My Strange Lover

Dear Gueston, I am a girl that is human, but is it because i'm human that i can't be a monster? I'm sorry if i disgust you but it was the only way to be with the man i love. Maybe i shouldn't call him a man...because he isn't a man at all.. The truth is..I fell in love with a beast or a monster you may call it.. I bet if you met the real him, you wouldn't think he's a monster...No matter what my fate will be i picked him, i picked this life to be with my husband...But now i wish my daughter will do the same..
Hi my name is Zalina! Now don't judge my name i didn't pick it, my parents did. Well...i wished i knew my parents of course...MY adoptive parents told me they gave me to them...Well this is me i guess..Oh Btw im 16!.


2. My Real Parents

      I sat outside at lunch since I didn't really have many friends, I ate my lunch peacefully and quietly. "I was looking for you", someone said and I glanced up looking at this stranger. He had black hair, big muscular arms, a double chin, with bright blue eyes, as I looked at him he stared back and give me a smile. " Your Zalina Heart right?", the boy said and walked closer to me. Heart? My last name isn't Heart it's Cortez... I went to shake my head in a no gesture but he had an arm around my waist with the other on my cheek. I stared up at him with wide eyes as he said," I've been looking for you everywhere" I gasped in shock and thought to myself. But I've never seen him. and what does he mean by looking? I've been here the whole time! Suddenly his face was slowly coming closer to mine and all I could do was close my eyes tightly. I felt my hand being yanked back and I opened my eyes and I was getting farther away from the stranger. I felt something hard slam against my back and I felt the breath go out of me. I looked up and Eric stood there holding me in his arms as he glared at the boy in front of me. Did they know each other? Eric pulled me closer and all I could do was rest my head on his chest. I could hear Eric's heartbeat and i could feel his voice rumble as he said,"

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