This is based off a dream I had, it's kinda weird, so bare with me. But I've learned so much about Russia though this and yeah.

Kaylie Amery Wilson, a normal teenage student in High School. On her 16 Birthday two strange men come to the school, and when they meet her, her world will be put off course as she is flung into the world of Russian Politics.

Most of this stuff I've made up, I don't know much about how they crown people, or how they choose their next ruler; again this was from a dream I had, and I liked it. Hope you enjoy


1. 1

“Okay class…” My teacher continued the boring lecture, and I was tempted to lean over and talk to my friend, but we were seated in the front row, right in front of her. I looked over at the door where our principle was standing talking to two men. One couldn’t have been much older with me, dark brown hair that stuck to his forehead from the snow outside; though he was super tall. The man next to him was shorter, had a balding head, and a thick mustache. The younger man’s eyes met mine, and I blushed turning my attention back to Mrs. Bickel. I glanced back at the door when I was sure no one was watching…. but I was wrong. He was still looking at me. 

“Mrs. Bickel, can we interrupt your class really quick.” The principle asked walking into the room followed by the two men, the younger of which had to duck to enter the room. “May I introduce to you Vladimir Sokolov and Dimitri Ivanov.” The younger man walked over to my desk, bowed at the waist and said. 

“Princess Vasiliev, I am Dimitri Ivanov your royal guard.” Dimitri said, his voice thick with a Russian accent, everyone started to laugh, and I blushed 20 shades of red. 

“I think you have the wrong person Dimitri. I am not a princess.” I answered and people started to laugh louder. Mrs. Bickel scolded our class and shook hands with Vladimir. 

“Are you not Kaylie Wilson?” 

“I am, but I am not a princess.” Dimitri laughed bowing his head slightly.

“That is right – you don’t know of your heritage. Your father told us that, but I wasn’t for sure.” Vladimir spoke walking to the front of the classroom. “I am your royal adviser; as you know, the leader of our country was killed, as well as anyone who would be able to take his place. We traced the royal heritage from 200 years ago to you. You are princess Vasiliev.” He continued. “Your coronation to gain your birthright will happen in two months’ time, when you will literally become Princess Vasiliev. Dimitri here will go with you everywhere until then, and probably after, and I will only be a phone call away princess.”

“Ha-ha, yeah… great joke! My parents set you up for this for my birthday didn’t they?” I asked looking for any hidden cameras.

“This is not a joke Kaylie.” Dimitri said folding his hands behind his back as he walked back to Vladimir. I looked over at Alex who was as dumbstruck as I was.

“I am a princess? Of what country?” I asked stupidly – I knew what country they came from. Russia. I am the princess of Russia.

“Russia your majesty.” Vladimir answered, his Russian accent sounding odd in my ears.

“I need to think…” I said running a hand through my hair.

“Mrs. Marshal, can we take Kaylie to talk this over?” Vladimir asked the principle, she hastily nodded, dazed. I stayed where I was, not knowing what to do. Go with these strange men? Stay in class?

“I’m going to text you later okay… and you too Sarah.” I said softly, dazed as well. I stood up and started to pack my things into my backpack; a second later Dimitri was next to me, helping pack my books.

“Happy Birthday!” Someone yelled from the back of the classroom, but I was too stunned to say anything back. Another person told him to shut up as I walked out of the class room, followed by Dimitri and Vladimir.

“Where do you want to go princess?” Vladimir asked as I opened my locker and threw my things into it. I slammed the locker door and glared at them.

“I want to be alone and think about this.” I said.

“Okay princess. Here is my number when you are ready to talk.” He handed me a card that said Royal Adviser and then his number. I stuffed it into my pocket then stormed off in the direction of the playground. I pushed open the doors and a burst of cool air hit my lungs, calming me instantly. Walking to the swings I sat down and closed my eyes, letting my legs preform the muscle memory of swinging. When I opened my eyes again, Dimitri was sitting on the swing next to me, his eyes connecting to mine.

“What are you doing here?” I asked abruptly stopping the swing.

“It is my job to protect you Princess Vasiliev… and I though you needed someone to talk to.” He said, his Russian accent sounding odd in my ears.

“I just want to be alone.” I said, and he nodded.

“I understand.” He said standing. “I will be over there if you need anything.” He pointed to a tree, then left without another word. I proceeded to swing again, urging the rhythm of the swing to take over my mind and the cold air to clear my thoughts. But Dimitri’s face wouldn’t leave my vision. I stopped again and looked over at the snow covered tree. Dimitri sat there, a book in his hands. Sighing I pushed off the swing and started to walk to him. When I was around 15 feet of him he started to get up.

“No, don’t get up…” I urged continuing to walk toward him, he did as I said without any protests. I sat next to him, leaning my head against the tree trunk, silently laughing to myself at the shortness of my legs compared with his. Which is saying something because my legs are longer than my fathers. “So I am a princess of Russia?” I asked after a while. Dimitri looked over at me and nodded.

“Yes, you are.” He answered without a second thought.

“And you are my Royal guard?”

“Yes I am.” He answered again, and I was amazed about how his accent seemed almost normal to me now; even though I had only heard it a couple of times.

“Tell me how you found me.” I said looking up into the tree branches.

“Like Vladimir said before. We traced your heritage all the way to the Vasiliev family, they were royalty for the Russians, as that is what Vasiliev means ‘royalty’. He said.

“I still don’t get it. I have an older brother; why didn’t he get the birthright?” I asked just now remembering that I had siblings that might also be royal.

“No, you are the only royal blood left.” Dimitri said, and I tilted my head at him, wanting to scrutinize his logic. “The Vasiliev birthright passes down to each girl in each generation. Your aunt’s daughter would have become Princess Vasiliev if she had had a daughter, but sense she did not, it passes to you; as you are the youngest Vasiliev alive.”

“Shouldn’t it go to my Aunt then?” I asked, still not grasping the entire concept.

“No. It is true she has more Vasiliev blood than you, but not true that she holds the birthright and the title of Princess Vasiliev. And, without testing your blood and hers, you might actually have more Vasiliev blood in you than she does sense she is the second child.” He said, turning my thoughts to jelly.

“You lost me.” I said crossing my arms over my chest. Dimitri laughed, a smile crinkling at his eyes.

“Yes, it is confusing, but what you need to know is that you are Princess Vasiliev of Russia.”

“So is my full name like Princess Kaylie Amery Wilson Vasiliev?” I asked, thinking back to all the long royal names in every book or movie I had ever watched or read. Again Dimitri laughed.

“Something like that.”

“Do I have a crown? Or does Russia not do that sort of thing?” I asked curious.

“You have a crown, but you won’t be required to wear it unless you are meeting with someone important, or at a party, that sort of thing. Also in parades and so on.” Dimitri said. Laying my new life out in front of me.

“So I will be queen of Russia?” Dimitri shook his head.

“No, you will be Empress Kaylie Amery Wilson Vasiliev Romanov; Russians never had Queens or Kings, they had Emperors and Empresses; a tsar.” He explained, using my full name.

“So I have the same name as a superhero? That is so cool – I guess I know what my Halloween costume will be this year.” I said, trying to lighten up the mood, it worked and Dimitri cracked a smile.

“If you want to think of it that way, sure, you have the same name as a superhero.”

“What do we do now?” I asked playing with the snow by my legs.

“Well, we can talk with Vladimir, or we can go back to school, or we can ditch altogether.” He said.

We?” I asked.

“Yes, I will go everywhere with you, I am your Royal guard.” He answered.

“Fine… Let’s go back to school. I’ve never ditched once, and I’m not about to start now; and I really don’t wat to go talk with Vladimir Sokolov any time soon.” I said getting up off the ground and whipping the snow off my pants, Dimitri rose too and fell into step behind me as we walked back through the halls to my locker. “So are you transferring here to finish school with me?” I asked.

“No; I already graduated.”

“But you can’t be much older than me!” I exclaimed

“No, I am 17 years old, true, but I graduated when I was 14.” He explained as I pulled my backpack on.

“Really?” I asked scrutinizingly.

“Really. I was training to become a guard for Vladimir Putin’s successor, and that would be you.”

“Why didn’t they just elect another president? I could go on living my life without having to become Empress Kaylie Amery Wilson Vasiliev Romanov.”

“That would have been easier yes, but President Putin was planning on or thinking about bringing the Romanov dynasty back into play. Some even said that he should have been reinstated as the Royal Emperor of Russia. Russia already has a monarch mentality, this is just a step further, actually bring the Romanov dynasty back.” As he spoke we walked toward my third hour class, geography. It was silent as I thought over Dimitri’s words. The classroom came into view, and I was starting to dread my decision of not ditch for the day.

“I don’t think I can do this…” I said abruptly stopping in the middle of the hallway. Dimitri turned back to look at me.

“What can’t you do?” he asked, his Russian accent coated with worry.

“I don’t think I can go back to class…” I said in a whisper; Dimitri strode back over to me.

“It’s okay, we don’t have to go back to class.” He said.                  

“No, no, I need to do this – I can’t hide from my classmates forever.” I said, resolving my thoughts. Dimitri nodded slowly as I walked passed him and opened the door for myself; he caught up with me in three strides and we walked into the class room together.

“Welcome back Princess.” A guy in my class sneered as I took my seat, it was Skyler. I lowered my head, wanting to shrink into oblivion.

“Are you okay?” my friend Krystal asked. She sat next to me, a worried expression on her face. I nodded, faking a smile and looked around the room for Dimitri. He stood behind me in a guards’ stance by the door, his hands behind his back, his expression blank. “Who is that?” she asked, and I had to remember she wasn’t in my second hour class.

“Dimitri Ivanov, my royal guard.” I answered turning back to her as the teacher continued his lecture.

“Royal guard?” she asked and I nodded, wanting to shrink lower in my chair.

“Yes, I am Princess Kaylie Amery Wilson Vasiliev Romanov of Russia.” I said sarcastically, acting more sure than I felt.

“A princess? I – you – what?” she asked confused.

“You know when Putin died like two weeks ago, and the whole of Russia was panicking?” she nodded so I continued. “Well, he was planning on bringing the Romanov dynasty back or becoming Emperor himself, so they traced the Romanov dynasty down through the generations to me!” I explained.

“Don’t you have an older brother?” I nodded.

“Apparently the Vasiliev blood only travels in the women of the family – so boys don’t hold any of the power.”

“Kaylie, Krystal – please pay attention.” Mr. Laurence snapped, pulling my attention to him.

“Sorry sir.” I said quickly, hoping he would move on and not dwell on us talking more than necessary.

“Just because you are the princess of Russia does not mean that you can slack off in my class.” He said, doing the exact opposite of what I was hoping. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath as my class mates whispered to themselves about theories of me.

“Yes sir.” I repeated quietly, hoping only he and Krystal would hear. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Laurence turning away from me and restarting his speech about South America. I shot a quick glance at Dimitri who had the same blank expression on his face as before, but his eyes were on me.

The class ended, and we walked to my next class in silence – hoping this class wouldn’t be as dreadful as the last. The class was history and we were talking about WWI, hopefully nothing about Russia or Monarchy would come up in conversation – but boy I was wrong. “Wasn’t it true that Russia was still under a monarchy during WWI?” Gracie, a freshman asked – had word gotten out so quickly? Did everyone know I was the Princess of Russia? Mr. Weisbeck thought for a moment then nodded.

“Yes, Russia was under a monarchy until 1914 where Russia went to war with itself and overthrew the Romanov dynasty.” Mr. Weisbeck answered and my class mate’s eyes were all on me, waiting on what I had to say. Alex was sitting next to me; and she turned to the group of kids and said.

“Just because you aren’t as important as Kaylie doesn’t mean you have to bash her.” People started to laugh, and I fell lower in my seat. Dimitri was standing by the door again, his eyes scanning the crowd of students, his expression blank and I silently pleaded with him to say something, to explain how I was the princess. He didn’t and I sighed.

“Okay everyone settle down.” Mr. Weisbeck said pulling the attention back to him. The class pulled forward at an agonizing pace until the bell rang and we were free to go to lunch. Alex and I walked side by side, her arm looped though mine, while Dimitri followed behind.

“So what’s with mr. stern behind us? He’s been following you all day. And he’s creeping me out.” She whispered, I glanced quickly back at him before continuing on.

“He is my royal guard. And he’s only creeping you out because he’s tall – you’re scared of everyone who is tall.” I answered.

“Your royal guard? – and that doesn’t mean anything now.” I nodded.

“You’re scared of Ethan!” I paused then continued. “Yes, my royal guard.”

“But he can’t be much older than we are!” She exclaimed and I nodded.

“He is only 17, but he graduated early and trained to be Russia’s new ruler’s guard – that would be me.” She nodded as we got into the line. “Dimitri, just come in line with us – no one is going to attack me.” I said motioning for him to come over. He sighed and did as I said with no argument.

“So Mr. Ivanov.” Alex said leaning against the wall, “You are a guard?” she asked, and I mentally slammed my palm to my face; instead I blushed.

“Yes.” He answered and Alex nodded, moving forward as the line did.

“Mm-hmm.” She said, pretending to think it over. “So, if I attacked you right now – you could stop me? Not saying I would, but if I did…” He didn’t answer, so Alex threw a weak punch toward him. Without a second of hesitation he blocked her punch, twisting her arm back toward her, then he let her go. She stumbled back in surprise, her entire face blushing red like a tomato. “Wow.” I laughed, the first actual laugh sense I found out I was Princess Vasiliev. Dimitri cracked a smile, his blue eyes light with humor.

We walked through the lunch line and got our food before sitting down at our normal table. Sarah sat to my left, Alex, Krystal, and Lyric across from us with Dimitri on my right eating in silence. “So Dimitri, do you like speak in fluent Russian?” Lyric asked playing around with her food, Dimitri nodded absently. “Can you say something?”

“Like what?” he asked, setting his elbows on the table.

“I don’t know – say something random.” Lyric said smiling. Dimitri though it over for a second.

Единороги розовый” He said laughing at something. I glanced over at him, repeating the words to myself.

“What does that mean?” I asked taking a bite of my pizza.

“Unicorns are pink – you said something random, I gave you random.” He said as everyone laughed.

“Say a cuss word!” Lyric persisted.

Cобака.” He answered, and Lyric immediately copied him, saying it in her best Russian accent. “Valiant try, but not quite, its pronounced ‘sobaka’.” He said slower, announcing every syllable.

“Russian is hard!” Lyric exclaimed laughing.

“Well, what did you expect?” I asked, repeating the word to myself, committing it to memory. “You know; I’ll have to learn to speak in Russian before I get coordinated – so I don’t seem like an outsider who knows nothing… which I am.”

“Vladimir and I will teach you.” Dimitri said taking a bite of his food.

“You know… I don’t really like Vladimir, he can rot in jail for all I care.”

“Ah, you’ll get used to him Princess.” I rolled my eyes at him and got up to put away my tray. Dimitri followed, his food half eaten.

“What? You didn’t like American food?” I asked scrutinizingly, Dimitri rolled his eyes as I sat back down with our group. Once everyone was done we departed to our separate classes. I walked into art, one of the only classes I had with my older brother who was a senior.

“Who’s the new kid?” He asked as Dimitri sat next to me, and I wondered why he wasn’t standing on guard like any other class.

“Ethan, this is Dimitri, my royal guard.” I said pulling out my sketch book.

“Oh, yeah… I heard about that. I still don’t understand why I’m not going to be emperor and you are, but hey – I’m happy for you.” Ethan said shading one of his newer drawings. I shook my head, knowing it was no use explaining everything, when I myself had no clue of the whole situation. Dimitri sat there as still as a rock until Mrs. Kraft came into the room and explained what the class was working on. I watched as he went over to the table holding the paper and drawing supplies. He sat back down silently and started a drawing.

The rest of the class started conversations with one another, laughing and talking about how Rylie, a guy in my class, was gay for Kuper, another guy in my class. I ignored the banter for the most part, adding small things to make it seem like I wasn’t totally out of the group and in my own world watching Dimitri draw. He was amazing. An absolutely stunning drawing of a house in a prairie – the details seemingly jumping of the page. Kaylee, a girl in my class (had the same name as me - it sucked) looked over to stare in awe of the drawing on Dimitri’s page.

“Damn! Why are you so good bro?” she asked, drawing attention to Dimitri, who just continued to draw like it wasn’t anything unusual for people to gauche at his drawing skills. “Come on, and I thought Kaylie was good!” she said, bringing the attention to me, I blushed.

“It is nothing.” Dimitri said quietly, clearly wanting the attention to go somewhere else and not to him.

“It not nothing!” said Marina, our foreign exchange student said in her cute little Brazilian accent. “That is beautiful.” She continued, then gesturing to her own piece of work said, “mine is crap!” and everyone in the class rebutted her by saying it was good, and that she should continue the drawing. “Fine!” She said going back to her work. I looked down at my own drawing, feeling just how Marina felt – that mine was crap and Dimitri’s was amazing, but then Dimitri took his drawing and crumpled it into a ball and threw it at the trash can getting up and stood by the door; back to his guard stance.

“What was that about?” another girl in the class asked, a Junior, they all looked to me like I held the answer, but I didn’t so they turned their attention somewhere else, as if the subject of Dimitri was no longer intriguing enough for them. For me though, I was wondering the same thing. Why had he done that? But I didn’t dwell on it much, and tried to finish my drawing of a little animated character I made a long time ago named Sprout.

Art ended, and Honors Geometry started, the lesson about triangles – the entire lesson flew over my head. Just another thing I have to add onto my stress load along with being princess. Once geometry ended, Dimitri and I headed to choir, the songs for contest already running through my head. It was an Italian song that I didn’t know the name too, but already had all of it memorized. Mrs. Barnica sent me to the back room to practice, and of course Dimitri followed.

“You have a pretty voice Princess.” He commented when I took a break, and I blushed hard sputtering a thank you.

“Can you sing?” I asked sitting on the piano bench.

“I’ve never tried; training to become a guard left little time for practicing juvenile things like singing.” He answered crossing his arms over his chest.

“Try.” I ordered, making my voice sound as authoritative as I could which made him smile.

“What do you want me to sing?” I thought for a moment, wondering what song he would know – probably never heard of any Phantom of the Opera, or Wicked, or Hamilton, nor probably any other musical I would know the music too.

“What is your favorite song?” I asked.

“I don’t have one.” I gaped at him.

“You don’t have a favorite song?!” I exclaimed, thudding my hand across my chest, leaving my mouth open in surprise. He shook his head. “Not even like a song you sort of like?” I asked, again he shook his head; my eyes widened, wondering how anyone could survive like that – without listening to music.

“Give me a song to sing, and I will sing it.” He said, his smirk never leaving his face.

“Have you watched the Hobbit?” I asked remembering a beautiful song that I sang for my concert the year before. Dimitri nodded, and I let out a thankful breath. “Well, at least we are getting somewhere.” I said. “So do you know that song ‘The Last Goodbye’?” I asked and he shook his head. “Do you think if I sang it would be able to get the gist and sing the same verse?”

“Sure, might as well try.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, here it goes.” Then I continued to sing the song from the beginning, keeping eye contact the entire time, hoping he could get the words from just one time of hearing it poorly being sung. When I stopped Dimitri took a deep, shaky breath, and started from the beginning of the song, his Russian accent changing the vowel sounds to meet his way of singing. It sounded beautiful and strange all at the same time. And I was entranced. Completely blown away by his voice. “Do you want to do a duet?” I asked gawking still at his voice. His face turned to stone.

“My job is to protect you Princess, not to sing with you.” He said sternly. I raised my hands in a surrender.

“Fine, fine! It’s just that you have an amazing voice that any man or woman would die for.” I said turning around to face the old school piano and started to play Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. Into the second verse though, I could hear Dimitri’s soft voice join in, harmonizing with me. I didn’t look back for fear he would stop, but smiled to myself nonetheless. His singing grew louder and he grew more confident as the song went on. I was giddy with euphoria – Dimitri, my personal guard was singing with me. When the song was done I turned back to face him.

“What?” he asked.

“You are a phan?” I asked, my eyebrows turning upward.

“A phan?” He asked and I nodded. “What is a phan?”


“Sure, sure. My mother used to listen to it all the time – it is what I grew up on.” He said nonchalantly, and I screeched again, flinging my arms back and forth in tight lines. Dimitri looked concerned, his eyebrows knitting together.

“I couldn’t ask for a better guard!” I said as the bell rang and school was let out for the day.



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