My Love Is A Possessed Killer

What if i told you i was a girl and i was possessed at night but in the morning, i was normal. I didn't feel normal but i was and i always was afraid of one person, it was her. When you become her, it's a nightmare, you watch everything she does and says and will do to you. Everything was taken away from me already! Why was it me! Tell me why! No one will ever understand how it feels like! None of you believed me! Oh and i warned you all, but no u didn’t believe me did you! You all thought i was crazy but don't worry it will turn night and i will kill every single one of you! Its time and oh it's time to have some fun children! She's taking over and i'll be gone, all you will see is her!


4. My Betrayer

 Weeks passed by and each night i would become her  still haven’t told anyone and i don’t plan too. Shes already killed all of my friend and family besides Cole. i hope she doesn’t kill him because i have realized that i’m falling in love with him. I walked home slowly and looked at the sunset until a slow whisper kept saying “ tick toc tick toc” I thought towards her to be quiet and she did. I laid on my bed when i got home and felt her rising again. I dialed 911 and started telling them everything but all i got was laughter and thought i was paying a joke on them. I ran outside telling my neighbors but they didn’t believe me either. Tears welled into my eyes and i started to scream. I could feel her wanting to burst out of m already. “ Are you okay Sirena” a familiar vice said and i spun around and faced Cole. “ N-no something is gonna happen Cole! Get away from me!” but he didn’t he kept walking towards me and i took steps back. He grabbed my arm and the pain went away. She didn’t come back out, she just stopped. I stared at him wide eyed but he just looked at me with a blank expression. “ You can control it Sirena, that's why  i made her possess you’ He said and i felt my heart shatter and anger rose into me“ YOU MADE ME THIS THING! I KILLED EVERYONE I LOVED BECAUSE OF HER!” I yelled at him but he started to get angry as well. “ Sirena I had to have everyone killed! You would have loved them and not me! I knew you would be the one when i first met you!” He said and i looked at him as if he were crazy. His eyes were no longer green they were pitch black with red flecks in them. His hair was still messy but it turned black and i gasped as i heard a tear of clothing and his wings were spread. I screamed and stumbled back but he came closer with his arms opened. “ Don’t be afraid we can rule together Sirena, be with me and this power.” I started having flashbacks of everyone i killed but i could only remember 5. Jessica with blood all over her face, her neck twisted the other way and Emily with her head torn off of her body with blood dripping around her head. Jack with a whole in his chest and his face twisted around his neck. I felt my heart quicken when i saw my mother’s and father’s death. I remember grabbing a knife and throwing it at my mother but my father jumped in the way and took the blow to the neck. I watched my mother scream and father limp in her arms as she cried but i didn’t stop i pulled another knife and stabbed my mother over and over again like i did to Jessica but this time i cut her up piece by piece. I looked at Cole and knew what i had to do, but i love him. I walked towards him and let her come out. I watched myself look at him and sudden anger came into me. “ M-Maria look we can discuss this my love” i felt my lips start to move as he said that,” No maria my love anymore! You killed me Cole! I thought you loved me! Well now it's gonna be the other way around”  felt her lick my lips and run towards him. She did this the most bloodiest i've ever watched her do.

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