One More Toss

Eight years of training was dedicated for this very moment. Eight years of late nights, special diets, countless injuries and hard work. Now, at the age of eighteen, Andrea was competing in the semifinals of the National High School Volleyball Championships—a match which could well be her last.

There comes a time for every athlete and classical dancer to make a choice of whether they will become a professional, or stop altogether. The processes one would have to undertake if they continued would be strenuous and even harmful for their body. Andrea had always known that she would one day have to decide, but it had always felt so far away that there was not a need to worry. Then all of the sudden, it was here.

Knocking at her door is her last year of high school, and Andrea has to make up her mind.


1. Author's Note

For the ones who always encourage me to post my writing. Thank you.

— ☆ —

This short story was written for an English assignment with the topic of Journeys. The stimulus incorporated into the work was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The storyline was inspired by the anime Haikyuu, and the pictures on this cover are screenshots from the first episode. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. I hope that you will enjoy what you read.

Copyright © 2017 by Yun-hee Lee

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