The Singer's Child (Adam and Sauli love story)

Adam and Sauli are in love.

Sauli finally does what he's always wanted; to turn his lover into a vampire.

But something exciting and worrisome happens.

Read to find out more! :)


10. 10

Adam and Sauli waited till their daughter was 10 before they had their wedding ceremony, they were married but wanted to wait till their daughter was old enough to remember it.

Roselyn worked her butt off planning and placing everything for their big day.

Sauli and Adam haven't seen each other all day, Sauli stood at the arch while everyone was coming to take their seats.

Roselyn is doing the honors and Sauli was happy about it but little did he know what she has planned.

Sauli pulled at his tie a little and Roselyn growled at him, "Stop you'll mess up the suite."

He looked at her, "I'm nervous okay."

She smiled a reassuring smile, "No need to be nervous, it'll go great."

One of Adam's songs started playing and everyone stood.

Out came Michelle in her purple dress, she was throwing flower petals everywhere.

Michelle stood near Roselyn, Sauli noticed she had a piece of paper in her hand, Sauli was confused but then realized his lover was coming out now.

Adam was nervous as well, this was different than singing on stage to him. He smiled at his lover as he walked in between the chairs.

Adam walked to the arch and they held hands.

Everyone seated, Adam and Sauli looked at Roselyn, she spoke into a mic, "Hello everyone, glad to see you all here, Adam and Sauli's daughter will do the honors." Roselyn handed the mic to Michelle.

The two fathers were happy about their daughter doing the honors.

Michelle spoke into the mic, "I wanted to start with that my fathers are my treasures, I love them both very much, I found a poem that reminded me of them," Michelle read off the paper, "Forever by Ms. Moem, will you love me when I'm ancient? Will you feel the same as today? Will I still make you have butterflies and feel proud in every way? Will you still chat to me daily and try to make me laugh? Will you still give me a cuddle and sneak a peek at me in the bath?" Everyone giggled at that part, "Will you still wake up each morning and turn to me with a grin? Will you still tell me I'm beautiful and mean, outside and in? Will you always want to hold me and want me to feel blissfully safe? Will you still know what I was thinking just by reading what lies in my face?" Michelle looked at her fathers, "If you answered yes to all of these questions, you two will last forever."

"Let's kiss on it!" Adam said kissing his husband, everyone cheered.

Michelle was happy for her fathers and she'll always remember this wonderful day.

They all lived happily ever after.

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