The Singer's Child (Adam and Sauli love story)

Adam and Sauli are in love.

Sauli finally does what he's always wanted; to turn his lover into a vampire.

But something exciting and worrisome happens.

Read to find out more! :)


2. 2


Adam woke up noticing it was dark in the room then he remembered what happened last night.

He turned to his lover Sauli who was still sleeping.

Adam started running his fingers through his hair.

"You're already up baby?" Sauli asked, sleepily.


Sauli opened his eyes and smiled.

Adam suddenly felt something kick in his belly.


"What is it, baby?" Sauli said concern.

"Something kicked in my belly."

"No way already?"

Sauli put his hand on Adam's belly and felt something.

"Holy shit."

"Hey, no cussing around the baby."

Sauli smiled sheepishly, "Sorry honey."

He kissed Adam's temple.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah, pancakes?"

"Coming up."

Sauli kissed his lover and go out of bed.

Adam wolf whistle cause Sauli wasn't wearing any clothing.

Walking down the hallway to the stairs Sauli smiled and hollered, "Like what you see?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Hey, I thought we weren't cussing around the baby."

"Oops." Adam blushed.

Adam closed his eyes and smiled.

He has never been this happy in his life.

He's an amazing guy and now they are going to start a beautiful family.

Adam got out of bed and put on a robe and grabbed one for Sauli.

He went downstairs to see his love cooking pancakes naked.

Adam smirked.

He walked over to Sauli and smacked his ass.

"OO! Baby!"

Adam laughed and put a robe on him.

"What?" Sauli smiled at Adam, "Don't like my sexy body?" He joked.

Adam smirked, "Baby you know I'd tear that up oh wait I already did."

"Tisk tisk, someone's a bad boy."

Adam winked.

Sauli finished making pancakes and sat them at the table.

Adam dug into them starving.

With a mouthful, he asked, "Don't vampire's drink blood?"

"Yes, but we can also eat human food."

Adam nodded and finished.

Sauli ate a little bit.

Suddenly Adam felt sick and quickly ran to the bathroom.

There went his breakfast.

Sauli was in the bathroom too.

"Must be morning sickness."

Adam sighed, "Great."

Sauli made Adam look at him.

"Great ready for 9 months of this."

He kissed him.

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