Jessie's Girl

like every 18 year old Emma has a crush, but Emma not like every other girl in her small conservative town because Emma has something for her friends girl...


1. the diner



In a small town like this the last thing anyone would wanna know is that a the local lesbian teen lives down the street and that she's alive and doing well thank you very much, as long as she has a cigarette or town between her teeth at all times she was doing well.
well tonight wasn't so well, the thing about Rachel was you'd always see her in the towns local dinner despite announcing a millions of times of how the food had gone to shit and that the dinner was covered in a layer of burger grease, you'd see her her thin body curled uncomfortably  in one of those ugly electric blue stool circle chair cemented to the checkered blank and white floors that only seem to shine thanks to that goddamn pesky burger grease, the cemented chair looked over at the unkept kitchen and the waitress Patty, Patty was a middle aged black women she was kind but had a strict face to her, tonight Rachel had noted the women looked exhausted her long and hollow face had left out her big hospitable smile Ms Patty had carried around.

"you cant be smoking in here girl! ." Rachel silently nodded, Ms patty wasn't the women to be messed with and everybody knew it, she was small but the women came from south side of the town- not a place to mess up in or the the people, Rachel blew her smoke and crushed her cigarette with her fingers Rachel winced from the sharp burn before shoving it in her beige jacket, she stole from her father before she came here, it was warm and es pensive and she knew from what had happened tonight she wouldn't going back, she get the hell out of dodge and she better do it quick before she see his light brown Audi come around the corner.


" babe you gotta order something to be here, you know the rules misy" Ms Patty made Rachel jump from her seat as she turned to stare at the dull tired strict  eyes of her waitress, Ms patty looked like she hadn't moved an inch although she had her black pen and note open she was waiting.

" Jesus patty..." Rachel eyes darted to the small menu set before her, having a rich Father had its perks meaning Rachel was never inconveniently out of money she had a role stashed deeply somewhere in her bra Rachel gave it a suddle pat.

" I'll have a water" Rachel shrugged before setting her overly cautious on the wide window, it was april and raining, hard thats the type of weather you'd get, dark, rainy and cold- three horrible combintions.

she heard the door wip open, three over sized football players followed pursuit there smiles almost shined when they seen they're well known peer. ' look-y heerrree boyyyss" the pne sang as he turned his playfull eyes to Rache;

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