My Love Is A Possessed Killer

What if i told you i was a girl and i was possessed at night but in the morning, i was normal. I didn't feel normal but i was and i always was afraid of one person, it was her. When you become her, it's a nightmare, you watch everything she does and says and will do to you. Everything was taken away from me already! Why was it me! Tell me why! No one will ever understand how it feels like! None of you believed me! Oh and i warned you all, but no u didn’t believe me did you! You all thought i was crazy but don't worry it will turn night and i will kill every single one of you! Its time and oh it's time to have some fun children! She's taking over and i'll be gone, all you will see is her!


3. My Reflection Is Evil

 Later i pulled out a Ouija board and said “ okay who wants to play?! Well if you want go upstairs to my room!” I grabbed the board and headed up with my friends and Cole with his friend. I st the board up and sat on the floor next to Cole. Jessica sat next to Cole’s best friend Gavin while Emily and Jack sat next to each other. “Okay when we do this no one can take off their hands off the board or someone will be possessed” as i said possessed i did quotation mark hands. We started and the Planchette moved on its own. Cole looked at me and smiled a little and grabbed his drink with his hands. “No Cole!” i said and watched everyone’s face turn into fear and horror. Cole looked at me wide eyed and said,” Oh i forgot! I’m so sorry guys!” I watched everyone pull their hands off the board and Col said,” Here i’ll go get holy water” i watched him rush down stairs and i turned back to my friends. “Sirena.. I’m scared.. What if one of us..” Emily didn’t have to say i knew what she meant. “It’s okay nothing will happen” as i said this the lights flashed off and i heard Jessica scream. A flash light appeared in front of Jack and he said,” There” I felt my head snap and my mouth being pulled open. I tried to scream but couldn’t it was as if i couldn’t breathe. Suddenly  felt a jolt through me and Emily aid softly, “ Sirena?” I felt my head snap to the side and i saw Emily with a worried look on her face as she hugged Jack’s arm. I felt myself getting up and walking over to her, whats going on?! What am i.. A loud scream pulled me out of my thoughts. I saw my hand wrapped around Emily’s through lifting her off the ground. “J-Jessica..h-hel.” I felt something warm splutter on my face and saw that my hand were full with blood and i looked down at one hand and there her head was. Her mouth hung open with blood dripping out of her neck. I felt my hand drop her body as everyone gave a startled whimper and move away from me. A bright light flashed it in my eyes and i snapped it out of Jack’s hand and felt my hand go through his chest. Blood came out of my mouth and went down his dress as i pulled my hand out and grabbed his head. I snapped it to the side and felt the breaking of his bones. I felt myself laugh.. No what am i doing! Stop! Stop! Don’t hurt her! Jessica stood up and punch me in the face. I felt my head snap to the side and watched as i felt my head twist all the way around and i flt my lips curve into a smile as i grabbed her neck and through her to the floor. I pulled out a pair of scissors from somewhere and threw the hitting Gavin in the middle of his forehead. She screamed and looked up a me with horror as i pulled the scissors out and walked over to her. I watched my hands stab and stab and stab her over and over again. When i was done i heard a soft whisper saying “ I'm glad i'm here but i'm just a mirror of you” i hear a little giggle as she said “ but not for long. Have fun as you watch everyone die but no one will believe you”

        I collapsed to my knees and turned on the lights, but when i glanced around there was no one to be seen. The blood was gone the bodies were gone as well. I looked at my desk and a note stood there, as i walked over to it, as Cole came in and looked at me. I ignored him and opened the note and it said, “ Roses are red and Violets are blue, be my valentine and stay forever new.” I felt a shiver go through me as i read “ blood is red bruises are blue don’t say no or you can’t be new” I shoved the note into one of my drawers and walked over to Cole. He smiled and walked out of the room with me.

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