May contain very depressing content. Beware. I had made this only due to my very recent depressed state. It will of course stay up. I hope you guys enjoy some feelings of mine!


2. Time

Time is something we all need, for love, for age, for the fear of death itself.

Time is what makes us daring, living once with many choices but one answer for the obstacle we are currently facing.

Time, is a thing I fear itself.

"There's not enough time!"

Of course not.

There's never enough time to do the things you want, say the things you want, or even have the things you want.

Time, some say, is an illusion to the mind.

That we humans made it up to keep us on track.

Well of course, for farming, and the seasons, and many other things.


I hate time.

We'd all go back somewhere, at some place, at some time, if we could.

To stop something, to change something, to do something, to make it right.

Time is a challenge to us all.

Time waits for no one.

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