The Singer's Child (Adam and Sauli love story)

Adam and Sauli are in love.

Sauli finally does what he's always wanted; to turn his lover into a vampire.

But something exciting and worrisome happens.

Read to find out more! :)


5. 5

2 months later


Adam slowly opens his eyes to meet Sauli worried ones.

"There's blood everywhere."

Adam threw the cover off of him and Sauli got out of bed grabbing his cell.

Adam touches his belly it was covered in blood.

"Where is it coming from?"

"Hello, Rose?" Sauli spoke into the phone, "Adam is bleeding from his stomach and I'm worried please hurry."

He snapped his phone shut and turned to Adam.

Roselyn was already here looking at Adam's belly.

"Yes there is a lot of blood but from the looks of it, it slowed down a lot."

Sauli nodded, "But the baby?"

Roselyn looked worried.

"Rose say something."

"The baby isn't getting enough blood it's drinking Adam's blood."

"Shit," Sauli muttered.

"What can we do?" Adam looked at Roselyn.

"Well, I suggest you guys come in my office later and we'll give you a blood transfusion and see how much this baby has grown. It should take 9 months like every pregnancy does."

Sauli nodded, "Is it because of the baby is a vampire?"

Roselyn had to think about it.


She left after taking a sample of Adam's blood for the transfusion.

Adam slowly got out of bed to shower and Sauli changed the sheet and blanket to a different kind.

Once Adam got the blood cleaned off of him he notices little bite marks on his belly.

"Sauli!" Adam called for.

Sauli hurried into the bathroom.

"What babe?"

Adam pulled back the shower curtain and showed him the bite marks.

"Damn that baby is gonna be like me!"

Adam rolled his eyes, "This isn't no joking matter."

"Yeah, I know love. Once you get done I have some blood waiting for you on the table."

Adam kissed Sauli before he left.

Adam got dressed and went downstairs to drink blood.

Then they went to Roselynn's office.


Sowie for a short chap i sleepy guys dnt hate me xD

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