Flat out Love

"We may fight, we may disagree, but never think I don't love you. I love you so much, more than you relize. Your amazing, beautiful, and I'll always love you. Baby pease don't leave we have this beautiful girl...she needs us both by her side. So don't give up on me baby, please."

When I'm alone, I'm nothing.

When I'm with you, I'm something.

When were together, were everything!

SECOND Story of the Meant to Be series.
Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd.


7. 06


"Babe you ready?" Ashton called,

"Yup, one sec." I called back, smoothing out my dress and opening the bathroom door. There he was standing there with little Katie smiling in his arms. She's a month old now and moving around more. She was wearing a little pink dress and a pink hair clip.

"Ready?" He asked, I nodded and we walked out of the room and to the front door. I got Katie's little carrier and put her in it, buckling up the straps around her tiny body. I gave her, her little bunny and she held it in her hand. I stood back up and Ashton picked up the seat, opening the door. I closed and locked it behind us and followed Ashton to the car. He buckled Katie's car seat into the thing in the car, making sure it was secure. I opened the car door sitting in the passengers seat. He got in the car sitting behind me and opened the gates from the button in the car. The he backed out of the long driveway and we were on our way.

About ten minutes in the ride my phone began to ring, it was my dad. I answered it.

"Hi Dad, what's up?" I asked,

"Where are you guys?" He asked.

"About five minutes away." I said,

"Okay see you then sweetheart." He said,

"Okay Dad bye, love you."

"Love you too Hun, bye." And he hung up.

"Who was that?" Ashton asked,

"Just my dad." I answered. He nodded and looked back at the road. I looked in the baby mirror and saw Katie blabbing to herself. I smiled and looked back out my window.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, Steph opened it and smiling she hugged me. The her attention turned to Katie in Ashton's arms and she went over to her,

"Hi baby, you're so cute." Katie giggled, and Steph smiled, tuning to Ashton, he hugged her with his free arm,

"Come inside." She said and led us inside. Everyone was watching t.v. My dad saw us and stood up walking over, Carly his fiancé following him. He hugged me tight. When I pulled back to hug Carly he went over to Katie.

"Hi sweet baby, remember your grandpa?" He asked, she smiled at him, showing her gums. He smiled taking her from Ashton who was holding her.

After a few minutes of settling in, my dad handed Ashton Katie and walked up to me.

"Listen, Ev I need to tell you something." He said his voice sounding serious.

"Sure." I said walking out of the room and stepping into the hall with him.

"Your mom, Christen. She wants to see Katie, she called me saying she was coming tonight to see your baby. I told her he couldn't come but she insisted to see her grandchild." This hit me like a bus,

"Well she's not going to meet her, as far as I'm concerned, Carly is her grandmother." He sighed hugging me.

"What will we do when she gets here?" He asked,

"I'll talk I her don't worry. I informed him, he nodded and walked back in te living room, I sucked in a breath of air. This was going to be a long night.

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