Flat out Love

"We may fight, we may disagree, but never think I don't love you. I love you so much, more than you relize. Your amazing, beautiful, and I'll always love you. Baby pease don't leave we have this beautiful girl...she needs us both by her side. So don't give up on me baby, please."

When I'm alone, I'm nothing.

When I'm with you, I'm something.

When were together, were everything!

SECOND Story of the Meant to Be series.
Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd.


11. 10


I heard Ashton coughing beside me.

"Ash you okay?" I asked looking up at him,

"No." He said in a raspy voice,

"I think I'm gonna..." He got up and ran to the bathroom. I followed him and saw him bending over the toilet throwing up. I rubbed his back with my hand hoping to somewhat help. When he was finished a took a cloth and wet it under the tap, I wiped his entire face. I placed it on the ground and felt his forehead with me hand.

"Ash you're burning up, you need to go back to bed." I said getting up,

"No, I'm fine, really." He said,

"Ashton please don't lie to me, it's okay you're sick, you don't need to hide that from me." I said, he half smiled and I helped him up and over to the bed. He laid down and I pulled the covers over him.

"What about Katie, I don't wanna get her sick." He said,

"I'll get my dad to take her for the day." I told him, he smiled,

"Thank you." He whispered then closed his eyes, I kissed his forehead and turned off the light leaving the room.

I walked into Katie's room and saw her sitting up in her crib.

"Ashton come quick and get my phone!" I yelled, a few seconds later Ashton ran into the room with my phone,

"What? What's wrong?" He asked,

"Look." I said pointing to Katie.

"Oh my. Katie I'm so proud." He said, I opened the camera on my phone a took a picture of Katie sitting in her crib. She was looking up at Ashton and he picked her up and kissed her head,

"Good job baby." He said then handed Katie to me. I held her and called my dad.

"Hi sweetie." He answered the phone,

"Hi dad could I ask a favor?" I asked,

"Sure anything." He replied,

"Could you watch Katie today? Ashton's sick and I don't want her getting sick." I said,

"Yea sure no problem, I'll leave now." He said,

"Thanks your the best see ya soon." I said,

"See ya." He said hanging up the phone.

I looked at Katie who was playing with her toys on the floor, it was as if she sensed me looking at her because she looked up at me. She giggled and I picked her up and put her on the changing table.

I changed her into a t-shirt and little leggings. I put a sweater over top and carried her down stairs. I got a bottle and fed her as I got her baby bag ready. Bottles, toys, her mat, and a jacket. Once she finished her bottle I put the empty bottle on the counter and put socks on her little feet. Then there was a knock on the door.

I ran to get it and it was my dad,

"Hi dad." I said hugging him. I got Katie from the living room put her in her car seat. She played with her toys, and I handed him the car seat and her bag.

"There's some bottles and toys in there, an her mat is in there as well."

"Okay sweetheart, she'll be fine." I smiled and hugged him, then kissed Katie's forehead. She giggled as my dad carried her out of the house. I closed the door and locked it behind him.

I walked upstairs with a glass of water to our room. I walked in and there was Ashton sitting up in bed watching the television.

"Hey." I said handing him the water.

"Thanks." He said still watching the football game that was on.

"Katie went to my dad's house for today and were picking her up tomorrow." I informed him, he looked over at me,

"Thanks, again." He said then turned back to the game. I sighed and went into the bathroom. I looked at my reflection, and sighed again. I splashed water on my face and fixed my bun a little then went back and sat on the bed beside Ashton.

"Is there anything I can get you?" I asked him. He turned off the television and looked at me.

"A cuddle would be nice." He said, I smiled and moved over to him he wrapped his arm over me and I hugged him tight.

"Are you feeling any better?" I asked him,

"Some." He said his voice was still raspy and his face was pale. I looked up at him and went to kiss him but he pushed me away a little.

"I don't want you to get sick." He said, I rolled over and sat on top of him, my legs on either side of his lap. I drew lines on his chest.

"Okay." I said and kissed his chest. Leading a trail of kisses down his stomach. I looked back up at him and he smirked. I kissed his neck and jawline. I bit his ear lobe and whispered in his ear,

"You're so sexy." I could feel him getting hard under me. Then held his face in my hands and moved closer until our lips were inches apart. Then I pulled back and began to get off of him. He held my waist on his lap.

"Well Miss you really know how to seduce a guy." I smiled and cupped his face in my hands. I leaned in and kissed him. He responded kissing me with passion. I licked his lips asking for entrance, but he kept his mouth closed. I pulled back and looked at him,

"I don't want you getting sick." He said I smirked, I knew what to do.

I leaned in and bit his ear a little,

"You sure?" I whispered, then kissed his jawline, down his neck and to his chest. I kissed down his stomach to the band of his pants. I looked up at him with a smirk and he looked at me with a weird look, but I could feel him getting harder. I could see the bulge in his pants and I squeezed it, he let out a moan and I smiled biting at the waist band of his sweatpants. Then I sat back on top of him and began to grind on him, he moaned as I did, and grabbed my butt. I stopped and put my face close to his. He kissed me holding me close to him as he did. I licked his bottom lip asking for entrance and he parted his lips. Our tongues fought.

Eventually I pulled back to get some air. He looked at me with a smile.

"Well played." I smiled and kissed his cheek, then hugged him tight.

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