Flat out Love

"We may fight, we may disagree, but never think I don't love you. I love you so much, more than you relize. Your amazing, beautiful, and I'll always love you. Baby pease don't leave we have this beautiful girl...she needs us both by her side. So don't give up on me baby, please."

When I'm alone, I'm nothing.

When I'm with you, I'm something.

When were together, were everything!

SECOND Story of the Meant to Be series.
Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd.


8. 07


We were all having a good time until, we heard a knock on the door. I looked to Ashton,

"Go in my room with Katie." I said,

"I don't want to leave you." He protested,

"Just go!" I said a little louder. He nodded standing up and leaving the room.

Carly and my dad looked to me.

"Go with him, guard her with your life." They both nodded, leaving the room. I took and deep breath, and put my hand on the handle. I slowly turned it opening the door.

"Ah, Everleigh! Where's the child?" She said trying to walk in, but I stood in the doorway.

"Why do you need to know that?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

She looked at the ground then back at me,

"I would like to see my grandchild." She said again,

"No." I simply said, this made her mad,

"Let me see her!!" She yelled smacking me across the face. Pain washed over me as I fell to the ground. She ran past me and into the house.

"Ashton!!!!" I yelled letting him know he had gotten in. I ran to the basement door and down the stairs to my room where everyone was. I locked the bedroom door behind me.

"Where is she?" I asked, Ashton showed me Katie, who was laying on the bed playing with her toys. I went over to her and kissed her head. I looked up at everyone looking at me in the room.

"She's in the house." I said, Ashton clenched his fists and took my hand.

"Come with me." He said and opened the bedroom door closing it behind him.

We walked up the basement stairs, and around the house where we found her in the living room.

"You won't find her." He said, she turned to face us, and then laughed.

"Oh Everleigh, look at this handsome hunk, too bad he can't see through you. Too bad he can't see that you're using him for money, fame. Too bad he can't see what a cold-hearted slut you are! And that's why I need to see this kid, teach her right. Because I don't and her to end you like you. That's why I left Everleigh, I didn't want to see what you became." And with that she left the house. I took in all those words, every single one.

Then I collapsed into a pool of tears. Ashton was quick to hug me, telling me she was saying that to get to me. That it wasn't true. I just cried and cried. Nothing was worse than this.

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