One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


1. The One At the Bar - Narry


It was a Friday Night in the middle of October, and the One Direction boys were about to head to a club in London for a night out. All of them were excited to let loose after a heavy work week, especially Niall. He was so ready to get drunk as the last few weeks had been quite stressful for him. And the fact that he would see Harry in a pair of tight skinny jeans didn’t help his case. Yep, it’s true. Niall felt smitten about the curly haired lad he was supposed to call his best friend. Every time they saw each other, Niall couldn’t help but think that Harry reciprocated these feelings and he hoped that tonight would be the night he would finally have the courage to make a move on Harry. And if he wasn't brave enough, maybe the alcohol rushing through his veins would be. 

Niall arrived at the club and headed to straight to the VIP section, where the rest of the boys were waiting. He immediately spots the boys and calls out to them. He greets the rest of the guys, and they begin a conversation about what each of them had been doing over the last few weeks. “I did some recording. Songwriting too” Niall says. “Nice. I drove up to Doncaster and hung out with my family.” Louis states. “I honestly haven’t done much. You lot sound like your week was quite a bit more productive than mine.” As Harry spoke, Niall couldn’t help but stare at the curly haired boy. He was so attractive. Niall struggled to describe it, but everything about Harry was beautiful to him. His nose had the perfect shape, and his skin was incredibly smooth. His eyes were a soft jade color that could reach into Niall’s soul in a matter of seconds. His lips, oh his lips, were a rosy pinkish color that made Niall blush every time Harry looked his way. The way he smiled at Niall made Niall’s heart go through the roof. In Niall’s eyes, Harry was perfect. He just .. “NIALL!” Niall shot up at the noise that came from Louis. “What do you want Lou? Geez!” Niall responded back. “Hey! Don’t blame Louis; you’ve been staring off into space for the last five minutes. We were just trying to get you to stop.” Liam stated.  “Sorry guys. Anyways,  you wanna get something to drink?” “Yeah. I’ll go order the first round.” Harry responded as he got and walked towards the bar.

A couple of minutes later, Harry has yet to return from the bar when Louis taps Niall’s shoulder. “Hey, Niall look! Your boyfriend is getting hit on.” Louis says smirking. Louis was the only one that knew about Niall’s crush on Harry, and he constantly teased Niall about it, but at the mention of Harry getting hit on, Niall felt his face redden.  He turned his head towards the bar to see a young blonde girl. She looked familiar, but Niall couldn't place his finger on it. "She's a model. I think she does work for Victoria's Secret." Liam said. Niall couldn't help but roll his eyes. 

Models were always all over Harry. Maybe it was the hair, or the eyes or most likely everything else Niall loved. The difference, though, was that the models just wanted Harry for his looks or the fame whereas Niall cared about Harry. He had loved Harry through the awkward stages of the curly haired boy's life. He saw a piece of Harry that the models didn't. Niall had fallen for Harry's generosity and selflessness. He had fallen for the way Harry treated his mom and his gentleness when meeting fans.

Niall also knew things about Harry and took the effort to remember those things. Like how Harry loved his tea with two sugars and not three and he put the left shoe on first as a good luck charm. Niall knew that Harry wanted to get married in a church and that he wanted three kids. Harry wanted to live in a simple style house in a city close to his family. Those girls didn't care, and that made Niall frustrated. 

"But look at Harry, Ni." Louis said. "Yeah, he looks uncomfortable." Liam pointed out. At this, Niall's head snapped towards the other two. He almost sees a light bulb above Louis' head. "You should go over! And like pretend to his boyfriend, then she will totally leave him alone! Genius!" Louis voices. "No, this is not a good idea. He will know I like him." Niall argues. "Would that be the worst thing? Harry has had thousands of girls and guys flirt with him tonight." Liam added. "No! If he knows and doesn't like me, it would ruin our friendship." Niall groaned. "If you don't do it, I will." Louis finished. "But..."

Niall wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to go over and save Harry, but then Harry would Niall liked him. And Niall certainly didn't want that. He wasn't even sure Harry was gay, let alone if he liked Niall. Niall would have to come out to Harry, and that sounded like a nightmare. Niall would just rather watch Louis go over, he guesses.

"You take too long, Niall. Louis already went over." Liam pointed out. "Wait, seriously?" Niall countered. Liam just nodded. In disbelief that Louis actually would do something like that, Niall turned his head towards the bar. He felt shocked at the visual of his best friend's arm around his crush. Niall was angry. Harry looked at relieved, happy that Louis would come and rescue him like this, but Niall wouldn't know that Harry wished Niall had come to save him instead. 

"Hey, guys! Sorry, that took so long, that girl would just not leave me alone. Thanks for coming over though Lou. You're the best." Harry said, placing an arm on his best friend's shoulder. Niall growled at the sight. He felt the anger radiating off him, knowing that he could have been the one in Louis' position if he could only have cared just a little bit less about how Harry would react. Niall decides that he need to learn to be more carefree and less on edge. "Screw this; I'm gonna get a drink," Niall said. 

Niall stomped on over to the bar. He looks at the bartender and waves him over. He is relatively cute, a medium-height male with short black hair and blue eyes, but not as pretty as Harry. "What can I get for ya?" The bartender asks, his accent present. "Something that will make me forget my emotions," Niall answers, staring at the back of Louis' head. "Rough Night?" The bartender adds, pouring a small glass for Niall. Niall nods, "You have no idea." Niall begins to explain the details of his night to the bartender, including everything from Niall's crush on Harry, to the girl flirting with Harry who made Louis go over, and the feeling of watching Harry fawn over Louis, now that he was his hero. "I'm just so frustrated. Louis' one of my best friends and he knows how I feel about Harry. Like if he liked someone and they were doing what Harry is doing to Louis, I would lead them over to Louis, if that makes any sense. And when I came over here Liam was the only one that noticed; I at least thought Harry or Louis would say something." Niall stated, feeling almost betrayed by Louis's actions. "So, I guess Liam is the curly haired one." The bartender, who Niall had learned was named Alex, said. "No, that's Harry. Why?" Niall questioned. "Seriously! I could have sworn that was Liam because you said he was the only one that knew you were over here. If that's Harry, he so likes you. He's probably looked over here liked 30 times. " Alex stated, replacing Niall's drink with something less strong. Niall whipped his head around to the table that his friends were at, almost catching Harry's glance before the curly haired boy looked away. Niall watched as Harry got up and left the table. 

Alex hit Niall's arm and told him to stop staring, and Niall obliged. Niall played with his fingers while Harry walked over to the bar. Harry ordered something from Alex that Niall didn't understand before turning to face Niall. "Uh Hey," Harry said awkwardly. Niall could feel the tension in Harry's words, but he didn't understand why it was there. "Hey, what's up? How's the table?" Niall almost mentioned something about Louis but decided against it, figuring it would make the conversation even more awkward.  "They're fine, just wondering why you left. I guess I'm wondering the same." Harry said before nodding to Alex, who had just placed his drink in front of him. "Just wanted a drink, needed something heavier," Niall stated, trying to avoid the reason he left. He looked up at Harry and immediately knew that Harry didn't see through his act; his eyes said everything. "Because the boys think it has something to do with Louis and me. I guess I'm just wondering if that is the case." Harry countered. Damn, Styles. It was unfair how the lad could play with Niall's emotions. "Yeah, it kinda did. Is that what you want?" Niall stated angrily, getting up to walk away. Harry grabbed his wrist and pulled Niall close to his body which caused Niall to look up at him. Niall could see Harry's eyes gloss over, almost as if he was wondering if he was allowed to say something. "Would that have anything to do with the fact that you were, perhaps, jealous of Louis? That you wanted to be the one in his place?" Niall looked away at that and did everything he could to avoid the taller man's gaze. Harry took that as his confirmation to move forward. "Because between you and me," Harry began. "I wanted to make you jealous." 

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