contract to be successful, I will even dare to kill you. Dare to"

"Sir calm down sir. We are trying as much as we can. So just chill sir"

"Better shut your mouth and don't try and just do it" I said and hanged the call. 

                   I'm a hothead and son of a billionaire. I own a company too. If anyone don't bend the head to me, let the head be chopped off from the body. I don't like anyone who go against me. Even my mother or father or my sister. If I want a work to be completed , it must be completed. Or else i'll make it completed.

Again a call came from my PA.

"Sir I got that place" after hearing his words, the word YES stroke my mind. It is again Mr. Rudra won.

"Sir but a problem......."

"What problem?" I again asked with my red eyes.

"Sir a girl lives there"

"Is she the owner?" I asked him doubtfully.

"No sir. Rental"

"Huh idiot then throw her out"

"I said her about you. But she is not leaving the house. She says she have payed the advance amount"

"Advance amount my foot. I don't know what you'll do. But you have to get the place."

"Sir I've already tried so much but she is not stepping back from her decision"

"Okay then" I said taking a deep breathe.

"I'll come there with the owner of that shit house" I said and hanged the phone.

                   Oh god! Its really very tough to handle these girls. But again of that damn girl I have to talk to the place's owner. I called him without any delay.

"Hey It's Rudra man"

"Sir How are you?"

"Its not my problem. You said that you'll sell your place to me, right"

"Yes sir. I'm sure i'll give you"

"But they said a girl lives there. How come?"

"Sir leave that girl to me. She only gave advance. But she didn't pay the rent for 2 months. Leave it i'll throw her. You'll give me money right"

"Yeah for this I'll pay 2 times, enough. But let me to meet that girl"

"Yes sir come along with me tonight. Let us throw her out together"

"OK then" I said and hanged the call. I'm sure all my problem will be solved tonight. Pity on the girl who fell in my trap. 

Then I heard a knock on the door.

"Bro mom sent you food" It was my sister Anvi. Well my family who care for me, I have to spend some chill time with them.

"Come in" I said as my sister came in.

"Did I say any day to knock the door before you come in?"

"You said me yesterday"

"Oh but forgive me" I said as the word SORRY won't come from my lips.

"Its because..............some work tensions"

"Its okay"

"No college today"

"I think my brother has some memory loss. Today is Sunday. Which mad will open the college for today?"

"OK OK leave it"

"OK I have some work. I have to go. Bye bro." She said getting up from her place and waving her hand to me. Then she left the room. It is the time I'll be always happy with my sister. She is the one who always understands me. 

              Then I was waiting for my pleasure time to come. I was waiting for tonight. There was a special reason to buy the land. It is believed that there are hidden treasures under the ground. May be some minerals or real gold or silver. When I destruct the building, everything will be in my hand.I laid down in my bed thinking of my dreams to buy the land. I fell asleep. I got up again when my phone rung. It was from the land owner.

"Sir it's already 9. I am waiting out of your mansion"

"OK i'll be there in 2 minutes" I said rubbing my eyes. Then I got up from my place going down my house.

"Get in the car" I ordered him. Then we went to the place. I was the first to knock the door.

"Who is there?" A girl voice came from the other side.

"Its the owner of the place"

 Then she opened the door. She was wearing a yellow chudidar, with her brown eyes. I removed my coolers for a clear vision. She was really beautiful. It made me to gaze at her.

"You are  not the owner. Then who are you?" She asked me.

"I'm............i'm the new owner" I said replacing my coolers back in my eyes.

"New owner..........How can I believe you?" How dare she would say that to Rudra!

"What? Its not the fact that you have to believe me. Its the fact that i'm the owner"

"Oh.............Then give me the proof" She said showing the hands to me. It is the first time a girl is talking to me like this.

"Proof see here is the old owner" I said pointing at him. She was shocked for a second which made me happy.

"So what..........You should give me time. You cannot say this suddenly at night"

"OK i'll give you 5 minutes. Get out." I said showing my five fingers.

"Hey man are you mad or something? Better go to a mental hospital. I'll pay for your treatment"

"OH really you'll pay for my treatment. The land owner said that you even didn't pay 2 months rent. How come you'll pay for my mental treatment then?"

"Hey mister do you want to start any argument with me?"

"I will not even think to do it. I need this place vacant in 5 minutes. No.......1 minute had already passed. In 4 minutes. Get out."

"I can't" She said folding her arms. I can't tolerate my anger after it. But I don't ever have the habit of beating girls. I grunted my teeth. I then stamped my fist in the door.

"How rude! Why you are beating your own door?" I can't tolerate her anymore. I can burst in anger any time.

"OK I'll give you time 5 days. Only 5 days. Within 5 days I should not see you here"

"Can see. Should or not"

"Well may I have your sweet name Ms."

"Riti. And I'm sure your name will be rude like you. What is your name?"


"Oh see. Better I can call you Rudy. Rude Rudy Rudra"

"Oh Better shut your mouth"

"Why? Its my mouth. I have the right to talk."

"I hope your mouth won't pain. Always talkative. Its a blond for your parents" Suddenly her face turned from angry to sorrow.

"Leave the place" she said me.

"Hey who are you to say me to leave my place?"

"Hey just leave the place" She as she closed the door. I asked to myself, "Is she a girl or devil?"

I then returned to my home and had my dinner, all thinking about her and her frustrating words. But really pity on her parents. I think she always keeps her mouth open for argument. I then went to my room falling on my bed asleep.

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