One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


3. The One Where Sign of The Time plays..

You walk out of her office Friday evening. Between a colleague taking a vacation and leaving you in charge of their work and your boss cutting everyone's pay, this week had been stressful. You were looking forward just staying at home, drinking a lot of tea and cuddling with her boyfriend, Harry. He won't be home until after 6, so she has a bit of time to relax on her own.  You hop in the car before starting your drive home. 

When you arrive home, you throw your bag down on the couch and head to your room to change into a pair of leggings and one of your old t-shirts. You walk into the kitchen, making a cup of tea. You allow your thoughts to wander to things, such as what your plans were for the weekend, what books you wanted to read and what music she wanted to listen to.  Your tea finishes, and you bring the cup to your desktop computer. You hit play on one of your chill playlist and heads over to the chair Harry had set by the window. 

When Harry strolls through the door at 7 pm, you are still sitting in that chair, reading your book. The mug still sits on the side table, now empty. You hears the sound of his keys and close the book after marking the page. You walk over to Harry and engulf him in a hug. "Hi love, how was your day?" Harry coos. You smile at the sound of his voice, before replying. "It's better now that you're here, how was yours?" "Alright, I was planning on setting up the fire, and we could just cuddle by it tonight if that's alright," Harry suggests. You nod, and you both begin to prepare for your evening together. 

A few tries and curses later, Harry manages to get the fire ready. He had also created a small blanket tent in front of the fireplace, filled with pillows and extra blankets, so the two of you could relax. You had made some chicken soup. The two settle in inside of Harry's blanket fort and begin just to talk. That had always been one of your favorite things about Harry; you could always talk about anything. Whatever it may be, Harry's thought out-of-the-box theories or small talk about your latest book, The conversation never stopped or became awkward. You always felt comfortable around him; he had become your safe place. That was just the vibe Harry gave off; he was soft, kind, and warm. And that was exactly why you had fallen so deeply for him. The soup was now long gone, as well as multiple mugs of tea. The two were close together, just watching the fire. They were buried deep within the blankets, your playlist still playing in the background. You loved moments like this, and he did too. It was just about the two of them, without any outside pressures weighing in. Nothing matter, except their love for each other everything, was perfect. 

You and Harry had been laying in that same spot for well over an hour when the familiar chords ran through the speakers. You noticed it first, immediately recognizing the song. She could feel all of the blush rush to her cheeks, as her boyfriend's song ran from the speakers. Harry didn't notice as quickly as you did, but even he couldn't deny it when he heard his voice coming through the speakers. Yep, his debut single, Sign of The Times, was playing off of his girlfriend's playlist. Harry begins to laugh at the whole irony of the situation, not realizing how much embarrassment this was causing you. After a few seconds, Harry doesn't hear her laughing and darts his head towards where you had been laying.  

You were deep within the mass of blankets the two had created. You had your face turned, hiding within a pillow. "Oh love," Harry sighed slightly. He could tell you were embarrassed. "Don't be embarrassed. I wasn't laughing at you." You look up from the pillow, an evident blush covering your cheeks. Harry smiles, admiring how adorable you look. He engulfs you in a hug. You feel herself smile, no matter how much you don't want to. Harry runs his hands through your hair, as he knows it calms you down. "I forgot it was on my playlist," You say, with a light smile. "It's totally okay, love," he replies. You lightly pull away from the hug, looking at him. The glow of the fire lit up his face, and it was a beautiful sight. "Wanna just sleep down here tonight? I'm so tired." Harry whispers lightly. You just nods, and the two settle back into the heaps of blankets. You rest your head on his chest, and his hands find their way to your hair. "I love you." He says, voice full of complete admiration. You smile lightly and respond " I love you more, H." He laughs softly. "Never in a million years, love." Your stomach fills with butterflies as you lightly kiss his chest. "Night baby." He says. "Goodnight my love" You responds as the last few chords of the song play through the speakers.



A/N - Thank you so much for reading my story!! I'd love to chat sometime! I have more stories that I will start over the summer! Thursday is my last day. When is yours? 

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