A Foot in Two Worlds

Takes place after Voldemort has been defeated
Wizards and witches have always lived in secret, unknown to exist by most Muggles.
But what happens when a major magical catastrophe is caused by some of the worst Death Eaters that were never captured? Muggles all over the world now know that the magical world exists; there are too many for their memories to all be wiped away. Muggles and wizards start attending school together, there is no separation between the two... how does this all play out for a young witch named Isabelle Malory, who feels like she belongs in neither?


1. The Sorting

"RAVENCLAW!" The Sorting Hat cried a few seconds after being placed on Isabelle Malory's head. She walked over to the Ravenclaw table to enthusiastic applause and sat next to Hannah Sage, another witch she had just met on the train. "So, are they sorting Muggles?" Isabelle asked Hannah. "No, the Sorting Hat was made to sort witches and wizards only, so it wouldn't work." Hannah replied as the Sorting continued. "I still don't get why we're letting Muggles come here. My mother's a Muggle, and she knows pretty much nothing about magic." Izzy said. "Yeah, I know. Who's even going to teach them?" Hannah said. "My dad- he's a wizard -said that the Muggle Studies teacher is going to teach them Muggle subjects on her days off." Hannah nodded. "Huh. Well, still, what are they going to do the rest of the time?" Isabelle shrugged. 

After dinner, Isabelle and Hannah followed a prefect to the Ravenclaw common room. "OK, everybody listen up! To get into our dorms, you have to knock- he indicated the knocker- and answer a question. If you don't get it right, then you'll have to wait for someone else who does. Got it?" The prefect said. Everyone nodded. He knocked, and after answering the question correctly, led them inside ."Your luggage is waiting for you in your dorms." The prefect said. Katie and Hannah headed up to the girl's dorms. There were a few Muggles in the dorms who were unpacking their stuff(without any magic, of course). The Muggles who wanted to attend Hogwarts had been allowed to choose what House they hung out with, and most had chosen Ravenclaw or Gryffindor( they seemed to be able to tell which Houses had the best reputations). Izzy and Hannah, who seemed to not be able to resist showing off for the Muggles, flicked their wands and said, "Wingardium Leviosa!" They both had read up on magic before the school year, and their trunks floated onto their bed. The Muggles around them watched in wonder, and Hannah and Izzy grinned at each other. As other witches came up, they finished packing, using magic as much as possible. 

Once they and all the other witches were done, they motioned for them to gather around. Hannah and Izzy had a nice surprise in mind for the Muggles.....

Ten minutes later, one of the witches had whispered, "Nox," and put out all the lights. "Lumos!" All the witches cried as one, and their wands were lit up. "Welcome to the First Day at Hogwarts Magic Show!!!" Izzy said. 


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