My Love Is A Possessed Killer

What if i told you i was a girl and i was possessed at night but in the morning, i was normal. I didn't feel normal but i was and i always was afraid of one person, it was her. When you become her, it's a nightmare, you watch everything she does and says and will do to you. Everything was taken away from me already! Why was it me! Tell me why! No one will ever understand how it feels like! None of you believed me! Oh and i warned you all, but no u didn’t believe me did you! You all thought i was crazy but don't worry it will turn night and i will kill every single one of you! Its time and oh it's time to have some fun children! She's taking over and i'll be gone, all you will see is her!


2. My Halloween Party

 I woke up and looked around, there was a boy sleeping near me, his head was on the bed with his arms wrapped around him. I heard a knock and on the other side of the room, a door creaked open. “ Well you’re finally awake Ms. Wells.” He came towards me and placed a hand on my forehead and said,” Well how do you feel?” I rubbed my head and looked at him, “ Where..Where am I? “ i said softly and looked at the boy besides me. “ You’re in the hospital miss, you where found passed out by a tree and your heart seemed to stop for a second.” but i never passed out i was asleep and why is this boy here? “ oh,  um who is this boy doctor?” i asked him and slowly touched the tips of the boys hair. “Well he’s the one who found you, he never left your side” the doctor told me and walked out of the room. I turned on my side and wondered who he was and why he stayed at the hospital. He started to wake up and as he lifted his head, he looked at me. His green eyes stared at me with relief and i quickly looked away.” Who are you.. And why did you wait for me to wake?” i asked him slowly and pinched the covers of the hospital bed. “ well i didn’t expect you to ask that, i expected you to throw your arms around me and thank me for saving you” I looked up at him and he looked at me amused. I smiled and said,” Jokes on you because i was sleeping not dying” I rolled my eyes as i said this and saw the tiniest smirk on his lips.

When Cole left the doctor said i could go home because it wasn’t something severe or life taking. I started to wonder what i wanted to do or what i wanted for my birthday. Which the funny thing is since it’s on Halloween, but i want to do something special this year. Like its my 18th birthday, it’s the day where i can be anything i want and the day where i’m a legal adult. Then the most best idea for my birthday popped into my head and i smiled to myself, getting excited for my Halloween birthday party.

        Throughout the whole week i made 3 friends, well should i count Cole as one? What are we anyways? Anyways all my friends and i talked about was the Halloween party, but i had to beg my parents. So now i don’t get any presents from them but it’s so worth it! Jessica, Emily and Jack were talking to me about their costumes and i started to tell them about mine too. Jessica has long curly red hair with brown eyes. She had a couple of freckles on her cheeks which tome made her eyes pop out more. Emily had blond hair but she dyed her hair to a dark shade of purple which also made her eyes stand out more than usual. Emily had a different eye color then all of us, she had a really light shade of brown that made her eyes look like gold but had flecks of blue. Last but not least is Jack, he’s the kind of guys girls swoon over, but jokes on them because he likes to be the buffet for boys. Jack has dark black hair with hazel eyes, but in the tips of his bangs, he has red tips. Jack looked at me and said, “ I’m going to be a princess for Halloween and i’m gonna look fabulous!” I laughed a the looks on Jessica and Emily’s face. “ No you can’t be a princess! Do you want to hurt my eyes!?” Jessica yelled at him and me and Emily exchanged glances and started to laugh again.

        I waved bye to them and said “ See you at the party tonight!” after i said this i pulled out my phone and texted everyone.” See ya Sirena!” they waved and i turned and headed to my house. When i walked in i smiled and ran toward my parents. “ OMG! This looks amazing! Thank you!” I hugged them and twirled in the center of our ballroom. I started heading up to my room, i jumped into the shower. After when i finished i started to curl my hair until a knock at the door made me look over. My mother walked in and smiled as she said” Have fun my dear and if you need anything call us okay?” “ Kay mom” i answered back and smiled, as i heard the door close i finished curling my hair and started putting my costume on. I pulled on my dress and looked at the mirror. The waist of the dress clung to my sides and the top went around my neck as the bottom of the dress goes a little above my knees. I walked over to my bed and pulled my angel wings on and then placed a halo over my head. I started walking downstairs and heard a knock at the door. I opened it and smiled as people started to walk in. “ Dj play the music!” i yelled at the Dj and she smiled and winked as  heard the music play loudly. Jessica looked at me and her eyes widen “ Girl you look hot!” she said as she walked in and headed to the dance floor. Emily kissed my cheek and followed Jessica while jack just stared at me with jealousy look. “ No fair i wanted to be the hottie!” he stormed away after Em and Jess as i laughed. “Well that sucks for him cause there’s only one hottie and that's me” a low voice said and i turned and looked at Cole. He smirked and i looked over him and said,” You’re dressed as the enemy of me, well sorry Mr.Demon but i dislike demons so off you go” I let him in and pushed him away from me as i headed to the drinks.  I grabbed a cup and poured in coke as i watched everyone enjoying their time. I walked over and started to dance with my friends.

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