Flat out Love

"We may fight, we may disagree, but never think I don't love you. I love you so much, more than you relize. Your amazing, beautiful, and I'll always love you. Baby pease don't leave we have this beautiful girl...she needs us both by her side. So don't give up on me baby, please."

When I'm alone, I'm nothing.

When I'm with you, I'm something.

When were together, were everything!

SECOND Story of the Meant to Be series.
Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd.


5. 04


I was wiping down the kitchen counter when I heard a knock on the door. I already knew who it was. I wiped my hands on the cloth and put it in the sink.

"Ashton they're here!" I called up the stairs. I saw him coming down the stairs my little princess in his arms. She was wearing just a pink onesie. I didn't wanna dress her up and make her uncomfortable.

I walked over to the door turning the knob and opening it. Louis and all the guys came in hugging me tight. They were all saying things like;

"We missed you."

"Where's the baby?!"

"Is she healthy?"

Once they all backed off I lead them to the living room.

"Sit." I ordered, they all sat in the couches.

"Now before you hold my baby, we need to set some rules straight." They all groaned and whinned.

"First, she's only a week old so be gentle." They all nodded,

"Second, there will be no fighting over my baby." They all nodded again.

"And thirdly, you will all get a chance to hold her okay? And try to be quiet she doesn't know you." They all nodded.

"Okay I'll go get her, decided amongst yourselves who will hold her first." They all stood up and began talking and I went to the top of the stairs where Ashton was standing with Katie.

He smiled at me as she began to blab words in his arms. He handed her over to me and I sat her up in my arms so she could see everything. I walked in the living room and they all stared in awe at the little princess I was holding.

"So who's holding her first?" I said Niall raised his hand.

"Me!" He said excitedly. I nodded and he sat on the couch. I held her in one arm and put a pillow on the edge of the sofa for her head.

"Be gentle." I said, he nodded and I laid her in his arms. She looked up at him and tears began to fill her eyes, I took her hand rubbing it in between my fingers,

"It's okay baby." I whispered, she began to calm down and looked around the room at all the people there. She smiled at him and grabbed his finger in her little fist. He smiled and began to talk to her,

"Hi Katie, I'm your Uncle Niall, and when you grow up you'll be just a beautiful as your mother." She giggled drool coming from her mouth, he chuckled wiping it with her bib. I smiled then turned my attention to Ashton, he was talking with the guys. I walked over to him holding his hand in mine,

"Look at you, you don't look like a hot air balloon anymore." Louis said with a cheeky grin, I punched his shoulder lightly then hugged him.

"I'm proud of you Ev, you created something beautiful." He said smiling,

"Awe thanks." I said,

"Speaking of baby, It's my turn!" He yelled, it must've startled Katie because she began crying, I ran over to Niall and he handed her to me, I rocked her back and forth holding her little hand and eventually she stopped crying,

"Lou you gotta be quiet." I said, he nodded, and mouthed sorry.

"Okay how about I put her on her mat and you guys can play with her?" I said, they all cheered and I got out her mat laying her down on it.

I walked over to Ashton who watching them all with his arms crossed. I went over and leaned my head on his side. He uncrossed his arms wrapping his arm around me. He looked down at me his beautiful eyes staring into mine. I walked over to Liam who was holding Katie's hand, he looked up at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Me and Ashton are going grocery shopping, can you make sure they don't kill her or eachother?" He nodded,

"But her down for a nap by twelve and her bottles are in the fridge." He nodded again and I kissed his cheek before walking over to Ashton and pulling him up the stairs and into our room. He looked at me confused, I smiled,

"Mommy and Daddy get some alone time." I said he smiled and I poked his dimples pushing him on the bed. I sat on top of him smirking at how hard he was. I crashed my lips onto his with passion and he sat up so I was sitting on top of him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arm around his neck pulling him to me. His arms rested on my waist then he race them up and down my back, sending chills down my spine with his touch. His tongue skimmed my bottom lip asking for entrance with I gave him and our tongues fought. Then I pulled away rest my forehead in his.

"I love you." He whispered I smiled ad began unbuttoning his shirt, and took it off his body. He pulled up my shirt over my head and tossed it on the ground with his shirt. Then he flipped me over so he was on top of my and he pulled down my shorts over my ankles. He reached his arm behind me taking off my bra and tossing it in the mess. He took off his shorts as well. Then he slid my panties down to my ankles taking them off. He stood up pulling down his boxers as I bit my lip. He put on a condom and hopped back on the bed with me. He began to kiss my jawline.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered.

The he kissing my chest and stomach. Then he looked up into my eyes. I nodded and he kissed my lips before shoving his whole length inside of me. I gasped at the farmiler feeling I hadn't felt in so long.

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