My Love Is A Possessed Killer

What if i told you i was a girl and i was possessed at night but in the morning, i was normal. I didn't feel normal but i was and i always was afraid of one person, it was her. When you become her, it's a nightmare, you watch everything she does and says and will do to you. Everything was taken away from me already! Why was it me! Tell me why! No one will ever understand how it feels like! None of you believed me! Oh and i warned you all, but no u didn’t believe me did you! You all thought i was crazy but don't worry it will turn night and i will kill every single one of you! Its time and oh it's time to have some fun children! She's taking over and i'll be gone, all you will see is her!


6. Do you Believe me?

   So now you see what happened on my birthday, but do you believe me? If you don't will she come get you like she did to the cops? I wonder what will happen to you children, because i have gotten tired of tasting blood but she hasn't. She will kill and kill till everyone's gone, but i'm glad everyone will die. I lost everyone i loved i don’t care what happens to you all! I felt her rise up and let her out and watched her kill more and more.

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