Rumor has it...

Jade Palmer gave Luke her all, her everything. And he left her for Arzaylea?! But when Arzaylea stabs them all in the back, Luke realises he need Jade more then ever.
Based on Adeles song Rumor has it


1. Prologue

Jades POV 

The sun shone bright that day as I realised I was in Luke's arms, him holding me protectively to his chest. I smiled and cuddled closer to his chest. I looked at him and ran my fingers through his blonde hair and peck his lips,biting his lip piercing. "Mmmmm" Luke groaned. I laughed quietly at him. Back then I couldn't have thought of a way that it could get better then this. But now I could. If I knew then what I know now, I would kiss him one last time and escape his grip and never look back. What he did to me, and playing with my emotions like a toy, was like putting salt to a wound. All I can feel is sorrow, pain, and a deep reminder of how much I regret this. I just wish I could wake up in his arms tomorrow and know that it was a dream as he held me as I cried. This can't be real. 

But it is. 

And that's what became the death of me.

Luke Hemmings. 

Oh how I miss you...

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