My Strange Lover

Dear Gueston, I am a girl that is human, but is it because i'm human that i can't be a monster? I'm sorry if i disgust you but it was the only way to be with the man i love. Maybe i shouldn't call him a man...because he isn't a man at all.. The truth is..I fell in love with a beast or a monster you may call it.. I bet if you met the real him, you wouldn't think he's a monster...No matter what my fate will be i picked him, i picked this life to be with my husband...But now i wish my daughter will do the same..
Hi my name is Zalina! Now don't judge my name i didn't pick it, my parents did. Well...i wished i knew my parents of course...MY adoptive parents told me they gave me to them...Well this is me i guess..Oh Btw im 16!.


1. The Strange Boy

         I walked to my class slowly, as i glanced around the hallways. I watched the same people run up to each other and start to talk with one another about their summer. I continued to keep to myself as i got to the end of the hallway and opened the door to my class. I've always been the first to come into class, and all of the teachers favor me. I smiled to myself and thought only if that were the same with my classmates. As i opened the door, i glanced up and saw a boy with blue eyes and black hair as he stared right back at me. He was in a sitting position on the window, i glanced away and started walking to my desk, but i could still feel his stare. I started placing my things on the desk and looked at him again, but this time he paid no attention to me. His hair was flowing against the wind its tips swaying back and forth, the sun glistened against his eyes and his skin. This boy was strange but in away attractive to me, i felt as if i wanted to be in his arms right then and there. "Will you stop staring at me? I do not think i am that attractive for your eyes miss" His voice was low and deep but in a way soft and gentle. His eyes met mine again,they were filled with amusement and i felt my face heat but i managed to glare at him. He got off the window and grabbed his back pack and got settled into the desk next to me. I looked out the window and waited for the bell to ring, " Do you go here?" he asked and I looked at him " Yes, do you?" I asked him back. He looked at me and i swore i saw something flash over his face but it was gone before i could catch it. " Actually yes i have " he said but i looked at him in shock and thought, but i've seen every student in this school and never in my school year have seen him. I looked at him and decided to ask, " Are you sure? I've never seen you before" i heard him sigh and shake his head as he said," That's because i finally decided to go to school, but i might end up leaving in a couple days." I rolled my eyes and smirked as i said," Why be here if your just going to leave anyways? If i were in your place, i would run away from this hell cell" I looked at the front of the classroom and wrapped my arms around me. " This place isn't that bad " he said and i gave a little laugh and said," Now why the hell do you think that? " when i looked at him again, he gave me a smile that made my breath catch and said," Well it's because i met you here" My eyes widened as i felt my face heat again, he smiled at my expression and looked away as i heard the bell ring. This boy...who ever he is.. Is the most strangest person I have ever met.

Everyone walked in and i watched everyone take there seats and start to talk with each other. I stayed quite in my corner and I'm glad that I'm not the only one in this room who is quite now. I glanced over at the boy and found him staring at me. I blushed as i looked away waiting for the teacher walk in, but when the teacher walked in everyone grew silent. I heard a chuckle from the side of me and everyone including me spun and looked at the boy with wide eyes. The teacher glared at the boy and said," What's so funny sir?" i watched a smile slowly came upon his lips and i just gave him a shake of my head as my eyes met his. He simply shrugged and stood up as he said," Well Teacher sir, I only laughed because they all went silent when you walked in. I simply didn't mean to be rude." The teacher watched the boy's every move and said, " Are you new? I've never seen you in my class before" I thought to myself, what a way of changing subjects. the boy brushed his bangs away and I could've swore I heard a bunch of giggles. His eyes met mine and he started to speak, " My name is Eric Harris, no I'm not a new student I just haven't been here until now." He looked away from me and stared at the teacher," Honestly Teach, I hate school and I hate being here, so just ignore me and focus on the rest of your class." I looked at the teacher and saw his mouth partly open his eye brows rose in shock and when I glanced around the room, their were faces like his as well. I ignored the boy as he sat down and when the teacher started to teach, I copied noes and started on my homework until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me and there he was, his face was inches from mine but he didn't move an inch closer. I felt his warm breath against my cheeks as he said," Meet me later if you want to hear a story about your real parents." I felt my eyes widen as he pulled back and gave me a smile. I nodded and looked back to the front of my desk. what does he know about my parents...How does he know I'm adopted. I glanced back and saw his face looking out at the window, his eyes closed with the sun against his face and I could've sworn if I looked a little closer... The bell rang and I quickly looked away and started to pack my things into my backpack.

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