The Singer's Child (Adam and Sauli love story)

Adam and Sauli are in love.

Sauli finally does what he's always wanted; to turn his lover into a vampire.

But something exciting and worrisome happens.

Read to find out more! :)


4. 4

Adam suddenly woke up by the baby kicking in his belly.

He got out of bed and quickly hurried to the bathroom without trying to wake Sauli up.

Adam got on his knees in front of the toilet and puked.

Sauli heard it, guess he doesn't know a lot about vampires, he thought.

He got out of bed to check on his love.

"Adam? You okay?"

Adam looked at Sauli.

The baby kicked harder and Adam screamed.

"Fuck! Baby?!"

Sauli gets on his knees and lifted Adam's shirt.

There was already a bulge and you can see the baby's foot.

"Oh my god." Adam gasped.

Sauli slowly pushed on the foot making the bulge disappear.

"How are you feeling?" Sauli looked at Adam with worry.

"Okay, but should the baby be growing this fast?"

Sauli shrugged, "I dunno, I guess vampire babies just grow faster maybe."

Sauli laid Adam down on the bed and he laid beside him.

Adam took off his shirt and the foot is showing again.

"Does it hurt?" Sauli asked.

Adam shook his head, "Not really baby."

"Good, maybe I should sing outlaws of love to it."

Adam smiled and closed his eyes, "More like to us."

Sauli smiled and started singing in his beautiful voice.

Adam felt the baby relax and the bulge of the foot was gone.

Soon Adam fell asleep and Sauli followed.

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