May contain very depressing content. Beware. I had made this only due to my very recent depressed state. It will of course stay up. I hope you guys enjoy some feelings of mine!


4. A Storm in the Night

I do not know why

My warm heart weeps, whimpers, and cries

Is it for the loss of a precious thing?
Is that the reason for why it rings?
A soft pulse it does resound
In my chest, when touched, can be found
My skies are blue and clear
So tell me heart, what do you hear?
The wind carried it away so far
But why, I ask, let tears spill out of the jar?
Do you miss the soft gentle wind?
A starry night you've blinked in
Heart, oh heart of mine
Why carry these feelings and make you cry?
Forever shall they stay you say?
If they must for today
A light and a darkness deep inside
Only I can find the answers and take them as mine
A tear has slipped oh dear oh my
Will I be able to find the truth within the lie?
So long and farewell I bid adeu
These feelings of mine like morning dew
Evaporate and fly in air and the sky
Like these feelings, only come like a storm in the night...

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