My Love Is A Possessed Killer

What if i told you i was a girl and i was possessed at night but in the morning, i was normal. I didn't feel normal but i was and i always was afraid of one person, it was her. When you become her, it's a nightmare, you watch everything she does and says and will do to you. Everything was taken away from me already! Why was it me! Tell me why! No one will ever understand how it feels like! None of you believed me! Oh and i warned you all, but no u didn’t believe me did you! You all thought i was crazy but don't worry it will turn night and i will kill every single one of you! Its time and oh it's time to have some fun children! She's taking over and i'll be gone, all you will see is her!


5. No More Love

          I watched her bite into his neck and tore off a huge chunk off flesh as she spit it out on the floor. She stabbed him into his chest and yanked out hi heart and god she ate it. I could feel the warm blood in my mouth and felt more and more blood. I couldn't puke it out so i waited until she swallowed. Cole still wasn't dead but was looking at her with wide eyes but she didn't stop she grabbed his neck and walked around to the back off him and broke his wings> She started tearing off his wings and broke them in half while Cole screamed in pain. She let go of the wings and grabbed Coles hair and pulled with all her might> I heard Cole scream until it went silent and Cole”s head was pulled off but his spinal cord came with it> I shivered as she dropped the head and smashed it. I watched a she looked around and started to go to the police station as she sang a song with my voice.

“ Do you wanna play a game?

1,2,3,4 time to have some fun!

I’m chasing you after you

Down the allies we go!

Fun fun fun f-fun!

Now let’s have some fun!

Jumped on you

Got you now

1,2,3,4 Time to bring out the scissors!

Stabbing you everywhere!

Blood splatters through the air!

Stab stabby stab stab!

That what happens when you want some fun!

Do you wanna play a game?’

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