Once Upon A Time

"You know, in a way I kinda feel like Hannah Montana."


1. No Point

I just had to fucking start this okay??


I already had this all typed up but this fucking app keeps messing with me.


I know I have other shit going on (stories) but I have had no time to do anything.


I'm typing this at fucking 3:00 in the morning be proud.


I was suppose to be asleep a while ago because I have a long drive tomorrow.


But nope, I'm typing this just to get it up and running. Kinda of.  




This is only the first chapter. Don't get your panties In a twist guys.


I had more to say but it's all gone and I really don't want to type it out again.


I'll just say what I wanted to say in the next update.


Love yous.


~ Abbigail





 Flash back



I sigh as I stare down at the math test in front of me. When did we actually learn this? I don't think I was here for this part. Can I go home now?


I tap my pencil against my desk and I earn a glare from the teacher and I quickly stop.


I mentally smack myself for not studying harder- or at all to be honest. I tried to study I really did. It's just, I get distracted so easily that it's hard to do almost anything these days.


I put my pencil down and run my hands through my hair. Why is this so hard? Why can't I get it right, just for once in my life.


School sucks ass. I did pretty bad last year but I'm seriously working my ass off this year.


The bell rings and I just randomly circle things and write in random things that kind o make sense. I grab my bag and throw it over my shoulder as I rush up to the teacher. I throw my paper on her desk and get out of the classroom as fast as I can.


I sigh once I leave the classroom and lean against the wall as people pass me by.


"Shello." I hear a voice say to me and I look to my right to see the burnet that I've turned from this shy little thing to this crazy person who scares me at times.


"Hey Bells." I say as I push myself off the wall. We weave our way through the people of our stupid high school.


I hate school.


We come to my locker and I grab out my sweater from it and we make our way outside to find a place to eat for lunch.


I throw my sweater on and zip it up, pulling my brown hair from inside my sweater. I put my hands in my pockets as Bella and me make our way to my car.


"So," I start. "What you feeling for lunch today?" I ask pulling out of the parking lot after we put our seat belts on.


"Um, how about subway?" She says and I nod my head turning the way we have to go. "Did you get any new CDs?" She asks picking up a pile of CDs and going through it.


"I got the Shawn Mendes one...." I say even though it's not that new in the stores anymore.


She picks it up and turns it over, reading the back of it. "I like these songs so it'll do." She takes the cd out and pops it into the cd slot and after a few heart beats Stitches starts to play in the speakers.


I pull up to a read light and she turns the music up and rolls down her window and smiles wide as the chorus comes on making me blush as people give us weird looks driving by.


If you listened to what most people would say they would say I'm the crazy outgoing one and bella is the shy one. Well, they are not wrong, to a certain extent anyways.


"Bella," I say as I look over at her quickly. "I love you with all my heart but, I'm sorry to say this..... you're fucking weird as hell." I shrug my shoulders telling her and she stares at me for a few moments before clapping her hands together like a toddler.




That's it. That's the only reply I get from her the whole way to subway.


I shake my head as I turn down Oakland St.


"So I have a question...." Bella asks looking down at her hands as I pull into a parking spot. I turn towards her.


"Well, you're going to be 18 in December. And you've never been in a relationship before- hey wait where are you going?!" She scrambles out of the car after me as I keep walking into the shop.


I sigh. "We've been over this. I just don't see the point in dating anyone when I'm going to college and leaving them behind soon." I tell her as I grab my wallet out of purse.


"I know, I know. I see your point but you also have to see mine. It makes me wonder and kinda actually concerned." I look up and give her a bored look before I go back to looking how much change I have.


"Just, drop it okay? I'm serious." I tell her as I walk up to the counter. I order my food and pay and I go outside and wait for bella.


I hear Bella scurry to get to me. "Hol, please. Just, before you go off to where ever your going just try to get at least one a boyfriend. For me? Please?" I grown and turn to look at her, glaring.


"Fine. I'll try but no promises got it?" I say pointing my finger at her and she smiles so big I thought for a moment her face would split in two.


She throws her hands up. "Yes! Thank you!" She then runs over to a table and parks her butt and takes out her sub. I chuckle shaking my head at her as I make my way over.


"I'm going to regret this aren't I?" I say taking the seat from across her.


She looks up at me and smiles then shrugs before stuffing her face again.


I never said I was going to get one only that I would try to. I didn't make any promises so if I don't get one I'm not breaking one.


Sounds good to me.


I take out my sub and pick up half before biting into it.


"You know who you'd be totally cute with- as a famous person?" I get asked out of the blue.


I raise my eyebrows for her to continue. "Luke Hemmings." She says before smirking and I chuckled shaking my head.


"Here if I meet Luke Hemings ever I'll ask him out. How about that?" I say chuckling and she laughs but nods her head.



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