May contain very depressing content. Beware. I had made this only due to my very recent depressed state. It will of course stay up. I hope you guys enjoy some feelings of mine!


3. J&K

It all happened just one day while I was on the computer. Every one gets lonely at times, desperate for attention, even if from just from a person, or a few million.

It was a chat website which led me to him, to the one whom I daydream about and wish to spend every waking moment with. The one who I crave to touch and feel with my very hands whilst he thinks the same as me.

Time, Age, and Distance, these all separate us from each other along with a lot of other things.

-the time- in which he and I were born, create conflict with our present ages.

-the distance- is what makes me cry at times, to think that he'll never be by my side, or I by his.

Though where I am right now, is enough, for now. Talking to him when I can, I love our conversations, even if they're little, or what some would say, meaningless. Having someone to care for you and comfort you, is a feeling so great, it brings me to tears when he does even the smallest things for me, or he even says those special things to me.

I am his, even though we haven't touched. He is mine, even though we haven't seen one another. We are each others, even when we don't talk for hours on end.

At the end of the day, or when one of us leaves first, he'll always be there, waiting for me, while I'll always be here, waiting for him. For a message, from him saying,

"Good morning Vivian, how was your sleep?"


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